Letter: Libertarianism Debate

Hello again,

First of all I must thank you for easing up on the “no tinfoil” restrictions today with allowing comments on the mind-body-connection and Chi Gong!

Secondly, since you started out as editor with stating that you were open to input regarding the discussion on free markets etc. I thought maybe the following (short) article might interest you. – Mrs. Icebear

Hugh Replies: We still have a “no tinfoil hats” policy here. The reason we have to be careful about eastern medicine is that it is difficult to separate the exercise and health aspect from the spiritual aspect. They are often bound too tightly together within the eastern mind. Personally, I practice “Tai Chi” as an exercise due to rheumatoid arthritis in both of my elbows, but I find that I must consciously alter many mental instructions that are given. A person can be easily led astray spiritually, if they are not careful to filter out the erroneous information. There is only one, straight and narrow path to truth:

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6 (KJV)

I appreciate the link, which I have intentionally not passed on. The author has some serious foundational errors in her thinking. In addition to having a flawed outlook on God (notice the reference to God as “her”), the author has built a straw man that does not include “The Rule of Law”. Libertarians do indeed believe in the Rule of Law and that is why they are against the confiscation of one man’s wealth to fund another man’s poverty. Free market, without “Rule of Law” devolves into chaos.

Here is an easy way to think about it:

Why was the American Revolution so successful in building a moral nation, yet the French Revolution turned into a godless, mindless, bloodbath of vengeance? They both started from the same ideals, yet one became a most-respected, federally-constituted republic and the other a sniveling democracy with no political backbone, respected only by those whom she conquered.

The “Rule of Law” is the difference. Without that, the strongest may win, but once in a position of power, they decide the law no longer applies to them. (He who has the gun, makes the rules, so to speak). Now, 230 years later, we see that the “Rule of Law” is actively being ignored by those in power here, bringing this great nation to her knees. May God have mercy on us, though we certainly don’t deserve it.


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