Letter Re: 110 Buck Knife


I just read Pat’s report on the Buck knife. I have carried and used one of these knives for over 40 years. They can be opened and closed using just one hand. Using thumb pressure on the blade you can open the knife. Holding the knife by the blade you can use the weight of the handle to swing the knife open. – C.B.

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In addition to the off the shelf mass production Buck 110 knife, Buck has a custom shop that will make a custom 110 knife for you. Custom in that blade metal can be upgraded, handle scales from different wood or horns, etc.

This past year I got myself a custom 110 with upgraded blade metal – S30V – buffalo horn for the scales, and silver nickel for the end caps and bolsters. The ability to upgrade to a much better quality blade metal is well worth the wait and the extra price. – H.D.

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