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City of Los Angeles Tops 4 Million For First Time: Big Increase Coming from Multi-Family Units and the Renting Revolution.

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The Next Employment Crisis Is Here: Job Cuts At U.S. Companies Jump 35 Percent In April – Sent in by B.B.

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The Immorality of the Minimum Wage: Scarcity and Singing Kumbaya – A look at how our churches have failed in the dilemma of the minimum wage discussion.

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The Insane Hidden Tax Burden Quietly Eating Up Your Paycheck – The regulatory nightmare that raises prices. – B.B.

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Reader S.B. in CO wrote in to confirm the “Rail Traffic Depression” story. Where he lives in Colorado, they have a long line of locomotives that have sat idle for nearly a year. They are a regular reminder of our lagging economy and this administration’s war on coal and oil/gas. Basic macro-economics teaches: As rail traffic goes, so goes the economy.

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