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Note from JWR:

SurvivalBlog does not host its own discussion forum. We recommend a third party forum site: The Mental Militia (TMM) Forums. They have kindly invited SurvivalBlog readers to join them.

By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to the TMM Forums. Keep in mind that these forums are peopled by fellow freedom-loving folks that come from a wide variety of political, social, and religious backgrounds. These include some anarchists, min-archists, Voluntaryists, wiccans/pagans, atheists, and agnostics. TMM does have many Christian members, but most are the sort of Christians who are adaptable to politely mixing it up with folks of different philosophies, beliefs, and perspectives. Please be civil and show respect for others, even if they have different points of view.

Also, be advised that some coarse language crops up at TMM forums. It is not a forum for children!

Before writing any post for TMM, please apply the “Auntie Test”. Ask yourself: would you write an e-mail to your elderly aunt using that attitude and language? Enough said.

If you aren’t willing to exercise politeness and restraint, then don’t visit The Mental Militia Forums.

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