Movie Reviews: Two for the Price of One, by Large Marge

I visit elderly shut-ins around Eugene, Oregon.
Yesterday, one of our regulars got on her trailer-court facebook dealy-bobber to invite a bunch of geezers to her trailer for spectating at televisionprogramming on her new big-screen television set.
We watched a couple ‘presentations’:
a) RICHARD JEWELL directed by Mister Clint Eastwood hisownself,
b) SEASPIRACY financed by hollywood darling Leonardo DiCaprio.
This semi-review is in two parts:
a) is for the flicks, and
b) is for the audience ‘participation’.
And here we go…
Anybody over the age of twenty-five probably remembers the terrorist attack at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.
According to various legends, Our Best Men in the fbi accused one of the security working the events of putting a backpack of pipe-bombs near a stage for musicians performing at the Olympics, such notables as Kenny Rogers, B.B. King, and Celine Dion.
According to the various legends, two folks were murdered and dozens injured by the blast.
(An aside…
The movie clearly illustrates the dangers of crowds.
Crowds attract trouble… plus you can get trampled.)
The movie focuses on a genuine sweetheart of a gentleman, Mister Richard Jewell, some of his background, his delightful relationships with his friends and family… and their travails during the three months of ‘investigations’ by Our Best Men.
From the get-go, Officer Jewell is presumed guilty.
All the Our Best Men profilers/investigators decide he is The Only Possible Person capable of the bomb making and placing.
In the hands of anybody other than Clint Eastwood, this could easily turn into a comedy romp as we observe Our Best Men fumbling around, bumbling and tripping and patting each other on the back for their remarkable insights into the mind of such an Obviously Guilty Person as Officer Jewell.
At this point, I am diverging from a straight review to share some of the animated reactions from our little crowd.
All the trailer-park facebook folks are hard-core marxists, socialists, bolsheviks, and outright nincompoops (some overlap), transplants from The Worker’s Paradise of California into the hippie-ville of Eugene Oregon.
As though it was some sort of vicious hive-game, each time a USA flag was included in a scene, somebody in our audience yelled/sneered “Republican patriots!” as a derogatory curse.
This was followed by animated discussions about the evils of patriots, Republicans, and the horridly-awful results of allowing such horridly-awful people to exist on a socialist-paradise planet.
The group agreed ‘extermination’ is the only possible avenue for anybody flying the American flag.
Anytime the Confederate Flag was in a scene, I had to pause the flick.
The audience-hive went into a fuming screaming frenzy out for blood.
Lynching is too good for those vermin, they need to be nuked from orbit.
[I am not making this up]
And during their mini-riots in the old gal’s living-room, the movie was temporarily forgotten in favor of their vicious spittle-flinging circular encouragements.
Organizing snacks in the kitchen, I was vastly amused.
Back to the flick.
I enjoyed the performances of the actors:
* Olivia Wilde as the head-reporter is utterly immoral in her approval-seeking.
* Kathy Bates approaches sweetly over-acting as the mother.
* The gentleman portraying the titular is excellent as ‘a decent person doing the right thing’ incapable of deceit, and I would watch him in other shows.
Another aside about my little audience:
* several folks hated the protagonist.
Often, somebody yelled/sneered “Southern idiot!” at his appearance.
“Southern bigot!” was also a popular scream.
Variations of “Inbred trash!” were particularly agreeable to our folks, self-encouraged by nods and high-fives and sneers of “He deserves it!”.
My reaction to the actor’s work?
Quite decent under the direction of long-time professional Clint Eastwood.
I recommend the movie RICHARD JEWELL.
For a microcosm of America today, I recommend watching it with a hive of marxists transplants from California coastal cities.
Tons of fun!
And onto our next entertainment…
SEASPIRACY is an obligatory propaganda piece about marine wildlife such as fish, whale and dolphins, and reefs.
I recommend the flick with strong reservations.
The parts about the downstream out-of-sight accumulations of petroleum-based plastics is eye-opening.
We hear about the floating mountain-island of plastic trash in the Pacific, but this story dives into the results of sun/seawater to reduce each piece of junk to ‘micro-plastics’… and their introduction into the food-chain.
Folks, this is bad news.
Watch SEASPIRACY for this reason.
The other two-thirds of the piece deals with:
* performing dolphins (the propagandist calls them “slaves”) at Sea World and other ocean-oriented parks, and
* farmed fish and factory-fishing vessels.
Those sections were obviously slanted toward encouraging “a plant-based diet”… whatever that is.
Similar to definitions of the word ‘sustainable’, ‘a plant-based diet’ changes with the mood of the proponents.
And they can get moody!
The trouble with prescribing a one-size-fits-all diet is ignoring our human diversity.
Oh, did you think I could get through this without mentioning the socialists objective?
The subject of ‘diversity’ is all fine and good as long as it fits The Agenda.
But injecting additional aspects into The Narrative can result in frying their tiny brains into more screaming and flailing and gnashing of teeth than I expected.
Silly me.
Stirring the pot,
– Large Marge