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War on Cash: Here are the latest disturbing developments Sent in by D.S.

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

Requiem for QE: Seeds Sown for Future Economic Troubles (Cato Institute)

DC Settles Civil Forfeiture Suit for $855K (Forbes)

Value of Civil Forfeitures Exceeds Burglaries (Zero Hedge)

Rent Control Policies: Ineffective and Unjust (Washington Examiner)

Restoring Federal Fiscal Sanity Requires New Approaches and Strong Leadership (Washington Examiner)

Oil Production in North Dakota Falls YOY for First Time in 11 Years (Business Insider)

A Billionaire’s Post-Apocalypse Shelter: Here It Is (Zero Hedge)

Puerto Rico is Running Out of Options (Bloomberg)

Greece Reaches Deal with Creditors Including Compromise on Home Foreclosure Protections (Market Watch)

U.K. Treasury Chief Sells 13B Pounds in Mortgages from Financial Crisis (Houston Chronicle)

These Indicators Suggest China’s Economy Isn’t Growing Anywhere Near 7% (Business Insider)

Can China’s Consumers Save the World Economy? (CBS News)