Economics and Investing:

Items from The Economics Team:

In Latest Humiliation For Illinois, Fitch Downgrades State’s Credit Rating To BBB+ (Zerohedge)

Tennessee County Closes Schools, a Casualty of the Cost of Obamacare (The Tennessean)

People want to spend money, even money they don’t have… (My budget 360)

Robert Shiller is Shilling for Socialism (Mises Institute)

Saudi Arabia Delays Contractor Payments to Preserve Cash (Zero Hedge)

Can Charter Schools and Suburbanites Reverse Chicago’s Economic Woes? (George Will via LenConnect)

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Death of a Patriot at the Hands of Corrupt Government – Irwin Schiff

WalMart Suppliers Brace For The Coming Storm: “Now We Know Why They Have Been Pushing So Hard”