Letter Re: Another Recommendation for Todd Savage

Greetings from the American Redoubt!  
Thank you for the time and expertise that you put into your blog site.  Like many, we consider your web site, books, and archived blogs on DVD to be a critical component to our preparedness planning.   We appreciate the articles that you and others write; they are very educational and  help us focus our time and other resources in the right directions.  Because of this education, we made the decision that it was time to move to the American Redoubt, relocating from a very congested Southeastern city. 

The ads on the right side of your web page have led us to several good sources including Seed for Security, Big Berkey water filters, and Survival Retreat Consulting.  It’s our experience with Todd Savage of Survival Retreat Consulting that we write about tonight.

We had been considering a move out west for years, and your blog convinced us to move to an American Redoubt state.  We have looked unsuccessfully for many years, in various parts of the country, for “the right place,” to no avail.  That all changed when we contacted Todd. We were immediately at ease with him and felt confident that he could help us find “the right place.”  We’d spent months poring over properties online, and we sent him our top choices in Northern Idaho and Northwest Montana, along with a list of our “musts” and “nice to haves.”  Todd quickly connected us with top notch realtors and began previewing properties for us.  Within a month of our initial phone consultation, we were on a plane to visit potential retreats.

Todd created a very detailed notebook for us, listing the pros and cons of each property under consideration.  He provided information about the nearby towns that we had not discovered on our own. He even included suggestions for property improvements, such as aquaponics.

Todd had done his homework.  Using our list of “musts” he had eliminated several properties of interest, saving us time. He also worked with both realtors to locate additional properties for our consideration.  It was one of these “add on” properties that turned out to be “the right place.”

Todd continued to work for us during the purchase process. He was consistently “same day” responsive, and was willing to do whatever it took to assist us in our purchase. He even drove four hours round trip to hike through the snow with his GPS to identify and mark the property corners before we moved in.

We cannot speak highly enough of Todd and his services. He has an upbeat, positive attitude and is quite knowledgeable about surveying a property for defensibility.  He rates properties on a scale to give one a better sense of how secure the property can be made, even providing photos of the potential retreats and suggestions for [security] outposts.

We would suggest to anyone who wants to move to the American Redoubt but has encountered many obstacles to call Todd. The safety of your family and their future is well worth the investment.

Because of your blog and Survival Retreat Consulting, we write this e-mail tonight, tucked into our cozy new home next to the wood burning stove.  Thanks to both of you for helping us accomplish a seemingly impossible task.  This home and property far exceeds what we had dreamed of.

Sincerely with best regards, – J. and E. in Northwest Montana