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  1. Mr. Rawles, Thanks for putting the info for the Survival Blog 2005-2015 Archive stick up on the website front and center. While I do see the advertisement for it on the side with others, that ad is not on my phone when reading the blog. I read the blog at work on the computer. If sitting on my back porch drinking coffee, on my phone.

    My point, since we all read with different devices, and lots of us want the new 2005-2015 Archive stick, maybe continue to put that info right up front for the next few blog cycles. I always keep up with the blog, but get busy. So I may go a couple of days sometime before reading. This may help a few that missed it. Just ordered 2. My one from last year keeps floating around the family, and I have to track it down.

    From now on, will order a least 2 per year. Once the new ones come in, give last year’s edition to folks in my circle. Thanks for a great product, sir.

  2. JWR,
    “Also, please note that we’ve taken pre-orders for more than 600 archive sticks in just the first three days. Orders will be shipped in the sequence that they are received. If your order comes in after the first batch sells out, then there will be a 10+ day delay, while we are waiting on the manufacture of the second batch.”

    I sent my order on the first day (mid-day), and mailed check payment that same day (unfortunately, I no longer trust or use PayPal). It will probably take 1 week by snail mail to arrive there, plus more for check clearing timeframe (certainly understandable), but I was unclear how my order is placed in the queue for order standing. Is it by date of order receipt, date of payment receipt, date of check clearing, or other in relation to inventory on hand?

    As always, grateful for all you both do, and
    hoping you…
    Seymour Liberty

  3. https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/chris-dorner-gun-control-preaching-psychopath-from-beyond-the-grave/

    Interesting article, and I like Will Dabbs writing. This simply reinforces the truism(s), especially true in our present state, “Trust No One”, LEO is not your friend, Do Not Talk to Media, gummint is NOT here to help, only to help bury you, and once this coming purge of the military is complete, they are equally as suspect, trust them not.
    And equally as true, do not even trust your neighbors or extended family.
    The only ones you should be trusting now is your close friends, and then only those willing to help you dig holes……
    JWR & Ms. Lily, you of course, are exempt…

    1. re:
      “…the George Floyd incident…”

      Mister Floyd was a suicide.

      Mister Floyd accomplished his suicide by inserting a massive overdose of illegal drugs into his colon.
      Mister Floyd solidified his suicide by also consuming a massive amount of alcoholic beverages.

      Mister Floyd accomplished his suicide while committing crimes against his neighbors and against his community.

      According to all the video records, the FirstResponders did every possible act to sustain the life of Mister Floyd.

  4. Fwd Msg:
    Subject: It now appears that the Kansas City Chiefs won yesterday’s Superbowl.
    Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2021 15:51:32
    From: BC

    Yep, another 24 points came in at 3am this morning.

  5. You gotta take the time to watch “Absolute Proof” (download it before it’s gone). Find it on www(.)MichaelJLindell(.)com,
    It is absolute proof that our elections have been manipulated for years. But what will happen now?
    No wonder the progressives and globalists are moving so fast, their house of cards will fall when the facts spread.
    The Dems are rushing impeachment of Trump as a delaying tactic because the current administration will be removed after election theft is realized.
    But will Pelosi push it to happen in the next 2 years so she can take over as President?
    Or will the Republicans (I wish I could say Constitutionalists) who will control the house in January 2023 remove them and make the new Speaker (I wonder who that will be) President. I see a hot war with CCP on the horizon.

    1. OldHamRadioGuy, you’re right about ~Absolute Proof~ by Michael Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, The video is about 2 hours long. Watch all of it; it’s worth the time = is a good recommendation from OldHamRadioGuy.

      We also know the election was stolen by the fact Washington DC has been turned into a Military Fortress like a 3rd World Dictatorship. [They’re scared; All the censorship is designed to keep the truth from being told.]

      I hope the Republicans will control the house in 2023, and I hope they will be faithful to the wishes of the American people.

      There’s sites on the Internet, that refers to many of our Republican representatives and Senators as Decepticons. … Liz Cheney is one of them; she just kept her Republican Leadership position because of Decepticon votes.
      [One site is TheConservativeTreehouse, that describes some Republicans as Decepticons. (I would say ‘Dirty Dog Liars’ but I don’t have people skills.]

      All Americans need to ~vote in all elections becoming more active in both the local and national elections. China Joe ~ stole the election, with help from crooked cronies.

      1. All Americans need to ~vote in all elections becoming more active in both the local and national elections.

        Elections occur only when they schedule them. Contacting your public servants, of whatever party, does bear fruit.

        In the meantime, you vote on your schedule whenever you spend money. We see many of us choosing “Made in USA” and “Not sold by Amazon”. Powerful votes. Remember, “Buy Local” may be your most powerful vote. You connect with your community and help it thrive.

        Carry on

        1. When it comes to fresh food, buying local can offer the best opportunity for more nutritious and tastier food.
          Next to having a garden and chickens; shopping at a local farmers market can provide the best chance for fresh food.

          In my State, the local farmers have to certified, as being local and also growing their products, before they are allowed to sell at the local farmers markets.
          ………… [The ‘certification’ helps keep the scammers out of the local markets. It’s possible to buy from a grocer-wholesaler, and then pass the items off as ‘local’ farmer grown fresh produce.]

          Vegetables and fruits start to deteriorate after they’re picked. In my State, items are picked-harvested at a ‘mature’ state of growth to ‘ripen’ ~ as the produce travels to market (Sometimes by train or truck to the East Coast).

          There’s all kinds of information on the Internet about the foods we eat. … Some articles are published by Agricultural Universities about the food sold to the public in grocery stores. [The problems with nutritional deterioration may be discussed.]

          Garden Fresh is the best. Many people on SurvivalBlog have gardens. = Good for both spiritual and nutritional health.

          To use Idaho as an example: = The Idaho Department of Agriculture has a listing of local farmer’s markets.
          “Farmers Markets in Idaho ~ 2020 Farmers Market Directory PDF”

          (I didn’t see the word ‘certified’ as I scanned through information about Farmers Markets in Idaho. … But, surely a lot fewer scammers live in Idaho, than my State; even taking the population ratio into account.)

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