Notes for Friday – January 20, 2017

Today is the birthday of Congressman Richard Henry Lee (1732–1794). o o o FYSA (For Your Situational Awareness), Forward Observer has started their battle tracking for the Inauguration, just like they did for the Ferguson riots. Check out the battle map and if you want to participate in this tracking … Continue reading

Notes for Monday – January 16, 2017

The Space Shuttle Columbia launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on January 16th, 2003. STS-107 would disintegrate on re-entry 15 days later, killing all seven of the crew members on board. SurvivalBlog salutes all seven crew members: Commander Rick Husband, Pilot William McCool, Mission Specialist David Brown, Mission Specialist … Continue reading

Notes for Thursday – January 12, 2017

On January 12, 1888, the “Schoolchildren’s Blizzard” killed 235 people, many of whom were children on their way home from school across the Northwest Plains region of the United States. The storm came with no warning, and some accounts say that the temperature fell nearly 100 degrees in just 24 … Continue reading

Notes for Tuesday – January 10, 2017

January 10th, 1776 is the day that North Carolina Governor Josiah Martin issued a proclamation calling on the king’s loyal subjects to raise an armed force to combat the “rebels”. This ultimately led to Colonel Donald McLeod leading the men on an assault on the Patriots that ended with fifty … Continue reading

Notes for Monday – January 09, 2017

On this day in 1776, writer Thomas Paine published his pamphlet “Common Sense,” setting forth his arguments in favor of American independence. Although little used today, pamphlets were an important medium for the spread of ideas in the 16th through 19th centuries.