Comment About Fluoride Toothpaste in Preparedness Course

Very nice job on the “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course! I am enjoying it thoroughly. I feel as you do about Fluoride in toothpaste. It is extremely toxic. I believe a bottle of it ingested will send you to the hospital and possibly cause death. I found a better way; I put some baking soda on a moist tooth brush, and then pour a dab of food grade 3.5 percent hydrogen peroxide on it. Makes for a great cleaning! A word of caution though. The hydrogen peroxide you buy in the drug store has nasty stabilizers in it. I get food grade which comes at 36 percent strength rather than the 3.5 percent at the drug store, and then dilute it to the proper 3.5 percent strength. It is very important that family members don’t mistake this concentrated bottle for the drug store variety as it will burn skin! Be cautious when performing the dilution. Also, when diluting it the water should be filtered so there is no chlorine in it. Additionally, do not freeze it with thoughts of greater preservation since the hydrogen and oxygen will separate. Store with the caps somewhat loose due to gradual expansion of gas, but keep the bottle in a plastic bag, in a dark cool place. Like anything in life, handling food grade hydrogen peroxide requires personal responsibility. I urge folk to do their own responsible research on this and not accept my view “as gospel”. Also, as you research you will find there are also other great uses for hydrogen peroxide which Big Pharma would find to be a risk to their profitability. – B.F.