Economics and Investing:

Obama Care Will Implode and Kill the Economy-Karl Denninger – Link sent in by RBS

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ISIS is obsessed with gold currency – Link sent in by G.P.

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

U.S. News

Travel Tab for the Obamas and the Bidens: $70,563,336.75 (Waste Fraud and Abuse) Commentary: This article details yet another way the federal government spends the hard earned money of the American people.

Top 10 Wasteful Government Expenses (National Review) Commentary: …and yet another example. Among the programs described in this piece is one designed to answer the question of what bugs do near lightbulbs. The cost? $65,473.

$1B Inept BioWatch Does Not Work. There is NO Plan B. (Judicial Watch) Commentary: We may shake our heads in disgust and sometimes even laugh at the absurdity of the programs on which our government spends money, but this article details a billion dollars in waste for a failed program that should be protecting the literal lives of large numbers of American people.

Mises Institute’s Week in Review (Mises Institute)

International News

The Never Ending Story of the World Economy (The Economist)

Japan Urges Its Companies to Help Stimulate Economy (New York Times)

The Forgotten Greek Economic Crisis (The Greek Reporter)

Brazil Recession Deepens, Worst Annual Drop on Record (Reuters)

Personal Economics and Household Finance

The Jackal of Wall Street: George Graham Rice (Market Watch) Teaser Quote: “Before Bernie Madoff, before Charles Ponzi, there was George Graham Rice.”

FBI: Understanding Financial Fraud & Protecting the Public (FBI) Resource: Link for information about a variety of fraudulent financial schemes for the benefit of public education, awareness and safety.

Clark Howard’s Credit Freeze and Thaw Guide (Clark Howard) Resource: The “Credit Freeze” is one of the most effective tools available to consumers in the prevention of identity theft. Link here for information about how to freeze and thaw your credit via