Letter: I See the Light


FYI. Sam’s Club has a 3-pack of TASCO XR5 “Tactical” Cree LED flashlights for $19.98.

They are 250 lumen on high power with a low power setting and a strobe setting. Three AAA batteries are included per flashlight (nine total).

It is brighter than my Fenix TK 10 (~$70.00 for one) and about the same size. They’re also shock proof and water resistant.

The Fenix uses a CR 123 battery, which is much more expensive but will also last much longer than the one hour @ 250 lumens from the three AAA batteries.

Still, it is 1/10th the cost of the Fenix. It’s a great deal for a reasonable flashlight. I’m going back and get s’more. – Mark the hairless

Hugh Replies: Be careful with those flashlights. I purchased two three-packs of them, four months apart. They are the same brand and the same make, but the brand obviously changed manufacturers since none of the parts are interchangeable. Note: The ones I purchased were made in China. You have to cycle through the entire range of functions to turn it on and off– high, low, strobe, and off. I have also noticed that the flashlights still draw power when turned off (because the on-off function is software based), so you really have to watch your batteries closely. I used one of these flashlights during a recent tactical training course, and I would hesitantly use the word “tactical” to describe these flashlights. The thumb switch is not very ergonomic, and your thumb’s joint will hurt after heavy use.