Letter: Bibles as a Prep Item


While my family and I are firm believers in having your beans and bullets squared away, we also believe in the stockpiling of Bibles. I envision a day when access to the Word of God will be limited and monitored. Look at any totalitarian regime in the past centuries and you will find this to be true. Our current government already views Bible-believing Christians as the problem. It will be only a matter of time before the squeeze comes. It will be subtle at first, limited supplies, “approved” translations, et cetera. When the balloon goes up, forget about it.

When we go to resale shops and our local library’s used book sale, we look for Bibles. Last week the local library was selling all hard backed Bibles for $1. As a sad commentary on the state of our times, most were in new condition. We bring them home and store them, with the intent of being able to provide them to people who desire God’s Word after a collapse and/or limited availability. We don’t bother with electronic versions, due to power requirements and the ability of the user to be tracked in some cases. – S.H.

HJL adds: I would certainly agree. Our local library has a book sale every year of donated books, and we usually visit looking for extra Bibles. They actually make really good Bibles to give away, even now.