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  1. While not exactly a “precious metal” F.Y.I., steel prices are fixin’ to have a significant increase fairly quickly. If you have a project coming up that requires steel flats or shapes, might-maybe want to have a look.

    1. I was noticing that this morning about iron ore and steel both. I haven’t had time to dig into it, but I’ll guess that the economic recovery in China has a lot to do with it. Their usual form of stimulus is building highways to nowhere and ghost cities.

  2. Although prices fluctuate with precious metals, the value never does. At the end of the day regardless of what happened in the markets, I still hold an ounce of silver that purchases the same amount of goods and services that it did 1000 years ago.

      1. Thank you for the lead, Don.

        I”m curious. JWR, you have suggested we invest in copper. What is your opinion of copper at the current price?

        In the meantime, I am putting my current money in seeds. The return on investment is exponential. And talk about tangibles…Yessir.

        Carry on

        1. I only recommend copper as a supplemental investment. The best way to get some is in the form of U.S Nickels. That way you are investing in both copper and nickel, at a slight discount from spot.

          A quick visit to http://www.Coinflation.com shows:

          Total Face Value: $.05
          Coin Type: 1946-2020 Jefferson Nickel
          Copper Price: $3.5617 / pound
          Nickel Price: $8.0017 / pound


          » There are 0.0083 pounds of copper and 0.0028 pounds of nickel in $.05 face value of nickel(s).

          » A roll of nickel(s) has 40 coins and is valued at $2.06 when copper is at $3.5617 / lb and nickel at $8.0017 / lb (exact value is $2.05987).


          Total melt value is $0.05.

          (Exact value is $0.05149667746927. $0.022050911023067 worth of nickel, $0.029445766446203 of copper.)

    1. Maybe it will be a dud.m? It’s going to be difficult to lure young Robin Hood style investors into purchasing hard metals. They are focused on trading where they can instantly buy in or liquidate. Premiums are skyrocketing but I’m pretty sure thats just the major retailers adding hype into rumors that the silver market is being targeted. The Zerohedge articles are pointing to just a couple of posts saying it would be a good idea to target PM manipulators (banks). This could easily be inserted by anyone interested in driving a market up. These groups will go private on the dark web where they can control membership.

      To me this focus on silver is most likely a non-event. Believe me, I want to see silver prices go up as I will benefit but something isn’t clicking in the markets tonight. I would rather have a slow rise into pricing that holds vs a meteoric rise into prices that settle lower than where they started.

        1. I would argue that the true price is what a reputable dealer will pay you for your PMs. Perhaps private buyers. But large scale buyers set the market. Premiums are more of a set profit level a dealer wants to make given real or perceived demand. In this evenings pricing on silver pits Eagles at over $40. I doubt they’d pay anything over $30, maybe $32 toos bit that is only if they have sufficient demand on the buy side. Right now they are pricing based on a rumor.

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