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I just found your blog. God bless you!

I am seriously interested in protecting my family and have been organizing and preparing for whatever may happen even though I’m stuck here in the NYC area for now. I never found a blog describing a perspective on possible events that mirrors my own so closely before. Look, I am practical, and was a good Boy Scout. “Be prepared,” always made a lot of sense to me as a motto to live by. We might have to be self-sufficient for two days, two weeks, two months, or two years (in the zombie apocalypse scenario of grid/economic collapse). Or, perhaps we just end up with a vacation house and land until I retire there. That’s what I tell my two boys.

The thought you’ve put into the lists and the information on guns and first aid/surgery are exciting to me. I no longer have to invent all these wheels! The problem is that I live here, in the NYC area. I know you prefer the 19 western states, but if I have to start with a staging area around here, perhaps the Delaware water gap or maybe south PA. Is there any research for suitable retreats/sanctuaries around here? Is there any data spreadsheets for the area around here?

Again, though, I really wanted to write just to thank you so much for your gracious and intelligent assistance in keeping my family and myself safe. It is much appreciated, fellow citizen. – SRC

Hugh Replies: It’s understood that not everyone can just pick up and move for a variety of reasons. It’s important to begin the process of networking with similarly-minded people wherever you live. You just have to weigh the risks of where you choose to locate with the dangers that are present.

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