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Why I Believe the American Dream Just Died. – Sent in by G.G. – Excerpt: “My breaking point came yesterday, upon reading a Legg Mason survey of affluent investors, which Legg Mason defined as individuals with more than $200,000 in investment assets. It found that 55% of those surveyed believe that the American Dream no longer remains within reach, with only 23% “strongly agreeing” that they are living proof of its existence.”

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U.S. stocks fall on oil, earnings; dollar retreats.

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Dangerous Divergence. The Fed’s policy of “Save a Wall Street Banker” is beginning to show up in the charts in a disturbing way.

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Hotel California or the Hotel Marriner Eccles. “Like the Hotel California, the debt based currency system lives on, and we can never leave it (without a traumatic reset).”

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