Letter Re: Alternative Diesel Fuel

Hello Editor

I have been using alternative fuels for diesel engines for about 12 years in my ’84 Nissan 720 diesel pickup, ’92 dodge Cummings diesel 12-valve engine, ’84 Mercedes 300 sedan, PC40 Komatsu excavator, and a Yanmar track dumper. I have not done any waste motor oil (wmo) yet but with vegetable fry oil being contracted up by all the big bio-diesel company’s waste motor oil (wmo) is going to happen soon. I’m just paying it forward 🙂 Have a great day

My formula for fuel for diesel engines:

Twenty-five gallons of non-hydrogenated fry oil or half and half fry oil and used automatic transmission oil and 2 1/2 gallons of gasoline and 2 1/2 gallons diesel and then add 1/2 gal of b99 or b100 biodiesel for the additive, to clean and protect the injectors and the injector pump. http://www.dieseltruckresource.com/dev/lubricity-additive-study-results-t194481.html

Then circulate through pumps and filters for one hour then fill the diesel vehicle tank and drive. 🙂 Do not try this with any newer six liter of any brand diesel engine!!!!! This system works on older diesels, 2003 and older, 7.3 power-stroke Fords and older, 1998 and older, Dodge 12-valve Cummins diesels,Mercedes diesels 1985, and older, 2000 and older, Volkswagon tdi, and 2000 and older Nissan diesel trucks.

Check out DSE Basic Kit. After you buy the starter kit, don’t order any more of their secret sauce; you don’t need it.

In this starter kit you’ll receive the DSE Manual (sent hardcopy) and video (sent electronically), along with a free bottle of Alternative Diesel Additive to get you started. If you order this one, add in extra bottles of additive in the shopping cart at the discounted rate to save even more money now. You should also add the Drill Pump, as it will save you money and time when you assemble the filtering unit to make the fuel. You’re looking at 49.99.

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