Hugh’s Quote of the Day:

“…but then what?” “Then you’d milk cows, of course!” “But I don’t want to milk cows!”

“Neither do I…but if the cow has to be milked, someone has to do it! That’s what makes it a needed skill. Listen…” He turned to the rest of us now. “Too many of you sitting in this classroom have been separated from those very necessary skills for too many generations. It’s given you some very peculiar ideas…of your own importance. Let me relieve you of that foolishness right now…most of you have to depend on too many others for your survival, and that makes you vulnerable. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn a few of those basic skills, because as far as the society you live in is concerned, it’s the training that’s valuable, not the individual.” – David Gerrold, “A Matter For Men”