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Just in case you’re curious about what a Republic that hasn’t been bought by Central Bankers looks and smells like…Iceland! Iceland! Iceland! Sent in by GJM

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Sent in by SurvivalBlog reader RBS: “Tax Expenditures” Are Not “Free Stuff”

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

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Rand Paul’s Vow: He’ll Do Everything Within My Power to Stop the Disasterous Budget Deal (Breitbart)

General Mills Announces Lay-Offs: Company Struggles to Adjust to Changing Consumer Preferences (Market Watch)

Cummins to Cut 2,000 Jobs: Weak Demand for Engines, No Market Improvement Anticipated in the Near Term (ABC News)

10 Brands 24/7 Wall Street Expects to Disappear in 2016 (24/7 Wall Street)

How We Paid Off $20K in Debt in 5 Years with $22K in Annual Income (Living on a Dime) Commentary: There is no excuse not to get out of debt!