The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“We would not be able to ignore the greatest threat western nations have faced in modern times – Radical Islamic Fundamentalism. It’s a different world, today. The Cold War and Mutual Assured Destruction almost look like the good old days. The enemy we face today will not go away, metamorphose or quit. We are in a fight to the death.” – The late Jerry Ahern, when asked if he and his wife were to write The Survivalist series today, what changes he would make. (From an interview in 2010.)


  1. With all due respect to Jerry Ahern, Islam is evil and Muslims are NOT compatible with Liberty but they are not “the greatest threat” to our nation. I get it.

    Our real enemy is not Muslims but rather those who used Muslims as scapegoats to justify Perpetual War and ultimately their construction of the ‘Surveillance State’, Security State’, and ‘Police State’.

    It was all by design. Washington must go.

  2. Has anyone looked at the role of high Freemasonry in organizing and controlling the Muslim nations? Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS? The Lodges are alive and well in these countries, and have no problem with the Koran.
    It is as plain as day that the Vatican is involved with the mass invasion of the west by these elements. It is official church doctrine that all the faithful are expected to support this invasion, and you can see it in the newspapers in the Redoubt.
    For those of us on the receiving end, remember that a large number of these invaders are actually glad to be free to consider other religious options, and if approached wisely, are often interested to learn of Jesus Christ.
    It can help to show them from the Koran that they need to study the gospel; that Allah declared that Jesus would be allowed to die; and that the Bible does not require them to eat pork or drink alcohol, or wear provocative clothing. That Jesus is eternal, not coming from marriage with a female deity, but is the fulness of God manifest in the flesh.

  3. Its not just “radical fundamentalist Islam” that is a threat, its all Islam. Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion.

    Islam notwithstanding, however, the greatest threat to rightful liberty in the US is the US government not a bunch of goat-herding cave dwellers stuck in the 9th century.

    1. “………stuck in the 9th century”
      WOW! They’ve progressed two whole centuries! And here I thought they were stuck in the 7th century.

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