Economics and Investing:

Caterpillar sales drop for the fourth year in a row because of China: Those good years won’t come back. sent in by RBS

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Sent in by B.B. – Fed To Hold An “Expedited, Closed” Meeting On Monday
“As we are sure to be told: ‘It’s probably nothing!’ “ – Uhh, sure…

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

Auto Loans and Mortgages Push Household Debt to Highest Levels Since 2010 (Bloomberg)

Baltic Dry Index Drops to Record Low (Bloomberg)

Iron Ore Price Craters (Mining)

Lifetime Cost of Refugee Settlement: $55B (Breitbart)

Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees Costs Taxpayers $64,370 (Washington Free Beacon)

The Beginning of the End of the Affordable Care Act? Largest U.S. Health Insurer May Exit Obamacare (Zero Hedge)

AMAC Says Obamacare Co-op Failures Signal More Trouble for President’s Signature Law (AMAC)

Lenders Taking Borrowers to Court Over Delinquent Student Loans (San Francisco Gate)

Help! My Short Position Just Got Crushed (Market Watch) Spoiler Alert: this is a cautionary tale.

Tyson Foods to Close Two Plants: 880 Workers Affected (Reuters)