Economics and Investing:

US faces ‘disastrous’ $3.4tn pension funding hole

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

U.S. Runs $108 Billion Budget Deficit in March, Treasury Says

Video: The April Emergency The Fed Doesn’t Want You To Know About – Mike Maloney – Interesting take..

Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

Auditor: Government Will Owe More than Entire Economy Produces (Washington Free Beacon) Excerpt: “The audit also called into question the reliability of the government’s financial statements.”

“Mr. Social Security” Indicted in $600 Million Disability Fraud Scheme (Washington Free Beacon) Excerpt: “The defendants are charged with designing an intricate scheme, using their expertise and positions of authority, to fraudulently induce payment of $600 million in federal disability and healthcare benefits….”

USPS Could be $2 Billion Poorer Come Sunday (Washington Examiner) Excerpt: “The U.S. Postal Service will see an additional $2 billion in annual losses if Congress does not extend a temporary price hike on stamps before Sunday.”

Socialism is Harder than You Think: Because Reality Has a Neoliberal Bias (Foundation for Economic Education) Excerpt: “Suppose you wanted to switch to socialism — what would be the ideal place to do so?”

International News

The Ticket to Prosperity (Townhall) Excerpt: “Despite decades of economic aid, many recipient nations are worse off now than they were before they first received development assistance. What foreign aid usually accomplishes is to enable tyrants to retain power….”

Why UK Living Standards May Never be the Same Again (The Telegraph) Excerpt: “With inflation finally set to start creeping up it’s absolutely vital this productivity slump is turned around fast. Otherwise pay and living standards will suffer….”

Personal Economics and Household Finance

Create Your UNGrocery List (Just Plain Living) Excerpt: “Create your UNgrocery list. Save money, time and eat healthier.”

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