Letter: 401K Rollovers And Precious Metals Investment

Hello Hugh,

First of all I am not an investment expert, so I have to read and call experts. I recently left a company and moved to North Carolina. I was going to cash out my 401K, but I was starting a one-man business so I waited. I formed my own company and got started. After a short while I looked at 401 cash out options. (I am only 45.) One great option that is available is called a solo 401K. First, you have to be a one-person shop. That is easy. Go to the courthouse and register a DBA false business name. (If you are doing business as anything other than your name and not a corporation that is what it is called.) It’s just $16 in NC. Then go online to the IRS and apply for an EIN-Free. Then go to your bank and get a business account. (It’s just a $100 deposit at Wells Fargo.) Now call a solo 401K company. (I use Ira Financial group.com.) There was a one-time fee of $1200, then an annual $200 fee if you add to it. I rolled over $50K. There was no penalty and no tax, and I bought gold and silver coin delivered to me. No penalty. Mine to hold. Easy for anyone to start a business that never has to amount to a thing. I hope it helps. Please research! – R.M.