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Dishonest Money Will Die – I Hope

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Collapse Of U.S. Shale Oil Production Has Begun

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

U.S. News

Senator Jeff Flake’s New Report – Waste Book 2015: The Farce Awakens (Citizens Against Government Waste) Hint: You’ll not believe this report on the darker side of government spending, from the $1M NIH study involving monkeys in hamster balls riding on treadmills to $210,000 in a Department of Agriculture subsidy for solar powered beer. …and a suggestion: Send a message of thanks to Senator Jeff Flake for his efforts in this regard. …and in a clear, calm, and rational manner, VOICE YOUR VIEWS to the decision makers who represent you and authorize the spending of money that does not really exist.

Anthem, Cigna Shareholders Approve Merger, Antitrust Hurdles Await (Forbes) Commentary: More antitrust concerns are coming, and it’s an important subject (however disinteresting or distant it may seem on the surface) because of its impact on every aspect of economic life from market competition and pricing to diversification and the availability of goods and services according to the needs and interests of consumers.

Big Banks Saved from Fed Dividend Reduction in Highway Bill (GovTrack) Spoiler Alert: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America are breathing a sign of relief. The rest of us should be ever more aware of the financial mechanics involved in the funding of our banking system.

Are Student Loans a Ticking Time Bomb? (Forbes) Commentary: Largely as a result of the expanded role of the federal government, student loans represent a significant and growing portion of the national debt. Yes. The NATIONAL DEBT. Many people may not yet realize this, but the taxpayer is likely to be on the financial hook for a substantial sum.

International News

Negative Interest Rates an Option in Canada Says Central Bank Governor Stephen Poloz (CBC News) Article Quote: “To put it simply, the Bank of Canada now thinks negative interest rates are a policy option in its tool belt…”

Personal Economics and Household Finance

10 Financial Scams Targeting Our Senior Citizens (Clark Howard)