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SurvivalBlog Reader G.T. informs us that the “non-inflation” has affected his chicken raising: “I went to the local feed store here in Spokane and went in to purchase some chicken feed. I was told that the price is the same, but I get 10 lbs. less for the same amount of money. Instead of 50 pounds the feed bags now come in 40 pound bags for the same price. Ouch! The wife and I are now inclined to give the critters more scraps from the kitchen on a regular basis.”

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Germany’s Third Largest Political Party Sells €1.6 Million Of Gold In Two Weeks

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Video: Dow 6,000 by end of 2016?. – B.S.

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“I just took your advice and ordered some silver eagles. It’s a good time to buy! The UPS delivery guy was unnervingly curious about what he was delivering. He first asked “What you got in here? Gold bricks?” to which I could convincingly answer, “Don’t I wish!!” The next comment was: “It’s as heavy as ammunition.” I agreed. This was all just probably innocent conversation, but you don’t want ANYONE knowing what you got. So, if anyone out there is expecting a delivery, it would be good to have a story at the ready. The delivery guy’s comment about ammunition is a good one for those living in free states. Just say it’s “special ammo”. For those living in NY, CT, and such places, think of something that you’re allowed to buy that weighs that much.” – M.F.

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US regulators close small California bank. – G.G.

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