Economics and Investing:

Silly Season and Silly Fiscal Policy

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Social Security Administration Spending Hit Record in FY2015; $6,345 For Every American With a Job – Sent in by G.G.

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Millennials Ditch Big Banks and Go Local With Their Money – Personally, I have done the same thing howbeit for a different reason, but I don’t find this shocking at all being on the front end of the millennial generation. Get your money out of the big banks and get local, credit union or otherwise.

More Misery Ahead for Greeks as Economy Set to Shrink Again – You can’t fix a debt/liquidity crisis in the long term with more debt.

Items from Professor Preponomics:

Brazil: How could so much go wrong?

(Miami Herald)

The Crippling Effect of Obamacare on the Middle Class (Zero Hedge)

China Trade Data Clouds Economic Outlook, Disappoints Analysts by Wide Margin in October (Reuters)

Financial Troubles Run Deep in the Holy See: Even the Vatican’s Pension Program is Running a Deficit (New York Times) Commentary: …and the Vatican agrees to push Philip Morris cigarettes for a fee.