Guest Article: Evil Exists, by L.A.

When I was young, it was a whisper you heard in the school hallways or some television news story that you overheard your parents talking about.

As children, we still played outside, rode our bicycles or skateboards all over town, and only came home right as the streetlights were coming on. There wasn’t really anything to be afraid of. Whatever evil there was back then, it at least stayed hidden in the shadows most of the time.

Not anymore.

Today’s world is something completely different. Evil is rampant and is increasingly seeking notoriety. More and more children are going missing, and more and more of them are found when it is too late. Pedophiles roam our neighborhoods. Our politicians lie more blatantly, and then they lie some more when they are caught. Childhood games have become acts of violence towards others. Even our police officers have begun to just kill first and ask questions later.

When does it all end?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end until “The End”, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit around helpless. When it all starts to hit the fan, there are ways that you can protect yourself and your family, and that is what I am here to share with you.

Everything I am about to tell you is for use in the event that everything has gone to hell. Whether it is a power grid failure, a new civil war, martial law, or zombie horde, these are ways to preserve your life and then defend it.

The first line of defense is your home, but there are a few items that you will need before you are truly prepared to defend it. You should have some of these already, but I’m going to list them, just in case:

  • Rifle(s), Shotgun(s), and Handgun(s),
  • Ammo for each caliber or gauge,
  • Knives in assorted styles and lengths,
  • Batteries in assorted sizes
  • Electric drill, charged
  • Screwdrivers,
  • Screws in assorted sizes, and
  • Plywood, at least 10 – 12 sheets of 4′ x 6′

Now these are just the basics for defense. This is not a “full on” prepper’s guide to survival. Of course, you will also need water, canned foods, and such, but if you are unable to defend your cache, then there is really no point of having it to begin with.

Now, back to the point. Nothing that happens is going to be immediate. No matter how big the catastrophe, there is always a build up to the chaos. This means that you will always have some time to get things ready. It may not be much time, but some is better than none. Just make sure to keep your eyes open and watch what is happening around you.

Now, when it first starts, it will be subtle. The news will most likely be reporting about looting and violence in controlled areas, such as the inner cities. This is your warning sign. In a true, statewide or nationwide catastrophe, these acts will only spread outward. It will start in the inner cities, then move into middle class and suburban areas, and so on.

In an ideal situation, you live in a rural area with a pretty decent line of sight. Unfortunately, most situations are not ideal, so we won’t pretend. Most likely you’re in the middle of surburbia– ten to fifteen miles away from any downtown or inner city areas. As soon as you hear the news reports, you should get to work right away.

Make sure that your weapons are loaded and ready to fire. Make sure that you have at least one firearm in each room that you will be in. This is to ensure that no matter where you are, you have a firearm within reach. Also, make sure that you are carrying a handgun on your person at all times, with at least two loaded magazines.

When it comes to fortification, always start with the weakest point of the home. This is usually a street-facing bedroom with large windows. This is the primary entry point of an intruder during a mob attack. This can be easily secured by mounting a sheet of plywood to the wall, on the inside of the window.

Before mounting the plywood, make sure to either cut, or drill, holes in different areas of the board. These will be used as “windows” or “aiming stations” for your weapons.

Use the electric drill and screws to mount the plywood. Find where the beams are and place your screws in those spots. This will secure the sheet of plywood firmly, and keep it from being easily pushed in. This is also why I recommend screws instead of nails. Repeat this step with all other windows in the house, at least the ones on the first floor.

You will want to secure the doors in much of the same manner. The one problem that comes to mind with this is that you need to have a way out. In my opinion, the front door should be the one left as the exit. Most homes have a steel core front door that cannot be easily kicked in. You may have to defend it a few times before people get the point.

Once you’ve secured the home, and as long as time is still in your favor, you will want to talk to your neighbors. It is important that you organize. There really is strength in numbers, and it provides more cover when it really counts.

If at all possible, it will prove favorable to organize a party of at least 30 people, all with weapons and fortified homes. As time passes, you may even be able to secure whole streets, adding to your own security.

To reach this goal, it is important to give people jobs to do. Not everyone can be “the leader”. However, everyone can perform a role that is vital to the welfare of the group. Assign titles, such as “watch captain”, or “section leader”, and provide job details and functions for each. Assign smaller groups to be hunting parties, and send them foraging for supplies and food. This makes everyone feel important, and it reduces the amount of decision making coming from one person. It is important to keep the group functioning like a well-oiled machine. Negativity leads to mutiny, and that, in turn, leads to needless casualties.

Now that you have fortified and organized, it is important that you learn to defend what is yours. If you live in a two-story home, this can be a little more efficient, as it is easier to fire from an inclined position. This, however, doesn’t mean that defending a one-story home is a hopeless cause.

The key to defense is mounting a fearful offense. You must not be afraid to open fire first. If you see a mob descending on your property, fire a few rounds into them. Most times, the mob will disperse. Remember, everyone wants to take things that do not belong to them, but few really want to die doing it. Use this to your advantage, and just in case the guilt kicks in, remember to think about what they would have done had you not initiated action.

Always strike from a distance, when possible, and reserve your shots for what you can actually hit. Think of every single round as if it were a piece of gold. Use them when necessary, but otherwise hoard them as treasure.

The most important thing to remember throughout this type of situation is that you really do have some control over the outcome. All is not hopeless or lost, and there are people depending on you.