Economics and Investing:

SurvivalBlog reader D.S. sent in this link about crossing the borders with precious metals. It’s not just cash anymore that arouses suspicion. Crossing Borders with Gold and Silver Coins – a Glimpse of Things to Come

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The disinformation campaign in full swing about the U.S. economy. The economy is on an unsustainable debt path. The Most Devious Liars In The Room. Sent in by J.Q.

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

National Security Lines Blurred via Business Relationships Between China and U.S. Tech Giants: IBM, Cisco Systems and Microsoft (New York Times)

Glencore Watch: The Search for $1B… (Motley Fool) …but what if Silver Wheaton doesn’t “do the deal”?

HUD Backs $9.5M on Property Valued at $3.8M (Colorado Watchdog)

Anadarko Says Aggressive Growth Strategies Not Likely Rewarded: Focuses Instead on Building and Preserving Value (Business Insider)

Energy Sector May Rain on the S&P’s Earnings Parade: Sector Expected to Post Earnings Decline of 65% YOY (Market Watch)

As Night Follows Day: Bust Inevitably Follows Booms and It’s The Test Most Will Fail (Zero Hedge)