LA Police Gear: LNT Pack and Core Boots, by Pat Cascio

Introductory Disclaimer: Los Angeles Police Gear (LAPG), is a fairly new advertiser to – however, I am an independent contractor, I do not work for ether LAPG or – I have no vested interest in either of these companies. LAPG contacted me and asked if they could send me some samples of their products to test. What you will read are my independent findings, and mine alone.

Unknown to LAPG is the fact that I have been a customer of theirs for many years. This dates from when I did police work, and had my own private security firm, doing K-9 security patrols. So, I am more than a little familiar with some of their products, and more importantly, their customer service. I don’t know about many of our readers, but no matter how great a company might be and their products, if they don’t have good customer service, then I’m just not interested in doing business with them. I’m sure a lot of readers can appreciate the lack of customer service at some of the big box stores. That sort of treatment irritates me to no end. I’m happy to report that LAPG has an outstanding customer service department.

Over the years, I’ve done business with other law enforcement/private security supply houses, but I don’t think that any of them come close to the sheer number of products that LAPG offers. If LAPG doesn’t have what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that, no one else does either. Their website will make your head spin, and it will take you a good long time if you just want to browse through it. And, the best news is that their prices are hard to be beat.

Now, keep in mind that, LAPG doesn’t just sell products that are aimed at the law enforcement industry, far from it. They have an array of survival gear, weapons, camping, hiking and all manner of products that will surely catch the eye of preppers, as well as those in law enforcement.

The LNT Pack

First up, I tested their LA Police Gear LNT Pack, and the sample I received was in coyote tan, through it is available in black and green as well. I’m more than a little picky when it comes to a pack, for camping, or one for bugging out. If it doesn’t fit me correctly, then I have no use for it. And if it is too big, or too small for the task at hand, once again, I have no use for it. A quick run down on the LNT Pack is in order. First off all, it is made out of 600 Denier polyester, and this is some super tough stuff. And, it isn’t cheap material, it can take a beating. This pack is 60-liters in capacity, so it can hold just about everything you need, without being overly big. And, please keep in mind that, you do not have to fill every inch of any pack – just because it has a lot of room, doesn’t mean you have to use up all that room, remember, you still have to carry it on your back.

LAPG LNT PackThe LNT Pack is 10-inches deep, 14-inches wide and 30-inches tall if that helps you visualize the size. It weights in at 6.5-lbs empty – not too heavy and not too light for a pack of its size. It is also MOLLE compatible for military use, and has a 3-liter reservoir pocket if you want to insert a water bladder. One thing I really like about this pack is that the shoulder straps are adjustable so that you can adjust it to your height. Plus, we have a separate storage compartment on the bottom that you can easily access, without digging through the entire pack. There is an adjustable waist strap, that can also be removed – however I’d leave it in place. It makes wearing this pack easier. I’m a rather “big” man, but I’m also an old man – hate to admit that, and I’m at the age, where I don’t want to carry more gear than I need, and I don’t want to carry half my body weight in a backpack, I don’t want to carry even a quarter of my body weight – remember, I said I was “big” – but I want to be able to carry everything I think I’d need in the event I might have to bug out on foot. (Heaven forbid, if things get that bad.)

So I tossed in a lot of various items and got the pack up to 35 pounds. That is plenty of gear and about all the weight I want to carry on my back. I’m not some Special Forces guy, who brags about carrying a 100 pound  pack on my back. This is not going to happen. I did some walking on some logging roads in my area, with the pack. It needed adjustment – so that it would feel and carry just “right” for me. If you’ve been in the military, you know what I’m talking about. It takes some adjusting to get your gear fitting you just right. The LNT Pack did the job it was supposed to do, quite comfortably one it was adjusted. Now, for the good news: This backpack is only $74.99 – and that’s about half of what I expected it would cost – this is a super-deal on a great pack, in my opinion.

The Core Boots

Now, during my treks with the aforementioned pack, I also took the opportunity to test a pair of boots that LAPG gear sent me for testing. These boots are known as the LA Police Gear Core Side-zip Duty Boot. (#FCWC1001 on their website.) Now, here is one item where I am more than a little picky. If the footwear I’m looking for, isn’t just perfect, then I have no interest in it. Without good boots or shoes, if you are bugging out, you won’t get far if your footwear gives out on you or doesn’t fit right.

These boots are 8-inches tall. This is about standard height for a military or police boot, and they have a slip resistant sole, and are oil resistant as well. This is important, when you are out there, not knowing where you might be stepping. The rubber sole has the EVA pattern to it. That is a very nice sole and makes for sure footing in just about any terrain. I’m not sure what the weight is on these duty boots, but they are very light weight, and not a burden on your feet, even when wearing them all day long. The tongue is mesh and breathable – outstanding! Of course, we have the side-zipper for easy on/off  once you have the laces adjusted to fit you just perfectly. The eyelets are reinforced – so no worries about them pulling out of the boot. One thing I liked was the removable Enduropro inserts – I usually wear prescription insoles because I have super-high arches, and without those insoles, it is painful to do much walking. However, I left my own insoles out of these boots and just wore them as-is. I had no problems for me to hike in these boots, at all.

The leather that the boots are made out of is polishable. I stopped polishing boots and shoes many years ago. However some military units in other countries and some police forces still require boots to be polished. The upper portion of the boots are padded as well – this is very comfortable around the area above the ankles. There is also mesh around the upper sides of these boots, allowing your feet to breathe a bit. Hot shoes and boots are no fun! I was quite pleased with the fit of these boots, on several treks.

One of my friends is recently retired from the US Air Force, and I showed him the boots, and asked for his opinion. He said they were very similar to boots he wore, that cost him more than $200 for a pair, so I told him to closely examine these boots, and asked him what he thought they would cost. He said around $200. He was blown away when I told him these boots only cost $29.99 from LAPG. I was shocked too, and had to contact the folks at LAPG to confirm the price. Sure enough, $29.99 for a pair, and these are a very hot seller for them.

I’ve seen similar boots, that costs a lot more than these do, and I’ve seen cheaply made tennis shoes in the big box stores that cost a lot more than these boots, and those shoes were absolute junk. The boots required no break-in period at all – they are “that” comfortable out of the box, and once again, very light-weight – doesn’t feel like you have boat anchors on your feet. I don’t know how LAPG managed to design such a nice boot, and sell them for that low a price. But I’m not complaining, I know a deal when I see one.

In the coming months, I should have the time review a few more LAPG products for our readers. Keep in mind that I test everything that I write about, as well as also putting some volunteer testers to work, assisting me in some of my testing because I like to get other opinions. However, in the end, it is my evaluations and opinions on the products that I report on. I think you’ll be surprised at all that LAPG has to offer, and the best thing is, their gear won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


  1. Thanks for this site info; looks like some great gear. Sadly though, as usual the offerings for women are far fewer than for men and way more expensive. Over 400 more shoes/boots available for men than for women and the women’s items are well over $100. Maybe it would be a helpful article if someone were to talk about where to find affordable yet durable and sturdy boots, pants etc for women to use who do “real work “. I just treated myself to a pair of Carhartt insulated work gloves for women; worth the price. It’s so hard to find good gear that fits me. My 6’4” son will love this site though!

  2. Any issue I have ever had with the products they sale, I have emailed LAPG with the concern and the reply email has been. We are sorry for your inconvenience, a replacement is being shipped to you. LAPGs customer service is outstanding.

  3. LA Police Gear Atlas tactical pants are phenomenal and great for everything except cold weather wear. I use them for work all over the US, and will be ordering yet another pair next week. After trying many different brands and styles, these are my choice to stay cool, be able to stretch as I inspect equipment and structures and hold EDC items well. Very durable. For colder weather I prefer Duluth Firehouse with stretch material but that’s for 3 months of the year where I live and I keep them handy for when I travel north. People concerned about prices can still get affordable items if they focus on the LAPG brand instead of bigger name brands.

  4. I live within short driving distance of their brick-and-mortar store here in northern L.A. County, and have been patronizing their business since they opened it a few years ago. Online shopping is fun, but nothing beats walking through all their racks and shelves of tactical gear and clothing where you can touch and test it. They even encourage you to bring your guns in to test for proper holster fit and accessories before buying! It’s like a Cabela’s or Bass Pro, but focused on Law Enforcement, Tactical, and Survival buffs. I’m telling you that after living my entire life here in SoCal, I’ve never encountered any other store (especially in today’s CA environment!) that is completely pro-2A and asks no questions whatsoever when you walk in with your sidearm or AR, as many of their customers are LEOs anyhow and everyone respects each other. They don’t even stop you to check the condition of your gun, as they expect everyone to act responsibly.

    I highly recommend them, and have found that in most cases their LAPG brand of flashlights, gun accessories, clothing, etc. are just as good as the popular name brands (which they also carry, if that’s what you prefer) but at about half the price.

  5. I have been a customer of LAPG for nearly 12 years. I have always had excellent customer service when needed (rarely) and their own brand of items has always exceeded my expectations. Price is extremely competitive and I rarely find myself finding it cheaper somewhere else. This is my go to equipment retailer and everything I have purchased for my LE career holds up well beyond what you would expect at the price points. I cannot speak highly enough for LAPG.

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