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  1. Madam Avalanche,

    You are right to wonder about an injection “…to combat wuhan-19…”.

    As I understand the darn thing, it is not a vaccine.
    Indeed, the label ‘vaccine’ is a deliberate misnomer.
    A vax uses a weakened version of the illness to strengthen the immune system through developing antibodies.

    What is this wuhan-19 injection nonsense?
    Gene therapy.
    It uses mRNA to modify your DNA genes to produce a protein spike.

    I eat organic foods.
    By definition, ‘organic’ is not gene modified.
    As you might expect, I do not see a benefit to putting a wuhan-19 injection into my precious bod to fake-out my genes.
    I just don’t, OK?

    And if I am an UndocumentedPossibleCarrier without any certificate to prove you can safely inhale my belches and flatulence and sneezes and BO, well, we will have to continue to maintain that six-foot anti-social separation.
    Because either:
    * the anti-social separation works, or
    * the masks (aka ‘face-masks’) work despite the label clearly stating they are “NOT EFFECTIVE”, or
    * the certificate proves we can all breathe easy until TheNextWorstDiseaseInTheHistoryOfDiseases, or
    * the rectum swabs establish my bowels are free of cough-19, or
    * the whole shootin’ match is admitted to be merely another hoax… similar to Federal Reserve Bankers and TheStocksAndBondsMarket and ‘self-less public servants’ hoaxes.

    But, mostly, I will not get jabbed simply because some nincompoops dictate jabbing me is another mandatory have-to.
    That is me… Rebel Of The Year award recipient for every year since 1952.


    Good grief… ‘rectum swabs’.
    Please tell me you do not take these people seriously!

  2. Hi All,

    I’ve been reading this blog for years and garnering much from it thanks be to god. I was a lifelong observant catholic until last year when I believe the lord opening my eyes to the scriptures and worshipping him in spirit and truth.

    Therefore although I had thought myself religious and “advanced” in my walk with the lord – I am finding now that I am a newborn babe and my walk through the scriptures is only starting.

    I have many questions which I will rely on the holy spirit to answer as my teacher however one in the current environment I an unsure of how to interpret Romans and Peter on obedience to authority.

    My example is the masks – i am one of the very few in my country that hasn’t worn one (although recently I have been using a bandana to cover my mouth only) however I see many church goers even in American in bible believing churches wearing them etc…

    My thinking is that if something is not a sin then we are to follow the bible guidance of submission to Authority – wearing a mask doesn’t seem like a sin (unless its against our natural right to breath freely) and I am fully aware of its meaning in ritual submission etc (why I haven’t worn one).

    I am just putting this question up here as I have been reading the comments for years and respect that many of you seem to be walking in Christ.

    I am also aware that many of you may have different perspectives on this and I don’t wish to cause contention.

    Finally I don’t think that the vaccine is “the” mark of the beast but a precursor. It may have many of the signs of it but I can’t believe that the lord would allow people to take the mark without knowing explicitly that it is a rejection of him. In mainstream circles here in my country every healthcare worker has taken it (95+%) and I can’t believe that they are all doomed to perdition. I may of course be wrong on this – I haven’t taken it and don’t intend to however I have no doubt that pressure will be brought to bear in the future which I will only be able to withstand in Christ and his spirit.

    Blessings to you all

    1. I think I get your gist – render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, etc. I always apply that concept to taxes. I can only answer with my opinion. Masks reduce your oxygen intake by 27% depending upon the mask type. They also capture the exhaled bacteria and viruses and hold them on your face. People are re-wearing dirty masks in order to appear compliant. etc. I consider all that bad for my health. I know many educators, public servants, and healthcare professionals who are not going to take the vaccine and are prepared to lose their jobs. I know many Christians, specifically older women, who are praising God for the vaccine and will immediately take it when available. They have been terrified by the media. There are reports of older and frail people who die from the vaccine… I have a compromised immune system from cancer and I will *not* take the vaccine, no matter what they threaten me with.

      There’s a long list of cons to taking the vaccine. Each person must decide.

      1. Our daughter is now home and recovering nicely from pneumonia. Thanks to God and people’s prayers.

        My wife is a retired BMT RN and does not have confidence in the opinions and methods of modern doctors. We have not had a vaccine at this time. Probably will not.

        The congress and senate again wasted money on impeachment that was deemed to fail.

        Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. Several of these former libs, I’m sorry to say, are in my family. They have changed course though, since the election.

        God Bless All, especially the children.

        Semper Fi.

    2. Welcome to the family confirmed. I think you are on the right track. As far as masks go, I believe they are a form of forced submission along with many other covid restrictions. I live in a democrat dictator controlled state so I choose to wear one as a grey man policy. If I lived elsewhere, I probably would not wear it. I never cover my nose and always breathe through my nose. I also will not take the vaccine. Praying for your continued growth in Christ.

      1. “I live in a democrat dictator controlled state so I choose to wear one as a grey man policy.”

        Me too. I have to wear a mask for my job but thanks to covid I’m making a lot of money. Money I’m saving to escape Illinois and retire to a free state.

    3. As far as submission to the government, I believe that Jesus would have had a different answer if He was speaking about a government that allows- no- encourages the destruction of babies in the womb, and even after birth, and that encourages homosexuality, so-called trans gender lifestyles, and all manner of sexual perversions. Also I believe that Paul would have probably had a different message to the Romans if he was talking about such a government. I also do not respect the institution of marriage as is currently defined by the government, with men able to ‘marry’ men, and women ‘marrying’ women.
      The federal government is not the same as it was when i was a child. I consider EVERY part of the federal government to be EVIL with the exceptions of the military and the Veterans Administration. I encourage you to try to change my mind if you can. BTW, I will not be taking the injections- they are NOT technically vaccines.

    4. Yes, Romans 13 is a crucial passage to understand.
      First of all, it really helps to look at the Greek.
      Here are some crucial points:

      1. “Power” in this passage, is “exousia,” which means “authority.” This is in contrast to “dunamis,” which means “force” or “energy.” (It is the root of the word “dynamite.”)

      2. In Romans 8:32, Ephesians 3:10, 6:12, Colosians 1:16, 2:15, and Titus 3:1, we have an interesting expression– “principalities and powers.” This comes from the Greek words “arche” and “exousia.” Literally, “authors and authorities.”

      We know what “arche” is. It is the same as the first Hebrew word in Genesis–B’reshiyt. It means the “beginning.” Archaeology is the study of “beginnings.”

      If you don’t remember anything else, remember this: Authority flows from the Author. And as long as the author lives, the author retains authority over his works.

      3. “Higher authorities.” Ecclesiastes 5:8: “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.”

      Who is the highest authority? God, or someone else? The power of tyrants is broken by “an appeal to Heaven” more than anything else. And this includes all lower powers.

      2 Samuel23:1 Now these be the last words of David. David the son of Jesse said, and the man who was raised up on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel, said,
      23:2 The spirit of the LORD spake by me, and his word was in my tongue.
      23:3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.
      23:4 And he shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds; as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain.
      23:5 Although my house be not so with God; yet he hath made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things, and sure: for this is all my salvation, and all my desire, although he make it not to grow.
      23:6 But the sons of Belial shall be all of them as thorns thrust away, because they cannot be taken with hands:
      23:7 But the man that shall touch them must be fenced with iron and the staff of a spear; and they shall be utterly burned with fire in the same place.

      4. “For there is no power but of God.” Literally, “It is not authority if not from/aside from God.”

      As you can see, this is a huge difference from saying that God installed Nero and Stalin and Mao to rule with absolute authority unsupervised!

      5. “…the powers that be are ordained of God.” Literally, “the being-authorities/those who are continuing to be authorities, by God are drawn up in order.” This includes the element of constant oversight by, and accountability to, God (as seen in 2 Sam. 23).

      6. “Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.”
      Since (1) all authority in the kingdom of God comes from God, and (2) all evil will be brought into judgment by God, including the whole kingdom of darkness, and (3) no one can escape God’s jurisdiction, and (4) rebellion against God brings the penalty of eternal death,
      It is highly foolish to resist true authority!

      7. “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.” Who decides what is good and what is evil?

      “Ye shall not do after all the things that we do here this day, every man whatsoever is right in his own eyes.” Deuteronomy 12:8.

      “In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Judges 17:6; 21:25.

      “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.” Proverbs 12:15.

      “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.” Proverbs 21:2.

      A grand theme of Scripture is God’s judgments–His mishpat (Hebrew). His judgments were given in the beginning, and apply to all humanity, with additional ordinances for special cases. His judgments describe His whole modus operandi. It is His character, His purposes, the description of His government.

      “And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.
      4 Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest.” Revelation 15:3, 4.

      8. “For he is the minister [diakonos–deacon] of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister [deacon] of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.
      13:5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.

      Why? because all true authority is derived from the Father of all, the Source of all life and, as John Adams articulated in 1765, is the Great Legislator of the Universe. https://teachingamericanhistory.org/library/document/a-dissertation-on-the-canon-and-feudal-law/

      9. “For this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.
      13:7 Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.
      13:8 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.”

      Note the language here!

      Tribute: when exacted by force, it is payment made to a foreign power in exchange for protection or toleration.

      Custom: payment made to a foreign power for the privilege of doing business in its territory.

      The good news is that lawful authorities, who protect life, liberty, and property, are busy enough enforcing the “low-water-mark” of human behavior. But the grace of Christ, and obedience to His word, lifts us above that low-water-mark imposed by society.

      Likewise, do not forget that this passage applies to BOTH temporal and spiritual authorities. It includes the authorities of parents, and elders and deacons of the congregation.

      Scripture presents two distinct categories of authorities–priests, and kings. All Christians have been made both priests and kings, here and now. But it is equally necessary to keep these two offices separate.

      For example, a Christian can be a civil officer. As long as those under his jurisdiction obey the civil law, he is required to praise and support them, even if he absolutely disagrees with their religion.

      This principle was first demonstrated by Roger Williams, founder of the colony of Rhode Island, to the admonition of the other colonies. It was not until the U.S. Constitution was ratified, that the principle of “no religious test” in civil government was nationally recognized. Then it was further clarified in the First Amendment, which protects freedom of religion and intellectual investigation.

      So while Roger Williams protected the lives, liberty, and property of those he adamantly disagreed with, in religious lines he was very strict. Nothing compelled him to lower his religious standard to meet the pleasure of any but God. But the only sword that may be used in the spiritual realm, is the spiritual sword. Even intellectual weapons–reason and logic–may be carnal (1 Cor. 10:5), and excluded from spiritual warfare. Much more so ridicule, falsehood, financial pressure, torture, or death.

      Regarding the work of the priest, both the old and new testaments say much. But let us take a sample from Ezekiel:

      “44:23 And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.
      “44:24 And in controversy they shall stand in judgment; and they shall judge it according to my judgments: and they shall keep my laws and my statutes in all mine assemblies; and they shall hallow my sabbaths.”

      While it is a high crime for a human priest to interfere between the High Priest, Jesus Christ, and any of his brethren, we are called to work as priests in this manner: “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.” 2 Cor. 5:20.

      The offerings that priests offer under the order of Melchizedek no longer involve the blood of birds and beasts, meats and drinks. But they do include sacrifices of repentance, contrition, and praise to God, as well as alms to His children.

      Rightly understood, Romans 13 stands at the very foundation of our constitutional republic, the foundation of the family, and the foundation of religious fellowship.

    5. I also believe the vaccine is a precursor. The actual mark may be the coming official government papers, mark or whatever you will need to travel, buy, sell, stating you’ve had the vaccine. I’m wondering if the government will prevent you from receiving health care without the vaccine.They may not allow you to grocery shop without it, and they may only allow online shopping for those who refuse. I am so disappointed in how so many people are literally doing everything in their power to get their hands on this vaccine! When I visit one of my many doctors, I’m always hoping they will not mention the vaccine. We have a local butcher shop that used to be a 5 star rated shop until 12 people got on to review stating that they are covid central and a dangerous place because they don’t require masks. Sheeple. Do they realize they are damaging a small family business because they are afraid of a virus that has a 99.6% survival rate? My husband and I want to move out of our state but we are concerned that we won’t be able to see our three children who are here due to the fact we don’t forsee our being able to cross state lines or fly eventually. I obviously have a lot on my mind. Babbling.

  3. Mr. Rawles I look forward to seeing pictures of the Finnish M39. I’ve been watching the website for higher grade condition rifles. I’ve really liked some of the refinished models you’ve posted but couldn’t get to them before they were sold.

    Avalanche Lily – not sure the vaccine is the mark. My studies indicate people will know they are making an informed choice on the mark, but I don’t know enough about it to be confident in that statement. I always enjoy your comments on this topic as it reminds me to be very careful and dive into God’s word on this important topic. Thank you for your repeated warnings. At the very least people should be concerned about what these vaccines do to the human body. Nobody knows anything until trustworthy data is collected and shared.

    I’m in TN this weekend after a week long business trip through TN and KY. Had dinner with a contact who has provided solid information on an area we are interested in moving to. His advice has been very much appreciated. I will be making a long loop today through small towns and looking at a few properties (drive by only). We are trusting in God’s timing and providence.

    The icy weather gave me a chance to evaluate my onboard emergency kit. Holed up in a hotel the night before as the rain came down for hours. Woke up to thick ice covering everything. All stores were closed. Roads were virtually empty. Didn’t need to raid my food stores though as there was a small restaurant open within walking distance from the hotel. I found a few deficiencies I’ll need to correct including better undergarments that wick moisture away from my skin. Any perspiration in cold weather while wearing cotton is a bad combination. I need a net cable lock to go over the action packer everything is stowed away in. It’s not visible to thieves but you never know.

  4. Friend and I went to a gun show in Niles, Ohio. Wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth the trip due to lack of product and high prices. I’m glad to report they had plenty of ammo but according to my friend prices weren’t that good- he paid a $1 a round for 5.56 green tip. I did not really look at ammo prices since I was not planning on buying any but I did buy a 120 round bandolier of 30 carbine manufactured by Lake City for $75 which I thought was a great deal. I found 13 round, military contract magazines for my Browning Hi-power and took 3 home. Picked up two 20 round mags for the M1A, 2 used (just pouch wear) M4 30 round mil-spec aluminum magazines (not a fan of plastic mags) 200 stripper clips for .223/5.56 rounds, a box of 10 rounds of orange smoke for the 26.5mm flare gun, 1000 223 cases for reloading, 2 orange pull tab smoke grenades (expired life boat distress signals), two 40mm ammo cans that were pristine and 5 Nicholson 4” triangular files.

    Got back to reloading this week after taking a week off to move around stuff in the man cave/preps room. Pretty much loaded up 2 number 10 cans of 9mm brass. The rearrangement gave me some more space!!! I hung up a shelf and loaded it up with all my reloading dies and some other reloading items. Due to the rearrangement I can now put up some peg board- I really like peg board!! Starting to line up and plan for spring/Sumer projects. Picked up a bag of seed starter soil. Picked up a bag of used plastic measuring cups and spoons at Salvation Army along with a vintage stainless steel ladle. At the goodwill I picked up a bag of 6 oil lamp wicks and two small pulleys. I talked to the wife and we are going to get a tractor supply credit card to take advantage of the zero interest financing offers. With building the fence this seemed like a good idea- I have been squirming alway stuff but will need more.

    So the guy that owns the land between me and my neighbor and property behind the same neighbor and I is squabbling over the property lines. He had his property surveyed and got a rude awakening. The drive way he has been using to access his land is actually on our land- he claimed the line was 20’ into my property and even put a fence post up with surveyor’s tape on it. I suspect he will hire a more competent surveyor and have it done right the second time!!! I did not have words with him but the neighbor and him I guess got into it good. This guy just owns land no house on the land. Wife said we should gate the access driveway. I told her that would be rude and be no better than his behavior besides I want to get along with the guy

    1. Be cautious about simply allowing a neighbor to “use” your property as an easement without some kind of formal arrangement. It depends on what state you live in, but if your neighbor uses that same access over a period of many years (in some states 15 years, others 20 years), then they acquire “adverse possession” of that property and it is no longer yours.

      Get the property surveyed, and if that driveway is, indeed, on your land, but you don’t wish to force him to move that driveway, offer to “lease” him an easement for a set number of years for the price of $1 per year (to make it legally binding) and that failure to pay $1 does not negate the lease. Be sure to included the conditions of use, i.e., that he can use it to access the property to hunt, but that if he wants to build a permanent house or otherwise subdivide the land, that the lease will terminate and he will need to relocate his driveway onto his own land.

  5. Ms Lily, I have also been following the CV vaccine and everything that is in it; I read every article I can find and follow links to various scientific studies each day. Just on the aborted baby stem cells, cancer causing cells and that ‘marker’ that can attach to one’s DNA that is reportedly in it, let alone the mercury, I won’t take any vaccine. I don’t know if it is the actual mark of the beast, or as others say, a precursor or predictive programming. I’ve spent many hours in prayer and scripture study to stay close to the Lord.

    This week my favorite mid-size doe presented me with 7 kits of various colors. She is the friendliest rabbit we’ve had on the farm next to the Giant Flemish doe. Started incubating ornamental silkie eggs and will add RIR eggs in a few weeks. Expecting an order from the hatchery on 3 March. All of these chicks will be sold later in the spring.

    Made a bunch of calls looking for several tractor maintenance parts but ended up having to order them from the vendors online. Still looking for a part for the ATV. Before SB announced Titan as a new advertiser I had previously ordered a new implement which was on sale at Titan Attachments. Their service dept is really helpful when it comes to getting the right parts and when putting the implements together for attaching to the tractor. It just makes farm life a little easier. For those of you needing farm implements I recommend Titan. Get on their mailing list (Palletforks.com) to receive notices of specials.

    I don’t know whether it was the Chinese or the Globalist manipulating the weather and causing this arctic blast but it has everyone stressed out; we haven’t seen these low of temps in over a decade. The wind chill is pushing negative temps in the mid-south this weekend. Pulled out all the dog coats and patched up some of the old ones so the big outdoor dogs are warm. The little dogs have their sweaters ready by the door for quick trips. I brought all the soon-to-deliver pregnant does in to the enclosed porch so there are cages stacked every where. Early in the week we checked all the outdoor cages and made sure the house-wrap was secure on them and no leaky areas. Staged extra bedding straw and pulled out the water heaters for the livestock and chickens. Put extra water bottles for the rabbits in buckets in the garage so we can just change out the frozen ones for the warm ones each day. God bless you brave souls in the frozen north country; I don’t know how ya’ll do it, day after day, all winter long.

    Praying the Lord will protect and comfort each of you.
    May your week be safe and productive.

  6. FWIW. I found this article very interesting. Could Resveratrol help? I have started taking it in pill form in order to have enough built up in my immune system in case of forced vaccinations, along with D3, C, Zinc, and a few others.

    Merle Nass MD, calls attention to the fact messenger RNA (or any RNA) can potentially be converted to DNA in the presence of the enzyme reverse transcriptase. That DNA could then become linked to your native DNA. There is the possibility of vaccine-RNA being converted to DNA and then permanently inserted into our DNA. (Resveratrol, a red wine molecule, by virtue of its ability to inhibit reverse transcriptase, could put a halt to this potential biogenetic hazard.)


      1. Amen to food being our medicine! If it didn’t come out of our garden, we are spending a little more $$ on farmers market or organic veges from private vendors. The mass food corporations are trying to make us weak so we get sick.

        1. I’m beginning to think that the very few supplements that I’ve taking are giving me issues. Not the vitamin itself, but the fillers in the vitamins. I think I have developed a sensitivity to them. Therefore, I am looking into all of the foods that have that nutrient to replace the nutrient and the milligrams that I have been taking. Once I find the foods I am eating a lot more of them. As an example, I want more zinc, magnesium, manganese, riboflavin. The RDA recommends 320 mg of Magnesium a day. I had been taking 500 mg but in a form of which I probably didn’t even absorb that amount. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds have high amounts of Magnesium, 160 mg per 1/4 cup and the other nutrients I’m looking to replace. Therefore, I am eating several handfuls of them each day. Plus Brazil nuts, a few wlanuts, pecans, almonds and cashews and all of the other foods with high levels of these nutrients. After, a month, I am feeling better, have gained some needed weight, and more happily for me, have gotten rid of my hot flashes. Women look up the term “seed cycling” a fascinating concept that has definitely worked for me. I only heard the terms for the first time this week. I am continuing my research on the specific nutrients that I personally need that I had been taking in supplement form. Food is our medicine. Our bodies are not lacking as much as we think if we would just eat healthy well balanced meals and snacks. We bought the lies that we needed more supplements. Fear plays such a big part what we see in advertising and in controlling our behavior. GRRR!

          1. Ms Lily, I agree with what you are saying about supplements. Over the years, thru trial and error, I’ve refined which supplements I use. Some are quite expensive thus my study of what veges provide which vitamins and minerals and the switch to organic veges.

            In my garden we have made special efforts over last few years to build up the soil using organic cover crops. This is to increase vitamin content in veges. It is a work in progress.

            Regarding hot flashes, my Dr said I could not take hormone relacements so he gave me large doses of vitamins E , CO Q10 and B complex. Work very well for me.

          2. Animal House,

            Would you like to write an article concerning with what and how you are building up your soil’s nutrient content? We would love to read about this.

            I like to put Epsom salts in my garden each year to add to it’s magnesium content. But there are many other ways I should be building it up, too, other than the usual cow and chicken manure…

          3. By the way there is a link between the vitamin fillers known as Magnesium stearate, vegetable stearate, PEG/polyethylene glycol with stomach absorption issues. These oils may coat the lining of the stomach walls and interfere with nutrient absorption. Also in another article, I read that people who develop a sensitivity to polyethylene glycol are more prone to anaphylactic reactions from the Covid vaccine, which has the polyethylene glycol in it…

            Could it be that all folks who take vitamins in tablet form which have the PEG, most of them do, have been primed to have allergic reactions to the vaccine? Or are purposely being harmed by the supplements themselves…

            These are my questions after hearing some things and doing my own research and noticing improvement in my own body’s symptoms after stopping the ingestion of them…

            Seriously, this needs to be researched more thoroughly…

          4. Ms Lily, I am not an expert in soil enhancement I’m just a bungling novice. I think there are several others on the blog who are much more knowledgeable than I.

          5. Ms Lily,
            I have been adding soil amendments and micro-nutrients annually for 4 years now with great success. I created a cheat sheet to follow each year from notes derived from a great chapter on this subject in the book “The MiniFarming Guide to Composting” by Brett L. Markham. In addition, a chapter on the benefits of BioChar is also helpful. I have a small garden in Arizona and am NOT an expert… each year my veggies are tastier and more abundant. Food for thought!

          6. BlazeATrail makes a good point about soil amendments and micronutrients — with regard to both health supports and the flavors that come through good home garden produce too!

          7. Many vitamins and minerals “cancel each other out” if you try to take too much of one, and not the complimentary vitamin. For example, zinc is important for your immune system, but if you take too much of it by itself, it molecularly binds (like a puzzle) to the magnesium in your body and will cause you to become deficient in magnesium. The same problem occurs with Vitamin B12 and the massive amounts of artificial folic acid they put into all commercial flour products … B12 is abundant, but folic acid cancels it out. The same thing happens with Omega-3 fatty acids (fish, flax) and Omega-6 (seed oils, red meat). They cancel each other out (so if you take an Omega 3/6/9 supplement, it might be worse than taking nothing at all).

          8. This is very interesting, Anna.

            This just made me mad again at the amount of fiddling the Powers That Be do with our foods. Lately, I have been finding out a lot of information concerning additives to our foods and supplements, plus some other environmental manipulation that has occurred that is angering me, somewhat. Thank You for sharing this information with us. I’m done with supplements. Nuts will be my main supplements along with other healthy foods that I can grow or buy, organic.

            So a quick question. So then, we should not eat red meat at the same time we eat salmon? Or are natural foods different from taking a supplement with both?

          9. @Avalanche Lily – if you eat GRASS FED meat and dairy, the amount of Omega-6 isn’t that bad and you don’t need to worry about it all that much as long as you don’t over-consume. The BIGGEST culprit is all of the Omega-6 seed oils that we use in modern food. Stick to olive oil and, if you have too cook something light-tasting such as a cake, safflower (not sunflower) oil.

            Eat wild salmon, not farm-raised. Also, a lot of oily fish such as smelts, mackerel, tuna, anchovies, herring, wild trout and eel are good, but you have to research which ones are high in mercury and limit their intake.

            Omega-3 deficiency exhibits as “short” nerves, difficulty concentrating, and anger. Without Omega-3 (and enough B-12 to transport it to the brain), your brain is like a bunch of electrical wires with the myelin sheath stripped off, arcing and burning one another. My son had neurological issues and, after all kinds of medication which made him worse, we found a doctor who said “avoid artificial folic acid, take a teaspoon of fish oil every day” and after about 6 months, his symptoms began to subside.

            Scientists keep arguing about the “magic ratio” of Omega-3 to Omega-6 and, so far, there isn’t a clear answer. But if you eat grass-fed meat and avoid “fake” mass produced seed oils, that’s 9/10ths of the battle.

          10. Anna,

            I only eat and cook with Olive oil and the cream/oil in coconut milk. I am eating lots of nuts, seeds, pumpkin and sunflower, and lots of regular healthy natural meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. At this time, I eat only oatmeal for grain foods and nothing processed except the, coconut milk.

            After more research today, I discovered that not only do I have an issue with vitamin fillers such as the stearates and PEG, I probably also have an issue with high doses of Vitamin D 5000 to 8000 a day, heart ectopics. Since stopping them all two weeks ago, and the D3 just two days ago, the ectopics are down to almost nothing! They were running every other beat for hours, sometimes! More time will bear this discovery out. I’m looking into Magnesium soaks and sprays to replace taking Magnesium orally. And the D3, I take in an oil. I’m not sure what I will do for that at this time… Maybe take only a 1000 and see if I react to that. I need more sun! Hah! There isn’t much up here in the north this time of the year.

          11. @Avalanche Lily – sunlight is God’s ultimate medicine! You can sit out in four feet of snow, with one of those silver reflective discs, in -15 degree weather 🙂 Erm…. on second thought … maybe it’s time to build a greenhouse with the kind of glass that doesn’t filter out all the good rays?

      2. Avalanche Lily… This is such a good point. I definitely support the use of good quality supplements, but recognize that foods provide the critical co-factors that help to make these more bioavailable and more effective in their work within us. All the more reason to grow as much of our own food as possible, and to do so in nutrient rich soil!

  7. Dear Readers,

    Who may be commenting WITHOUT even listening to or reading these posted articles…

    Please, do the research. Do not be ignorant the true information of what this ‘vaccine” is, that is available to understand what this is. Please listen to the people talking about the mRNA in the vaccine that will reprogram your mRNA sequence. It will make you more sensitive to the next viruses that come along which has the potential to kill you. “They” are introducing substances into one’s body that can cause autoimmune disease. A slow way, but not so slow over the next two to three years, of depopulation.

    Also to all who are questioning whether the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast… There are other components in the vaccine that will have the ability to track you with Wifi for the rest of your life. You will be made part human part machine/technology. AND “They” want everyone to comply and IF YOU don’t comply, you cannot participate in society. That is very reminiscent of the Mark of the Beast.

    We are facing absolute evil of which our complacent countryman cannot even fathom. We are so immersed in normality biases that our leadership and medical system, our doctors, care for us and will keep us safe, has our best interests in mind at heart, would never be so evil as to think of killing us, or absolutely controlling us…

      1. Just watched the Austin video; she did an clear explanation of how the entire global system is going to work, if we don’t stop it. Thanks for posting the link. I’m sending it to all my family and friends.

      2. I took the liberty of researching who Catherine Austin Fitts was after watching that video and she’s the former director of HUD under George H.W. Bush (Sr.) who took the pentagon to task for laundering vast amounts of taxpayer money and forced them into an audit. When she says “the globalists are using riots to pick up property cheap so they can get this tax break and then redevelop the property for that pet project” she knows EXACTLY what she is talking about because she used to run those kinds of programs.

        1. Good job! Yes, I think she’s legit. I don’t usually post conspiracy theory stuff.

          They never found the money either. Our government has disappeared trillions of dollars.

  8. We have had a busy week, despite down right frigid temps in northern ontario.

    This week our family congress enacted a bipartisan spending bill which released all kinds of prepping stimulus. As a result (after years of waiting) finally pulled the trigger on a used gen 2 night vision monocular. It was hardly used and has been fun to play with. Here in Canada night vision while available and legal… is far more rare and 50%+ more expensive then what you guys pay in the US.

    We also bought 4 used 250 watt solar panels that we will be using to piece together a new 24 volt system. Our small 12v system will be used for barn lighting and running our solar fencer.

    The most exciting update is we have started the process in possibly adopting our adopted sons younger (3yr old) sister. There is some concern about the process and our conservative Christian values which almost prevented us from adopting our son (one social service manager said that if it was up to her no child would ever be placed in our home). We are praying for favor and that God might even use Covid to hide certain things that might otherwise come to light. Regardless, we feel a bit like Frodo and Sam starting out on their trek into Mordor.

    1. LOL,

      “This week our family congress enacted a bipartisan spending bill which released all kinds of prepping stimulus.” 😉

      May the Lord God open doors and speed up the process to bring that little girl home to you and her brother!

  9. Just curious…

    How do we know the above hasn’t already been accomplished through the annual influenza vaccine that most of us have taken every year for decades?

    1. I have never been vaccinated for the flu, but I think this is the first time mRNA technology has been available or at least openly discussed. Because the testing never ends!!!

      1. “They” have to tell you what “they” are going to do. It’s “their” form of “prophecy” of being “God” who tells the future, hence “Predictive Programming” in our movies, TV series, cartoons, etc. Telling the Evil that they are going to do is also a form of redemption for “them”, because if “they” tell you of the evil that they are going to do before hand, the populace has been duly warned, therefore, they are not guilty of doing any of those things to you! It’s a very twisted “theology”. Who is the master of “twisting”, “turning things upside down”, calling evil good and good evil?

        1. I agree Lily. Something in their code of conduct – they have to tell you what they’re going to do before they do it. Pretty Satanic if you ask me. Most of that is done through Hollywood, and symbolism (read marketing). When you study the symbolism, you start seeing it everywhere.

      2. Yes it is the first time- so the question I have is the concept is that the RNA tells your body to produce a certain protein that mimics the Covid protein- when does it tell your body to stop producing it- in other words could this lead to an autoimmune type “syndrome”? The problem with rushing the RNA vaccine is their is no long term studies. The studies done looked for short term immediate “side affects” adverse reactions. I’m not an anti vaxer- but I am NOT going to take an RNA vaccine- Johnson and Johnson is not An RNA – will do a little more on it as info becomes more available.

        1. I plan to wait as long as possible, until I’m forced to take a ‘COVID-19’ vaccination. … Some rats will NOT start right away, to eat a new food source. Some rats watch the other rats, to see if it’s safe.
          Many people have contract the COVID and survived. Donald Trump survived COVID at 74 years of age. He required hospitalization and drug therapies. … People much older than Trump have survived COVID. … Most people contract COVID-19, and don’t know it.
          …… There may be ‘new’ strains of COVID-19 developing. Does the vaccination offer any protection from the ‘new’ types of COVID?

          Here’s an email from the Governor of Florida reprinted on Breitbart site. =

          CDC recently updated estimated infection fatality rates for COVID. Here are the updated survival rates by age group:

          0-19: 99.997%
          20-49: 99.98%
          50-69: 99.5%
          70+: 94.6%
          [Ron DeSantis ~ Governor of Florida]
          (GGHD) I’m old. COVID-19 can fatally affect old people. +The co-morbidities (severe health problems) of other ailments, along with COVID-19, can lead to death in both younger and older people.

          This information seems to be true:
          COVID-19 was ‘accidentally’ released by a CHINA biological Weapons laboratory.
          COVID-19 was used to facilitate the theft of the 2020 election.
          COVID-19 vaccinations might NOT be effective in preventing COVID ailments in people.
          NEW strains of COVID-19 are being reported.
          COVID-19 vaccinations might cause long-term health problems in people, ~immediate health problems, plus some people seem to die unexpectedly after receiving a COVID vaccination.

          Life is a gamble. People have to know their own circumstances before voluntarily receiving the vaccination.
          As I said, I’m old. I can avoid crowds of people, because I’m retired. [I go shopping. I live where masks are required. Wearing a mask for hours can cause health problems too.]

          The seasonal flu can be extremely dangerous and fatal. I take a yearly flu shot. There’s a statistical record of flu shots being relatively safe. Though a flu shot might NOT work, and can sometimes cause health problems. … Life itself is gamble; the time of death is known by God with certainty.

          1. The survivability has been my question all along. Until someone can tell me WHY I have to vaccinated against something I have a 99.5% chance of surviving, I’m not doing it. If everyone started asking their friends, relatives, doctors, etc, that very same question, maybe we could stop the madness! Again, with the survivability rates what they are, WHY??? (Control)

          2. My sister-in-law who is 55, overweight, has diabetes, and 11% kidney function and is on home dialysis got COVID-19 and recovered without issues and no hospitalization. Her mother, who lives with her and my brother, is in her 90s and has dementia and also got it and recovered at home. My brother who is 50 and overweight got it too and recovered quickly at home. They all lost their sense of taste and smell for a little while.

            Based on the above, and the evidence that this is an engineered virus that may ‘target’ certain people, there is no reason to get this gene therapy injection. This virus is very survivable for the majority of the population. It is no where near the horror of the Spanish flu that killed young people. Smallpox is more deadly than COVID-19. I believe this virus is being used as a test run for the release of a deadly weaponized virus (such as ebola or smallpox) and those who have this COVID-19 fake vaccination may be more vulnerable to the next released virus.

            Finally, DNA manipulation and RNA manipulation in living organisms is messing in God’s domain. The rebellion of the sons of God who left heaven for the daughters of men in Genesis 6 is warning enough for me to not be involved with artificial genetic manipulation.

        2. mRNA is a very fragile substance. It lasts in your body for at most a few days. After that your body ceases making the protein the particular mRNA triggers your body to produce.

          This fragility is why the mRNA versions of the vaccine have to be stored at very low temperatures.

          I do not feel the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast nor do I think it alters your DNA. No microchips either. I do have concerns about the mRNA potentially causing autoimmune issues. A normal vaccine injects an external substance into you body and your body learns to attack it. The mRNA vaccine tricks your body into producing a faccimile of the virus and then your body learns to attack something your body produced. I have concerns about that. What if there is something about the faccimile that is too similar to other proteins in your body?

          It is for this reason I will be avoiding the vaccine for quite a while.

          For the vaccine to become mandatory for any purpose in the US it has to transition from Emergency Authorization to full FDA approval. I doubt this will happen any time soon but who knows?

          At some point I may seek the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as it is a traditional vaccine but I will wait for a while on that as well.

          1. The Mark of the Beast is most likely not a microchip, but nanoparticles that are injected into your body either through the test swab or the vaccine itself that have the ability to interact with Wifi. Research it.

          2. JBH… Good thoughts, and a few follow-ups!

            From your post: “I do have concerns about the mRNA potentially causing autoimmune issues.”

            >>> AGREED. 100%. This is also among my own concerns.

            From your post: “The mRNA vaccine tricks your body into producing a faccimile of the virus and then your body learns to attack something your body produced. I have concerns about that. What if there is something about the faccimile that is too similar to other proteins in your body?”

            >>> AGREED. 100%. Well said, and a great way to describe one of the potential problems.

            Hope you’ll also spot another post I made among these discussions about long-acting antibodies as an option in addition to other ideas. This is a good and important conversation to have within the SB community where a full range of voices can be heard, thoughts can be exchanged, and each person can come to his or her own conclusions.

      3. mRNA vaccines were first widely used to combat against Ebola, which has an 88% fatality rate. They have always been considered experimental and need about 10 more years of longitudinal safety studies before anybody should consider taking one for anything except the most dire, life-threatening circumstances (such as “gene therapy” after chemotherapy has failed). One doesn’t need to worry about the “mark of the beast” to see that rewriting your DNA for a virus with a 99.96% survival rate is probably a bad idea.

        1. The vaccine itself, if it doesn’t contain nanoparticles that interact with the WIFI, is not the Mark of the Beast. But the fact of the Powers that Be who demand that you take it and provide proof in the form of an embedded into your body, Bio certificate, in order to travel, go to restaurants, go to school, eventually go to grocery stores, does remind us of the Mark Of the Beast.

          1. Their refusal to thoroughly research the syncretin-1 antibody formation issue (attacks the placenta of a developing fetus) makes me believe they are up to NOTHING GOOD!!! Too many of them have been publicly salivating about population control and bemoaning all the “useless eaters” (i.e., we the people) that only a fool would ignore it. Call it what you will … mark of the beast … or greedy evil people … it is NOT good.

    2. I’ve never taken a flu vaccine. Ever. I wasn’t an anti-vxxer, I just researched the efficacy of the annual vaccines and decided my body needed to fix itself with nutrient dense whole foods, or God would take me home. It was simple to me. But then again, I don’t think I’ve had pneumonia but maybe once in my life, if that. People who are subject to contracting pneumonia may have a different opinion.

      When I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago the pressure to get the flu vaccine increased. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in a doctor’s office and said “no thank you, oh no thank you, no thank you” over and over to “we want you to take the flu vaccine”. Before Covid, my doctor finally said, “Well, it’s your healthcare!!” And I said, kindly, “Yes it is” (no point in being snarky). I did copious research on cancer treatment options and I chose the treatment I thought would do the least amount of damage while giving me a fighting chance for the type of Lymphoma I have. It was very effective and I have not needed treatment in about 3 years. I had read through piles of scientific studies for almost a year before I decided to get treatment, also getting very sick and weak in the process of waiting – but I don’t regret it.

      The bottom line is: I get to choose. That’s what the globalists are trying to beat out of Americans – choice. I get to choose the how/what/where/when/why of my life. Not the government, not the globalists, etc. When that choice is finally taken away from us by force, I pray the Lord returns.
      My twenty-two cents.

      1. Amen! Very powerful statement SaraSue!

        My body, my choice. Not the collectives choice for me.

        When I am strong and healthy, I am a blessing to others, not a vector.

        1. I am all about RIGHT TO TRY.

          …and I find it especially curious that “my body, my choice” does not seem to extend to everything from therapies related to decisions regarding vaccines, alt-therapies for COVID, cancer, and a whole host of other health concerns.

      2. AMEN SaraSue! I completely agree with your comment about “choice” and I fired my last Doctor who was insisting on a course of action and refused my choice. This was after I had clearly explained how I envisioned the Doctor’s role from the very first visit. The Doc provides the testing and diagnosis then explain options and I choose the course of treatment (after consulting the internet).
        Our bodies, our lives and our decisions…for now anyway, but our freedoms are being eroded daily.
        May God Bless

        1. I just hate that stress! I “fired” my first cancer doctor. She told me to go home and eat spinach for my anemia. I’d never been anemic in my life and always had a high iron count. So I went to UCSF for another opinion, and then went to Stanford for the best doctor who had studied the type of Lymphoma I thought it was (it’s rare), through my research, even though I’m not a doctor, I can still read lab reports and research my little heart out. Being really sick and having to go to 3 cancer doctors was mind blowing stress. I think the first doctor was incapable (and she was mean and rude to boot). The second doctor wanted to know how in the world I got an appointment with Mr. GodEmperorHimself. To which I told him I researched and read his papers and thought he was the best in his field, so I asked for an appointment. LOL. The third doctor was the kindest, sweetest, most thorough, capable doctor I’ve ever had. Although, Stanford is a “teaching hospital”, so you are subjected to “great doctors in training”, some of which also have a GodEmperor complex. LOL. One in particular took the time to inform me that while she had her M.D. (she must’ve been all of 12 yrs old), she was a “Research Fellow”. Then, she preceded to diagnose me with something that had already been ruled out, and documented (if she had read my chart), all the while using dramatic pauses and pacing as if she was working through a difficult math problem. I corrected her here and there and she kept going. HAHAHAHAHAHA. At the time, I was frustrated to tears, but now I think it’s funny. The work in finding the right doctor was worth it. Glad you are sticking to your guns!! I don’t get angry any more with the doctors, but I kindly, softly, stick to my guns.

          1. SaraSue! I understand and empathize… I have suffered this kind of search for members of my family, and for myself. There are moments when I can laugh, but mostly I just shake my head because too often doctors miss the mark in ways that are costly to patients — sometimes irreversibly so.

  10. Another slow week on the homestead. It’s nice to have a rest and do a lot of reading and writing.

    It’s been a major geezer freezer this week and we’re headed for more single digit temps over the next three days. This means my fig tree will die clear back to the ground and have a small crop this year. Last year the low was 7°, for one night only, and the tree had a nice crop. I generally burn more firewood in February than I burn November – January so it’s sad to see the woodpile go down so much in one month.

    There’s a little snow on the ground but everything is frozen solid. I’ve been putting extra bird seed out so they don’t have to get their little hammers and chisels out to chip some eats out of the ice. The feeder has waiting lines and most are hanging out in the peach tree closest to the back deck. This explains why that tree is so much bigger than all the rest that were planted at the same time. All that avian fertilizer does a good job. The poor little wrens are so desperate for food they were even eating some of the milo seeds the bird mix. They normally eat spiders and insects. I haven’t seen wrens at the feeder before. I put out some bread and cornbread crumbs and they liked those a whole lot more. I’ll try putting out some peanut butter and see how they like that. I’ll check with Mountain House to see if they sell freeze-dried spiders and insects.

    I made bread using the rest of the buckwheat flour from this past year’s crop and it was pretty good. This week I’ll try some ground up amaranthus I grew and and some lambsquarter seed I have two quarts of. Amaranth is one of the highest protein grains, even higher than quinoa. I also have a quart of celosia seeds which I always have lots of volunteers of in the garden, so I’ve ground some up try in bread as well. It looks just like ground pepper. It’s a very pretty flower, produces a ton of seed, and is also a kind of amaranth so it should be very high in protein.

    I made the cinnamon rolls that Anonymous posted last week. It made a lot larger rolls than my old recipe. I’ve started attending CRA (Cinnamon Rolls Anonymous) because I ended up eating them all in 20 hours. I did figure out a way to make them last twice as long: I’ll make a double batch next time.

    I wrapped an old sleeping bag around my weakest beehive just as extra insurance the girls will make it through the winter. I generally don’t insulate the hives and they all do just fine but with such low temps expected this week, I though it would be better to be safe than sorry. If it ever warms up again I’ll take a peek inside all the hives and see how everyone is doing. They were making bathroom flights a few weeks ago when it warmed up for a few days. They must have one heck of good bladder and super sphincters to be able to hold it that long.

    Everyone have a great week and stay warm!

    1. I wonder if birds would have problems with peanut butter like my dog did, schlupping it off the roof of his mouth. I wish I had the bladder control that bees have. Praying that your LOMR gets better.

      1. Hey Galt, CRA meetings are at the firehouse at 7:00 on Tuesdays. Those of who are hopeless cases sneak over to the diner for coffee and cinnamon rolls after the meeting.

    2. I know the feeling on that firewood, SF. This is our second year with our wood stove, and we’re burning now more than we have throughout fall and the rest of winter. Seeing the first pile disappear, the second quickly dwindling, and knowing there’s only one more is a bit disconcerting. But spring is just around the corner!

      I have what appears to be amaranth growing wild here during the summer. I’ve considered trying to harvest some of it and give it a try. Maybe this year,

      1. Hey Francis Marion, there are definitely some wild amaranth plants. Red root pigweed is probably the most well know to gardeners. I think it’s worth a try and I think I’ll do like you say and try harvesting some this year. The ones around here never get huge but neither do the lambs quarters. When I selected some lambs quarter and put it in the garden to get some water, the plants got over 6′ tall. maybe pigweed and some of the other wild amaranths will get taller too. Lambsquarter makes a ton of seed so I’m hoping the bread turns out well. It’s in the same group as quinoa and close to he same amount of protein. I also had what I thought was Johnson grass but when the seeds came on it wasn’t. I’ve fought it in western states and it’s difficult to get rid of. It’s actually a type of sorghum (Sorghum halepense) and the seeds are large and edible. I’m hoping to find some in my wanderings this year so I can try it out.

        Good luck with your amaranth this year. It actually has a very soft seed and when cooked with rice turns to mush, but the protein is still there. It has lots of other uses as well and I think will be better in bread than in rice.

    3. ~Amaranth has an easy to read article on Wikipedia. If people want a ‘stealth’ plant on their property, that’s very beneficial and edible, Amaranth might suitable. The red flowers would put off many scroungers. Grown originally in Mexico as a native food.

      Celosia known in Nigeria as the “make husbands fat and happy” plant, would also make a could stealth food plant. Wikipedia also has information on Celosia, that’s easy to read. Common varieties have red flowers too. This plant is grown around the world.

      Great comment. We might be entering dire times at the moment. It might be wise to plant some ‘stealth’ plants in the garden, that are nutritious and edible. The scroungers might not recognize certain food plants. …. The pictures of the flowers lead to possibilities of planting the food plants as ‘flowering plants’ in the front garden. … Great comment, St. Funogas, leading to good possibilities for the readers of SurvivalBlog.

      1. “We might be entering dire times at the moment. It might be wise to plant some ‘stealth’ plants in the garden, that are nutritious and edible.”

        Hey GGHD, I think you are right on that comment. I’ve been researching edible insects for the same reasons. When the roving hordes show up all I have to do is offer them some fried tomato hornworms and they’ll be running and puking so fast they won’t have time to check my root cellar for buckets of beans and rice.

        I like the name “stealth plants,” it’s a great idea. There are lots of roadsides and right-of-ways where we could plant some stealth plants if the SHTF.

        Another one I need to research is mullein. It makes a ton of seeds and for the most part they don’t fall out until harvested. That’s a perfect one for planting in weedy places.

        1. Good idea, St. Funogas to plant atypical ‘food’ plants in various spots.

          Mullein is enjoyed by the game bird ~ Doves. Hunters look for Mullein when hunting Doves. Mullein ‘seeds’ in the fall.
          …….. People enjoy seeing the wild animals, food plants draw the animals. The call of the Mourning Dove is part of the bucolic country life.

          “Common mullein is a widespread, easy-to-identify plant in all seasons, and is commonly found on disturbed soils. It has tall stalk grows up straight, up to seven feet tall surrounded at the base by a rosette of velvety gray-green leaves.
          ……. If you just find the rosette of leaves, this indicates where next summer’s stalk and flowers will bloom, as mullein is a biennial and does not flower or go to seed until the second year.” [wildfoods4wildlife(dot)com pictures at site.]

  11. Quick question for all you experienced people. (I’ll come back with a weekly update later. I hope.)

    How do you know when it is time to replace Berkey filters?


    1. Bear,

      You do realize that you can gently brush the filters with a toothbrush under gently running water, to clean it… When too much of the filter wears away over time, then one needs to replace it.

    2. You’re supposed to pull them out and use the rubber “gasket” that came with them to back-flush the filters periodically. Of course, I always get a face-full of water, so this is best done outdoors with the garden hose 🙂

  12. My wife and I are convinced that she had the China virus last year before they were testing. Her doctor told her she had a virus but he didn’t know what kind. She has had some of the documented long term effects and a couple that aren’t such as arm weakness and the inability to lift them over her head. She refers to them as her T Rex arms. We both agree that we’re not taking the ‘vaccine’ but we have many Christian friends that are eager to do so and are disappointed it’s taking so long to get their shot. Trying to talk to them has proven to be futile. What disturbs me the most is that our church staff have elected to not discuss the ‘vaccine’ period. No discussion how this may even reflect any similarity to scriptures. While this concerns me I see it as an extension of the pattern the modern Christian church has adopted of avoiding controversy and becoming a generic brand. I’ve really struggled with leaving our church but I keep seeing the signs that it’s time to find a group of believers who aren’t simply doing what they’ve always done without questioning or discerning the world around us.

    1. The remnant is small and will be very persecuted in the days to come! Very few are they that find the narrow way. Count the cost!

      If the mRNA changes your DNA, you are no longer God’s original creation. He MAY very well say that he never knew those who take that vaccine and change their DNA makeup. There are scriptures in which God says do not mingle the seed with other seeds…. DNA is our seed. Our DNA is not to be mixed with another!

      1. This was fully explained in a 7-part video series (so far), by Dave Hodges’ featured guest, Celeste Solum, via The Common Sense Show’s pay-for-play TV forum ( watch.thecommonsenseshow.tv ).

        Much of the information provided mirrored the entirety of your second paragraph, Miss Lilly.

    2. Hello Mike! Is it possible your wife suffered (or suffers) from a condition called “frozen shoulder”? I am wondering because she is having difficulty lifting her arms above her head.

      Also a safety note on COVID. Protect your eyes. An individual we know probably contracted the bug through viral contact with the surface of one or both eyes. This person was always wearing a mask and surrounded by others wearing masks. Of course we know that how much protection depends on the mask materials and proper use. But I digress… In this case, the individual was lab tested and definitely positive for COVID. The infection was severe in the eyes, and made a quick run for the brain. This person is still suffering from memory deficits and foggy thinking processes. There was no pneumonia — another sign in my view that the access point was the mucosal surface of the eyes.

      Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

  13. The Hunger Games… The story is entirely disturbing, but one every one should know because the danger described in the story is also very real. In fact, I have been thinking a whole lot about this, and there are a couple of important news stories in addition to another important and educational reference that put these concerns into contemporary perspective. It’s good that Avalanche Lily raised this as both an experience and a topic, and shared it with all of us.

    1984 also comes to mind for many reasons, and certainly among those is the reference to “Four Fingers” — and alternatively in the stories of Star Trek to “Four Lights”. Orwell used this allegory to address both Communists and Nazis.

    Insights are posted at the site below on this subject, and I hope everyone will be actively aware and watchful. The threat does not simply exist in stories. It is unfolding around us.

    From a post within the link below: “The torture scene in this episode is nearly verbatim from Nineteen Eighty-Four’s “2 + 2 = 5″. In the novel, the slogan is a primary example of doublethink, the ability of the totalitarian ruling party to exert such control they can even make people admit obvious falsehoods.”

    The objective is to control the perception and interpretation of reality itself. Once accomplished, those who govern the experience of such a controlled reality truly control the people — and can cause people to do just about anything, and maybe anything.

    From a post within the link below: “Once that level of control is reached – when you can convince someone that your statements have primacy over their mental processes – you can make them do anything.”


    Next take a look at contemporary news reporting… Do these reports sound at all familiar within the context of stories like 1984 which lead to conditions that give rise to what is described in stories like The Hunger Games?

    In the following report from The National Pulse with Raheem Kasssam: “Episode 10: ‪Ted Lieu Admits The Truth About Phony Impeachment Feat. Ben Harris-Quinney”


    This story is also covered at America’s Voice with Steve Bannon: “Ted Lieu said the quiet part out loud…”


    This is not the only example of an attempt to control reality or to cause people say things that are simply not true — and to believe those untruths — but it is certainly a bold move, and no doubt an attempt to try to separate supporters of President Trump from him, and from the populist movement he clearly represents (one that exists in opposition to the control sought by global elitists).

    Before concluding that it’s possible to exist in the shadows, allowing the march of tyrants to continue forward, be sure to read 1984 through to the end.

    The good news is that peaceful protests can produce powerful and positive results. Use the power of your political voice to expose those who are trying to turn lies into truth, and to support those who are speaking up to make the truth known to all.

    1. 2+2=5. Reminds me of common core math. It’s not the answer that is correct it is the process you use that is correct. I’ve read many stories of students having the correct answer but was marked wrong because because they didn’t use the prescribed process or did not write the answer right. In one case, the answer was 37, the correct answer was 37 stick figures and this was fifth grade. Common core English was no get with at least 50% of reading material was supposed to be technical manuals. I couldn’t read the manual to program my vcr without falling asleep and I certainly didn’t learn anything. It was all about brainwashing and control.

      1. Yes. We actually know someone whose son had this very experience with common core math and long division. He brought his homework home and his mother, who understood long division from the classical math teachings of the past, helped him complete the long division correctly. But! He had not used the prescribed method, and his answers — although mathematically correct — were marked wrong.

        This is about mind control. It has absolutely nothing to do with education.

    2. There’s an old book, “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” by Jerry Mander which explains the brain processes behind how advertisers and propagandists bypass the executive function of your brain to subliminally implant the desired message. Although Mander is a lefty-globalist, in that book, he explains how the propagandists (advertisers) slip it past you. When I later took neuropsychology and social psychology in college, I discovered that everything Mander claimed was true. Mander EXPLAINED it, however, in an interesting and “this effects you this way” format. My neuropsch textbooks were anything but readable.

  14. Coldest night this week was -2 degrees F. Tons of snow, and more falling as I write. Very few sunny days this winter compared to last. While I try to not use electricity except when necessary, I’ve found turning all the bright lights on in the area I’m working in really helps my mood. I definitely love sunshine and it seems like this winter has been exceptionally gray. I keep a cast iron kettle on the wood stove with water and a cinnamon stick in it simmering for 2 reasons: adding moisture to the air, and a pleasant smell.

    The German Shepherd “puppies” – oh boy… 6.5 and 7.5 months old now. HUGE! Still chewing chewing chewing so I’ve cut up some old ripped blankets and sweatshirts, tied them up around chew toys, braided them, and created all kinds of race tracks and games to keep them busy. They love running around the deck in the snow. They’ve learned so much and do pretty good most of the time. **** Very active **** LOL. Still glad I got two because they can spend hours entertaining one another. They are a ton of work. This week I noted that the food aggression problem has been solved, as well as learning to not bite, jump on, bark at, humans who are friendly. Neither has soiled their crates at night for about 3 months, and having an accident in the house is rare now rather than par for the course. I finally found someone who will install pet friendly flooring for me at a reasonable price. Whew!

    The only other “prepping” thing I worked on is sprouting. I think I got a bad batch of seeds OR they have a shelf life. I’ve had the seeds for a good year now. I’ll try again, and if that batch fails, I’ll assume the seeds are dead, and try to sprout from a new batch I purchased.

    1. Quick update on the sprouting seeds. The package states they are good through 2024 and I bought them in 2020. Then I decided to read the instructions. LOL!! I wasn’t doing it right. You are supposed to soak the seeds for the first 8-12 hours. I’m using a mason jar with a mesh stainless steel lid. After that, you pour off the water, rinse them well, but don’t leave them submerged in the water (my mistake). Rinse them daily for several days, gently with 60-70 degree water. If your water is chlorinated, use filtered water. Apparently, the seeds need oxygen! Hello!! They need to be damp, but not submerged in water. I’ll try again this week and let y’all know. DOH!

      Why sprouting? I was trying to find a way that I could use food storage (sprouting seeds) to provide fresh “vegetables” during the winter. The mix I have is: Broccoli, Clover, Radish, and Alfalfa seeds. I can add them to stir fry, sandwiches, soups, anything really. If you buy them fresh in the store (and by then they’re not really fresh), they’re crazy expensive by the ounce.

      1. LOL,

        My problem with sprouting is two-fold. Our kitchen is part of the Great Room of our house where our wonderful but overly warm woodstove is located thus overheating and quickly drying out the seeds. The second part of the problem, is that I put the seeds in the cupboard under the sink for the first few days, and keep forgetting about them…So they don’t get rinsed often enough and dry out too much and die. Shaking my head in shame. 😉

        1. Ahhhhhh, yes. My kitchen is also part of the Great Room, but my cabin is drafty!! Even with the wood stove going, I struggle to keep the house above 65 degrees in the winter (without using electric heat). If money were no object, I’d replace the doors and windows, insulate the basement ceiling/great room floor, and find all the drafty cracks! 3 sides of my great room are “view windows” – great for views, lousy for cold winters. I could definitely turn on the electric heat ($$) and wander around bare foot and in shorts, but I’m trying to train myself to make do, and toughen up a little. Although Miami beach sounds mighty fine right about now. Who is it among us who acclimated to 45 degrees??? BRRRRRRRR.

  15. Dear fellow readers,
    My heart was comforted last week by the knowledge that the Lords’ children were praying with me for my dad to live. Thank you to those that commented and lifted me up! If you missed the update, my mom recovered from her meltdown quickly, and is trusting that the Lord knows best, no matter how painful that may be.

    I took one of my sons to the airport and used that outing to search for some items at stores far away. Zero, is the number of canning jars found in the last two weeks. I did find bags of salt, after searching for five or six months. I bought 100 lbs of salt for only $12.72. What for, you ask? I have no idea. It has just been in the back of my mind and would not leave.

    Also picked up a couple 6 lb tubs of baking soda, 6 lbs mustard, sweet potatoes, onions, baby toiletries, hand soap, 9 boxes of zinc lozenges, canned soup and more.

    I spent quite a bit of time researching winter clearance sales online and buying quality clothes for the grandkids for next year.

    Finally got snow this week. A dusting of snow on Thursday, and six inches or more this morning. It is a dry snow, which is unusual here. It looks like God is sifting powdered sugar down on us. It is very beautiful. I confess, I am not content, as it will be gone tomorrow night, and then it will rain everyday for the coming week. I long to live where there are deep, snowy winters. All in good time, if the Lord wills.

    I watched quite a few old episodes of the, “Alone,” tv show on my laptop to glean from their experiences. It is very educational for me.

    Sending love to PJGT and Wormlady who are enduring trials.

    Also, if Montana Guy and David and Goliath read this, drop us a line and let us know if you are okay. You are missed.

    From one who is part of the remnant, blessings to each of you, Krissy

    1. Dear Krissy, Glad you are still posting and feeling better with all you have on your plate right now. Prayers for you and others who are struggling with family, health or job issues.

      1. Animal House, Your posts always make me smile. I love hearing about all that goes on on your farm. I think your rabbits are going to enjoy being cozy on the porch. With all that you do, and add in praying for others, you are one remarkable woman. Thank you for including my dad! Blessings, warmth and love to you, Krissy

    2. Dear Krissy,
      So glad to read your update and to learn that your mom is feeling better. May the Lord wrap you all in His loving embrace and provide a miracle! I’m continuing to join you in prayer, dear sister.

      1. KB, You bless me. You bless my mom and dad. A heartfelt thanks to you. It was amazing, a week ago, to literally see prayers answered through the peace that had enveloped my mom. You cried out to the Lord, and He answered. This is a kindness only the Lord can repay on my behalf. It makes me smile to think of Him blessing you beyond what you can imagine.

      1. SaraSue, Awww, the virtual hug of you and two furry friends. I love the updates on the ever-growing puppies. It always makes me smile. So happy for you that you received a doable floor bid! I appreciate your prayers and encouragement more than you know. Bless you! Krissy

    3. Thank you Krissy. By this time next week, I’ll be in the middle of the stem cell transplant finally.

      Keep the prayers coming. I’ll be back home in early April.

      Keep the faith,


      1. PJGT, Am still praying that you come through this without even smelling like smoke. smile. I envision Jesus holding you through this ordeal. May you glow like Moses from the nearness of God.

        Morning and Night, and in between, prayers are said for you, sister. Krissy

      2. Father, I ask you that you bring healing to your child PJGT, that you grant wisdom and skill to her doctors, strength to her body, and peace to her soul. In the name of Jesus I ask this. Amen.

      3. PJGT… You are in my prayers and those of my family. We will continue to lift you up to the Lord who hears us all and He will answer. We trust in Him, and know that He holds you in the gentle palms of His Hands. We look forward to news that you are doing well!

  16. Finally getting some snow accumulation here in our corner of the redoubt this should insure 100% of water delivery for the 2021 growing season. Had to put things on hold due to some hand surgery and now recovery (another 3 weeks of no hand use to repair of tendon) I did manage to secure 3 areas along the interstate from some patriots and will now construct some signage to get a voice out to the public as they drive by, all of the property owner are aware of the potential repercussions of this act and will protect the signage at all costs!
    RE: CCP virus, I have been keeping count of all persons i personally know who have gotten it, my wife and i included and that number is 50 to date, all have survived except 1, an 80 YO+ with COPD. My wife’s father was a doctor and he was always against flu shot’s (believed in herd immunity) and i don’t remember when i last had one perhaps 40+ years ago?
    A steady snow coming down must be 3+ inches this morning with 3 from yesterday gotta go plow the driveway company coming in from CA today

  17. The ‘vaccine’ is not medicine, it’s a computer operating system says Catherine Austin Fitts. This nano technology will reprogram our natural operating system to facilitate us in the new digital world. This explains why Bill Gates is promoting this evil. We are all just one medical emergency away from receiving this “Mark”.

  18. I am a grounds keeper at a state university. The university is operating as a county vaccination site and now has been taken over as a state vaccination site. They have a list of employees (voluntary for now) who want the vaccine and have received their first shot from the left over doses at the end of each day. Most of my coworkers have received their first dose, one of them had covid less than a month ago. I have been singled out at work as someone who refuses to get the covid vaccine. For now it is playful but give it a couple months I’m sure I will be talked to by management about my refusal. If need be I will gladly quit my job if they want to market themselves as a fully vaccinated operation. Same goes for the possibility of vaccination required for air travel; guess I’ll be driving. With the way things are going I don’t doubt we could soon see state line/city limit vaccination checkpoints.

    1. It is illegal to require the vaccine at this point as it is not FDA approved. It only has emergency authorization. Case in point. The military is vaccinating all members willing to be vaccinated but is not mandating it like they do with the flu and other vaccines. They cannot.

      1. JBH… You make a very good point about grounds for refusal that may protect employment — in addition, of course, to protecting people. Vaccines should be strictly voluntary.

  19. I live in this world but I am not of this world. I have a heavenly kingdom. I will love it for as my Lord sees fit. To live is Christ and to die is gain. I only hope to love my life in a way that glorifies God.

  20. I’m concerned about most of the issues discussed on “Prepping Progress”, however I’m no longer expending time on the currently available vaccines as I’ve decided to refuse them on moral and religious grounds, however when Johnson and Johnson comes out with theirs I will research it and make a decision at that time.
    Meanwhile, and this is important and where my focus will be is there is still a great deal of work and prepping to do and this is some of what we did this last week. On line orders were placed and most received, projects were accomplished during the weather breaks, and on these snowy days there is always reloading or other indoor projects. When we go in to town, we often stop at a special little thrift store and often find treasures. Profits go to support the local Senior Center keeping the money in the community. Last time we left with a new OTIS 5.56 cleaning kit and a NIB boating dry pouch out the door for $4 total. I tell of these treasures to encourage others to stop and shop these little places and help support part of the community while picking up treasures.
    A friend dropped off several 15-gallon plastic barrels and I cut off the tops with a jig saw and drilled holes in the bottom to provide large pots for herbs. The friend also brought some 55-gallon barrels which were cut in half and hog panels were ripped to 18” widths to form an metal arch over and between pairs of half barrels to allow for peas and beans to grow up and overhead on the panels. Easier for weed control and easier on the back.
    As always praying for a hedge of protection around the SB community.

    1. Red Rover and others in W WA:

      at Pacific Beach look for the ugly yellow building with the name Whacky’s on it. The front rooms are filled with old paperbacks and stuff, but the middle and back rooms are filled with Prepper/Sustainability heaven among the heaps of both brand new and used gear, tools, plumbing parts, garden tools, used clothing, new gardening tools, used chain saws, new racks of nails and screws, clamming and crabbing gear, etc., etc, etc.

      I scored a beautiful 4 gallon insulated hot beverage dispenser for $12. It’s 3 hours from my place so we only get there once or twice a year.

      Getting snow flurries here. Across our planet new records for snows and cold temperatures are being set.

      At the junk yard last fall I selected and packed a 30 gallon aquarium with all the fish tank related stuff I could find, got it all for $10. Right now I have two of the aquarium heaters in my stock tank Goldfish habitat. Ice is 3/4 inches on our reservoir and water containers.

      I took some old pieces of house wiring, wrapped them around the heaters a few times then shaped the wires over the edge of the stock tank so that the full glass part of the heater is submerged and vertical.

      I held the wrapped heater and wire assembly tight to the side of the stock tank and shaped the wrapped wires (not the plug in wire!!!) loose end over the top of the tank edge then up under the lip of the tank, shaping it so it fits up tight under the lip. These are the black tanks. I learned a sad lesson last year about galvanized tanks and water collection roofing poisoning fish and plants.

      Also from the junkyard, free shower doors. Placed over the top of the tanks now. Unused sacks of potting soil up against the tank sides insulate just a little.

      Have you ever seen upwelling? Sprinkle some fish flakes on the surface water. If they spread out, that is the upwelling of warmer water to the cooler surface. This applies to frozen lakes too, sometimes thinning out the ice where you think you can walk.

      Yesterday my oldest learned how to disassemble, thaw and replace a camper trailer frozen graywater drain. In the snow. Like my momma always responded to my complaints, “It builds Character.”

      Let it snow! We’re enjoying seeing snow out side and flickering light from our wood stove glass door in our main room. I just ordered more firewood, realizing we’ve used 4 cords since October.

      I’ve been praying as needs get posted here.

      I’ve become part of a small group that is actively seeking conservatives to run for office at all levels. We’re planning training sessions for a 90 minute orientation which was developed by a founder of the group.

      I just ordered all components for a GMRS mobile base system developed by our county CERT comms specialists. It’s designed for disasters rather than stealth. Volunteers went to 8,000 points in our area over two years doing comms checks to verify system coverage. The concept is for each team in our fire district to set one up where needed during disasters.

      We’re using Midland Micro Mobile MXT105 GMRS transceivers with RG8X cable, and an omni-directional antenna mounted on a 13 foot telescoping heavy duty base stand. Power from any 12 volt source or ANKER-type rechargeable battery packs.

      God Bless

      1. I was thinking about the air exchange (concept behind the “grow corn in a Walmart bag idea).

        Holes (a few) drilled into the sides might also be beneficial, although you’ll want to be sure the planting mix doesn’t dry out (will depend greatly on materials and other environmental factors).

        For those starting plants indoors or in a greenhouse, the buckets can be moved inside and out according to conditions. Bucket handles are helpful in this regard.

        Looking forward to the thoughts of others as well! HAPPY GARDENING!

      2. Hi Wheatley Fisher

        WOW! A few years ago we visited the State Campground at Pacific Beach a couple of times a year for a week of RV camping and so we know exactly where Wackey’s is located! I didn’t remember the books and gear that you mentioned, and although like you we are several hours drive away, it will be a nice daytrip after this snow melts. Thanks for the tip!

        I think finding treasures like you did with the fish tank equipment provides a thrill similar to a successful hunt and repurposing is a skill all preppers should hone.

        God Bless

    2. Red Rover!
      Great idea re: an affordable approach to the large herb planters!

      Believe your approach to the question of the “vaccine” is thoughtfully considered. We are taking much the same approach. At this point, we are not taking either the Pfizer or the Moderna version of the vaccine. There are too many adverse outcomes in people, and their medical risks look a little too familiar to us based on the limited information we can get through the news.

      We’ll look again at this question when the Johnson and Johnson version is released.

      In the meantime, we’re tracking the development of the long-term antibody therapy. This seems promising in some ways — and may be an option. One is called REGEN-COV and the company is trying to get emergency use authorization. There is another in development called Ab8, and a third in development by Oxford-AstraZeneca called AZD7442.

      We continue to believe the Hydroxychloroquine is a potentially viable prophylactic in addition to a treatment, and have read a lot as well about Ivermectin.

      For now we are bolstering our nutritional supplements, and we remain self-isolating due to extreme risks within our family.

      We have lots of anecdotal examples in our immediate “surround” that tell us that this virus is very, very dangerous. These are verifiable and arms-length to us. Risks of pre-existing conditions represently only SOME of the cases while others involve people who are otherwise robustly healthy.

      Beware of the statistics. The numbers are only as good as the foundational grounds on which they are calculated. There are too many moving targets, too many errors and unknowns, and too much manipulation.

      I remain steadfast. We can protect both liberty and health at the same time. These are not mutually exclusive objectives — despite the tyrannical and opportunistic behaviors of the Communist Left.

      1. We pray for your safety. We applaud your decisions on the Vaccine and Freedom!

        As I recall about your location this won’t help you, but throwing it out to those in the NW. BiMart has Ivermectin for $4. Funny thing, at the checkout, the clerk commented about our horses and we smiled. We don’t have horses, but didn’t feel the need to correct her.

        1. Thank you, Red Rover! Prayers are also lifted up for you and your family. May we, each and every one of us, arrive safely to the other side of this crisis, and travel in such a way that we become wiser, stronger, and more compassionate people. Let this time transform us according to the will of Our Lord.

  21. Just my two cents on supplements and vaccines. Years ago I read that one cause of sewer blockages was vitamins that weren’t dissolved because they had a cellulose coating that the body did not break down making them essentially useless. For some others there is a more concerning issue in that there is no regulation on actual amounts of the vitamins. It may say 500mg for example and actually contain many times that amount. This is a serious issue and people have become very ill and even died from literally overdosing on certain vitamins. In my 20’s I took a multivitamin for a few weeks and felt a huge spike in my energy level. Then I began developing pain in my back and kidneys. My dad, on my initial advice also was taking it and he developed almost identical issues. We both stopped and the pain went away quickly. I’ve no doubt this was due to a toxic amount of one or more vitamins in the mix. These were purchased at a very well known vitamin store. As for vaccines, I never had a problem with childhood vaccines that were well tested with a long history but I never took a flu shot during the entire 19 yrs I spent in nursing. Several of my co-workers felt the same way. The reasoning was that they guessed at which strain would make the rounds and it frequently had less than a 50% effective rate. Add potential for contamination and other foul ups and I just felt potentially getting the flu wasn’t worth the risk. This vaccine is even more suspect as who knows where or how this virus originated and for what purpose.

    1. LL,

      Please for your sake and your family’s, do a deep research on it, so you know that you know. Look up Monderna one of the creators of this vaccine which does come out of Israel. Moderna is an Israeli company operating in the USA. Look up Lee Merritt. I think you would respect her.

      1. AL,
        Thanks for the info. To be clear I have no intention of ever taking the Covid vaccine. I don’t know if it’s the mark of the beast or not but I don’t trust anything about it or the virus itself.

        1. LL…
          From your post: “I don’t trust anything about it or the virus itself.”

          This is also our family’s concern because this bug was engineered. We do not expect that it will “behave” like other wild viruses at any point (near term or down the road).

      1. My mother is also a “pre-trib” believer. I see no scripture that supports that belief. I see scripture that points to preparedness during tribulation and there are many examples in the Bible and throughout history.

        1. Read 2 Thessalonians chapter 2.

          The restrainer (Holy Spirit) must be taken out of the way before the antichrist can be revealed (First Seal). Once we’re out of the way, then the antichrist can move unopposed. He only has about 100 days to take over the world and cause the war in Israel (Second Seal). The Third Seal gets broken at the signing of the peace deal. Why severe famine here? The answer is, the loss of many of our farmers to the Rapture, and either they did not sow, or reap. The crop didn’t get planted, or was left to rot in the field. (Last summer, China’s grain storage and strategic supply was totally devastated by rot! It may be a few years required to replace it all. And their crops were destroyed by flooding.)

          The Third Seal also is the start of the Elect with the coming of the Two Witnesses to Jerusalem. The Word must come to the Jew first, and then unto the Gentiles. This is why you see in Matthew 24 that Christ speaks of the Glorious Appearing first (Jews), and then about the coming like a thief later (His Church). We do not know when the Rapture will occur, but we DO know the time of the Glorious Appearing seven years after the peace treaty.

          I know pre-tribbers can be obnoxious as far as prepping is concerned. Many times, they just believe that the Lord will provide, and live by that faith. My mother is one of those! She used to think I was stupid for prepping until the pandemic hit. Though I am one, I understand that there will be troubles before we go, and those need to be prepared for. Also, it is my hope that my preps will go to the Elect, and help them get through to the Kingdom. So I prep for myself in the short term, and for others in the long term. My outlook is that things may get so bad before the Rapture that we may not be able to show our faces in public and have to hide for a couple of years. That’s why I plan a 10 year scenario. (2 years pre-rapture, 7 years trib, and 1 year rebuilding in the Kingdom)

          1. Interesting. Thank you for your outlook. In my family, in the church, among friends, this has been discussed over and over. I even have a friend who did his PhD in Theology on the End Times. I’m not sure we ever reached agreement, but definitely passionate opinions.

            In any case, Maranatha! Lord come quickly.

  22. PJGT. Glad you are making progress with your transplant. Been there and done that. My wife and I continue to pray for you daily. God is faithful. One of my favorite scripture verses during transplant was Phil 4:6-8.

  23. Regarding the “mark of the beast”–no, the vax does not qualify on all points. However, it is part of “submitting to” certain “beasts” and the false prophet/sorcerer/poisoner/miracle-of-science-worker. The fact that it impinges on medical freedom, financial freedom, and is destructive of privacy, is cause enough to resist it.

    Giving up the right to self-defense isn’t the “mark of the beast” either, but that doesn’t make it a godly choice!

    “From a regard to religion men are obliged to defend their liberty against encroachments, though the attack should not immediately affect religion. Slavery exposes to many temptations to vice, and by debasing and weakening the mind, destroying its fortitude and magnanimity renders it less capable of resisting them, and creates a dependence upon, and subjection to wicked men, higly prejudicial to virtue. Hence it has been often observed, and is confirmed by experience that the loss of liberty is soon followed by the loss of all virtue and religion.

    “Besides; the destruction of civil liberty is generally fatal to religion. The latter has seldom existed long in any place without the former. Nor is it to be observed that those who are wicked enough to deprive a people of that, should, when they have got them under their power, suffer them long to enjoy this; especially as tyranny has generally made these two evils subservient to each other.” –Simeon Howard

  24. We’ve continued to have significant rain, which combined with my work schedule, has inhibited most of our work around the farm. I remarked to my daughter that if we keep getting rain like this, we might want to shift our poultry from chickens to ducks!

    The chickens themselves are moving back into high gear on the egg front. We’re averaging about 1 egg every other day per hen at this point. When I came in from collecting them today, I told my Lady, “The good news is we got 7 eggs…the bad news is one broke in my raincoat pocket…so we got 6 eggs”. The 7th was only cracked, actually, so it was promptly scrambled and later added to the dogs’ supper, so nothing was wasted and they got a little treat.

    We’ve spent some time this week gathering resources. My Lady was able to find some wide mouth pint jars, and I received a small order of 5.56 and .40 I’d ordered from CTD. I actually found some 9mm for a reasonable price on PSA, but was unable to complete the order due to connectivity issues. And of course, by the time I got a solid connection, they were sold out. My monthly foray into the big box sports store revealed a little bit of 7.62×39, a little bit of .450, and nothing else. I would consider 7.62×39 a common caliber, so this is a good potential sign. Our butcher, however, also mentioned he was having supply issues for some products, including the goat cheese they carry that I love. Finally, on the procurement front, we took delivery of another pair of “My Pillows”. I normally sleep on one, and have noticed a difference, plus it gives us the opportunity to support a conservative, Christian business.

    I received some potential good news on the employment front. Based on some conversations with HR, it appears that I’ll probably be employed for at least another year and a half, instead of losing my job completely this summer. I may still see a decrease in income, but I won’t know about that until mid to late spring. Either way it’s in the Lord’s hands.

    And speaking of the Lord’s hand, after a year and a half of searching, our church finally found a new pastor. He was actually selected, on a secret ballot, unanimously, something I’ve only seen once before. He appears to be a true servant and family man, and I pray that the Lord will guide him and our church through this transition. I realize that many here have had issues with organized churches in the past…my family has as well…but we’ve been blessed with the local body to which God led us.

    Stay safe, stay in prayer, and stay prepared, folks.

    1. I also supported My Pillow’s Mike Lindell. Never in my life have I paid so much for pillows and sheets, but he gives you a 50-60% off coupon. The pillows are making a huge difference for my neck pain, and therefore sleep. Those sheets better last forever! LOL. I pray the Lord multiplies what I can give.

      1. The base prices are pretty steep, but the coupon codes bring it down to something reasonable. I’ve noticed a definite difference in my sleep and less neck pain. My Lady is still dealing with a pain in the neck, but after nearly 30 years of marriage, you’d think she’d be used to it by now 🙂

  25. In a nutshell. DNA resides in the nucleus of cells. When a specific protein is needed for the cell to continue it’s function the DNA strand uncoils and is transcribed to pre-RNA. This is transported out of the nucleus and becomes mRNA. mRNA carries the sequence to produce the said protein. The mRNA is then destroyed by the cells enzymes so that the breakdown products can be used again to produce more RNA and other proteins. mRNA does not migrate back into the nucleus. It is only a one way transport. RNA can not alter the DNA strands in the nucleus.
    RNA vaccine technology has been around for the past 10-12 years. The problem has always been how to get the mRNA into the cell without being destroyed by the body and how once you get it into the cell have it stick around long enough so that the cell will produce the protein before the mRNA gets destroyed. The cell is very efficient at breaking down mRNA.
    These two vaccines use different chemicals to keep the mRNA intact to get into the cell and different chemicals to keep it around long enough for the cell to make the spike protein prior to being destroyed. By chemicals I do not mean poisons, they are like molecular carriers. Once the cell makes some of the spike proteins the mRNA is destroyed. The protein is expressed on the cells surface and the body responds to the protein by attacking it with antibodies and the other immune systems in the body. Some people will have a reaction to the vaccine such as fever, chills, body aches etc. Moderna’s vaccine seems to have a slightly higher incidence of symptoms. Mine lasted for 3 days and felt just like when I had the virus.
    Every patient is in control of their health care and can make their own decisions. I decided to take it since I am exposed just about every day. My wife refuses and more than likely I previously gave it to her. Your chance of death from the virus varies depending on age from virtually none in young people, to 3% or so for the elderly. Yes I have seen young people die, seen old people do fine who have all the risk factors and seen elderly who are healthy die in a few days. Where I work most have taken it but a significant number have not and that is ok with me.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that the science behind the vaccine is pretty good and if you are that worried about a mRNA vaccine you could always wait for one of the other vaccines to come out or not get it at all.

    1. Mike… What are your instincts and intuitions about the Johnson and Johnson version? Also your thoughts about the long-acting antibody therapies currently in development? Would be interested to hear!

  26. Since I am a licensed medical doctor, have practiced for more than 30 years and I’m still in practice as a volunteer position though retired from my primary specialty, I would like to try to present some information that might allay some of the fears expressed in previous writings here.

    (I am also an engineer by training as some of you know.).

    The genetic code that makes you human is called DNA. (deoxyribonucleic acid) it lives within the center of your cells, called the nucleus. i’m not a virologist but I do believe there are some viruses that can change the DNA by small degrees and we are beginning to amass more and more evidence that this is how some cancers start. The majority of the population has some of these common viruses, such as cytomegalovirus, and we do know that human papilloma virus can cause cancers. Your risk of having any of these cancers develop is tiny, but can be increased in general by other ways that you might damage your body. The point here is that not all of us have the original DNA that we started this earthly lifetime with! I still think you have a home in heaven if you have accepted the Lord

    Your DNA inside the nucleus, creates (encoded) messenger RNA through some very complex mechanisms that are well beyond my understanding. This messenger RNA has an extremely short lifespan. I found an article indicating it could be measured in minutes. during its very brief lifespan that fraction which makes it into the outer portion of the cell called the cytoplasm, can engage with other cellular components called ribosomes to create the proteins that your body needs, which could range from muscle tissue, antibodies, enzymes, or anything else that you’re incredibly complicated body requires.

    Messenger RNA is constantly being degraded by enzymes that are on the watch to destroy it when they find it. This happens both inside and outside the cell. Thus the cell only makes what the nucleus has just within the previous time period has Decided it is time to make

    If you were following this you probably now understand why the mRNA vaccines had to be kept so cold! These molecules are incredibly fragile by design of our creator.

    Messenger RNA vaccines have a very difficult life, and only a tiny fraction apparently makes it within the cell and has a chance to take advantage of ribosomes to create the spike proteins portion of the covid 19 virus repertoire. Because the vaccine simply doesn’t include enough of the computer code of the RNA to make the remainder of the machinery of the COVID-19 virus, it simply isn’t infective. Nor can it have any impact at all on the DNA of your cell. Messenger RNA does not make DNA. DNA is only made in a nuclear process called mitosis or meiosis.

    So you cannot change your DNA by taking this vaccine.

    And you cannot be infected by this vaccine

    However, just as happens maybe daily to you, when this or that agent causes your cell to express a new protein on its outer coat, roving lymphocytes study that proteins and decide whether or not it is you or not. They may conclude it is not you because it is an invading virus proteins or it is a result of a cancerous change in your cell, and they may then direct an attack against it. Certain kinds of lymphocytes maintain a memory across decades of what types of attacks they have seen in the past and can be called on to build a new regiment of attack quickly to repulse a new version of an old invader. These so-called T cells lymphocytes are your friend and protector against thousands and thousands of viruses or cancers that you have already beaten back in your lifetime! Out of the millions of T cell lymphocytes that you have in your body, there may only be a tiny number that still remember some virus that attacked you when you were four years old, but they are still there deep somewhere waiting to protect you again.

    As viruses mutate, which is a chemically random event, they can eventually escape detection and then your response system has to start building a new memory of the attacker. That’s why you have to get new vaccines against some fast mutating viruses. Vaccines can be made in many ways, live, dead, attenuated invaders, or just proteins fragments from invaders but this is the first time other than in livestock that we have used MRNA vaccines in humans. We are trying to protect my father-in-law who is very old, and all of us in our family have managed to get the vaccinations so far. While there are risks to everything in life, all we have suffered is a little low-grade fever.

    I hope this information might be reassuring to some and correct some misunderstandings

    1. One of the most outstanding features of this site is that people speak freely — with civility and respect — but also freely. The exchange of information and ideas supports the discernment and decision-making processes of readers who come to the Blog from diverse backgrounds in terms of life experiences and personal beliefs or philosophies.

    2. Thank you for explaining that. I’m still going to “pass” on the covid-19 vaccine because it appears most people’s own immune systems are a safer bet. I just don’t feel it’s been safety-tested long enough and some of the red flags of various side-effects got sloughed off rather than thoroughly researched. But in the case of a more deadly virus such as ebola, it’s good to know scientists have a plan.

  27. This past week was a busy one. I marched up the mountain to break the ice out of our gravity-fed water system, again. This was a bad one as I found and repaired two splits in the black PE pipe that had been caused by the ice. After talking to a local “expert” who claims his system never freezes, I climbed up the mountain again the next day and added vents to a few high places where it is possible that an air bubble was forming an air lock or vapor lock and stopping the water flow long enough for it to freeze. I like the theory, but I am not convinced this will solve the problem. Time will tell. If not, I may have to bury the dang thing. Oh, did I mention the pipe is more than 600 feet long?

    I also had a cord of wood delivered by my friendly firewood supplier. The owner told me this was top-grade stuff. He had picked up the logs that a saw mill had rejected for being crooked, stained, or having too many knots. They had reportedly been sitting there uncut since July. It was definitely one of his best loads with lots of hickory and maple, all of which was aged long enough to burn well. I promptly ordered a second cord, which he delivered Friday. We now have three cords on hand, so that should last us the rest of the season. This year, I plan to stock at least six cords by June.

    I also acquired a .308 battle rifle and 24 magazines, 8 of which are still new in the wrapper. It was too good a deal to pass up!

  28. Our pastors sermon this morning out of the tail end of the book of Romans was on how worship & missions are intertwined. He talked a lot about how we are driven to worship God by his incredible glory.

    As I journeyed from engineering education into the field of medicine, I learned more and more about how astonishingly complex life (including human life) on this planet was constructed. I am a creationist and pretty much ignore all of the screwy stuff the evolutionist teach, but I feel somewhat wistfully sorry for people who haven’t had a chance to understand the magnificence of the glory of God expressed through His creation as I have been privileged to understand, from subatomic quarks and neutrinos when I taught high school nuclear physics, through the astonishing bio chemistry of the cell in medical school. As I reviewed the bio chemistry of mRNA in order to try to explain it better above, I was struck again with the absolutely mind blowing complexity of how brilliantly we were constructed, as the Psalmist said we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

    Therefore, I don’t get too bent out of shape by this or that or the other supposed environmental threat because I’m pretty convinced the creator had perfect fore knowledge and that our bodies are an astonishing temple that is capable of response to all kinds of threats and pathogen’s. (less well-suited to high kinetic energy lead poisoning and mustard gas obviously !) None of us has any ability to understand on the millisecond level all the responses that our nervous system is coordinating to keep us upright, and manage our biological functions so we can consume food, extract nutrients, create proteins antibodies bone etc. and then excrete waste products. Billions and billions of chemical reactions being manipulated and controlled to keep everything going. that doesn’t begin to get to the electrical processes in the synapses of our brain that are allowing us to comprehend abstract thought— and to praise the creator.

    Perhaps I will try to write an article sometime on how the glory of God is expressed in the astonishing biochemistry of each of us as God suited us for survival. The more we study his handiwork the deeper our worship can become.

  29. The SB community is filled with hard working people who must often live in more than one world — meeting the challenges of the typical modern life while also meeting the challenges of preparedness. The hours can be long and are often exhausting, and yet I’m willing to bet that many like me are cheerfully engaged in all of it.

    With this in mind, a story like the following is just hard to accept.


    …and of course I am also reminded of how hard President Trump worked EVERY DAY, and the long hours he faced, and how he faced those with energy, enthusiasm, perspective, and most often a smile.

  30. I’ve been getting a “malicious content” warning from Securify about Survival Blog. I’m ignoring it because I think it’s bogus. Perhaps they don’t like your free speech and thinking about covid, the “vaccine” and other things…. Just passing on the warning.

  31. Not a “busy” week prepping-wise, but I ordered some hard-to-find seeds that I hope to test drive this upcoming year. Got my order from White Harvest Seed Company, which somebody recommended, and also a couple of tiny heirloom seed companies. Prompt service, nice little notes in all the envelopes, and the seeds look high quality. Can’t wait to plant them. Also ordered some rare heirloom varieties of Italian eggplant, zucchini, as well as some winter-keeper varieties of leeks, parsnips, and celeriac. I feel like the dragon “Smaug” in Lord of the Rings, riling through my file-box of little seed envelopes 🙂

    1. One thing I discovered over ten years ago about eggplant is that if you pick it when it’s nice and tender you can substitute it for mushrooms in recipes. Most recipes, that is. When I was a youngster my parents grew it and it was a little on the bitter side and I did not like it. I think we were picking it a little too late as the seeds were quite hard and mature, but now that I know to pick it before it gets fully ripe I don’t have that bitter problem. As far as zucchini goes I’ve heard of a lot of people saying they can substitute some of that into banana bread although I’ve never done that myself I’ve eaten banana bread that someone used some zucchini in and it was ok.

      1. Heirloom “rosa blanca” Italian eggplant is a bit different from the fat, deep purple or long-skinny french eggplants. They tend to be softball sized, irregularly shaped, and the flesh is soft white and spongy, not bitter, with tiny seeds, but the plants don’t produce nearly as prolifically as the modern varieties. Nor do they store all that well once you pick them. But it makes the most incredible eggplant Parmesan 🙂

        Zucchini is a wonderful ingredient in quick-breads. I usually shred it, and then wrap it in a clean dish towel, squeeze the water out of it, and then use a “carrot cake” recipe to make my bread.

        1-1/2 cups white sugar
        1/2 cup brown sugar
        1/4 cup vegetable oil
        3 eggs
        1 teaspoon vanilla extract
        1/4 cup buttermilk
        2 cups grated zucchini
        1 (15 ounce) can crushed pineapple, drained (if you don’t have pineapple, you can substitute diced apple or applesauce)
        2 cups all-purpose flour
        2 teaspoons baking soda
        2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
        1 ½ teaspoons salt
        1 cup chopped walnuts

        – Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a 9×13 inch baking pan.
        – Grate a zucchini until you have approximately 2 cups. Roll the zucchini in a clean dish towel and squeeze it until moisture stops leeching into the towel.
        – In a large bowl, mix together sugar, oil, eggs, vanilla, and buttermilk.
        – Stir in zucchini, vanilla, and pineapple.
        – In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt; gently stir into zucchini mixture.
        – Stir in chopped nuts. Spread batter into prepared pan.
        – Bake for 55 minutes or until toothpick inserted into cake comes out clean. Remove from oven, and set aside to cool.

        Tastes great with a cup of tea!

  32. More or less, we’re freezing our butts off and shoveling snow here! Turned down work for this week, as I’m not going to work in a petri dish! Mice on ice is out touring and I don’t want to have to run spot for 9 shows over the heads of hundreds of kids. The tour is known for getting people sick without the pandemic! Also heard their last stop had gotten shut down. Not worth the $2500 for the in-show-out!

    Everyone should write your Rep, and ask them to hold a No Confidence vote in Pelosi’s leadership. She’s tried impeaching Trump twice, and can’t get Schiff to stick! I think a good Democrat power struggle in the House would be a good thing!

    1. Capt Nemo!
      From your post: “Everyone should write your Rep, and ask them to hold a No Confidence vote in Pelosi’s leadership. She’s tried impeaching Trump twice, and can’t get Schiff to stick! I think a good Democrat power struggle in the House would be a good thing!”

      AGREED. …and I think we may see this — a power struggle within the Democrat party — to come, and maybe sooner rather than later. Also believe they have bitten off much more than they can chew. They do not have the intelligence, talent, or skill to handle the challenges we face as a nation. Unfortunately, all of this may spell real hardship for the people of this great country. I just pray we can turn around the Congress in the mid-terms to try to keep the nation on life-support until true liberty loving Conservatives can re-exert governmental control. I am expecting at least a couple very tough years.

  33. I drove up to our property in Colorado mid-week to do some packing, expecting DH to follow with one of the larger trailers over the weekend. Of course, as soon as I left Texas, all you-know-what broke loose, temperatures plummeted, pipes started freezing, power started to fail. When I left, we had 4 Guineas. Now there are 2. DH said there were footprints inside their run the other day and a pile of feathers. Probably a bobcat. For two days in a row, he has had to chase wild birds out of the birdhouse. It is so cold, they must have figured out the litle automatic door is an invitation to enjoy some heat and some snacks, too.

    BTW, St. F, you can get freeze dried mealworms in the chicken feed department at Tractor Supply … if you are still looking for some insect/bug-sourced protein. The Guineas seem to enjoy it, especially when served with a side of white millet seed.

    So, I am up in Colorado, low temps but not exceptional for here at this time of year, and 4-5″ of fresh snow this morning. Of course, I haven’t been able to get the UTV with the snowplow to start (probably old fuel in it) but one of the neighbors said he would stop over and plow the driveway for me. So far, I can get in and out but there is one trouble spot and if we get more snow, I will be in trouble. Tomorrow, I am taking the car in for service and will run some errands while in town. This seems like a good time to pick up all those items we can’t get where we live in Texas without driving 100 miles to a moderately major city.

    Before I left Texas, I planted some seedling trays with peppers, tomatoes, leeks, green onions, celery and a few other things that supposedly should b put in the ground early in the spring. I ordered two heat mats for seed starting that arrived a day or two after I left. I will set those up under the seedlings when I get back down to Texas. I also put 3 sweet potatoes on top of some seed starter mix in a pot and set it on a heat mat that I already had. I am hoping I will have some slips by the time I get back to Texas.

    I still need to find a source for the plastic tubs that cattle lick comes in that I can drill soe drainage hoe into nd use for raised beds/containers I have been stocking up on potting mix and seed starting soil whenever I make a run into town. And some seed peanuts I ordered arrived the other day. I want to see if I can grow them, too. There is an area about a hour north f us where peanuts are grown commercially so I am assuming the climate s suitable and I should just need to add some sand to our soil in order to make them happy where we are.

    I saw a video today of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny discussing the Covid vaccines and how they work. She did a good job of explaining it for those of us without medical backgrounds. She has a 6-art series on it if you go to vaxxters(dot)com and at the top of the home page, click on “Dr. Tenpenny`s Blog.” The video I saw was at: https://www.brighteon.com/872c17bc-f125-4db6-8464-cdca06071398

    After seeing it, it just reinforced my instinct not to get the vaccine. I have never gotten a flu shot, either. I don’t understand why people who have already recovered from Covid would need to get the shot. That is exactly the opposite of the way an actual vaccine works. So, if you want your body to develop antibodies, don’t you need to expose yourself to at least a few of the offending germs? Since I don’t seem to have any co-morbidities, I am going to go with the old fashioned way of developing a self-defense mechanism against it. We’ll see how it goes…

    My mom used to make zucchini bread. We first had it in Jamaica when I was in 6th grade. She managed to find a recipe for it and would make some whenever zukes were in season. Yummy! I seem to recall that it is popular in the Florida Keys, also.

    I had a friend in junior high school whose mom would make Tomato Soup Cake from a recipe that was on the Campbell’s can label at one time. It sounds weird but was pretty tasty, too. I think I found that recipe in a cookbook entitled “Back of the Box Recipes.” One of these days, I will need to dig out that cookbook and try to make some.

    I hope Mike Lindell’s company does okay in spite of the retail outlets dropping it. I have had two of his pillows for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, there is something about the way I roll over in my sleep that makes his pillows a waste of money for me. I end up with only the top of my head on the edge of the pillow so it isn’t supporting my neck at all. At this point, I just keep using them, waiting for them to wear out. My solution to the sore neck problem is a monthly visit to my chiropractor.

    Stay safe and healthy, everyone, and WARM!!!

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