Inflation Watch:

Pearl wrote me to mention: “We homeschool and therefore I stock up on supplies when they go on clearance after public school children have started. I still have boxes of Papermate pens left over but couldn’t resist picking up a couple packages when I noticed they were on sale. When I got home I compared the clearance tags… Last year, I purchased boxes of 12 Papermate pens for $.35. This was 30% off the original price of $.50. This year, I purchased packages of 10 Papermate pens (no box) for $.70. These were also 30% off the original price of $1.00. Twice as much for fewer pens.”

My cousin sent this: The Incredible Shrinking Package.

Patrick N. noted: “We are a family of ten, and long ago got in the habit of buying the “bulk” package of most everything. Many people buy the bigger boxes ostensibly “to save money.” However, we have been noticing a price shift – making the smaller sizes cheaper per unit. Be sure to check the “cost per pound [or other unit]” info on the shelf [or calculate it yourself] because bigger is not always cheaper.”