Letter Re: .40 S&W


I concur with Bruce F. regarding the 0.40 cal. buying opportunity presented by the fickle gun crowd. It’s almost comical to read the gun gurus slamming the same caliber they were praising some years ago. I just wanted to point out one more, plus regarding the used Glocks in .40 that were mentioned, you can simply drop a .357 Sig barrel in them, and suddenly the G23 is a G32, or the G22 becomes a G31! Even the mags are interchangeable, as the base diameter of the .40 S&W and the .357 Sig are the same. Furthermore, drop in a 9mm conversion barrel, get a 9mm mag, and now you have a functional approximation of a G19 or G17. (I’ve read that the extractor is a bit different due to the difference in case size, but it certainly works in a pinch.) So, if you can pick up a good used Glock in .40 S&W with a couple of hundred bucks more, you can have a pistol that fires three different calibers! That’s not bad! – SH in TX