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    1. Just got around to listening to this today. King Biden and all his paperwork is the entire reason things are so divided and will continue to be so. These are just folks who work, put food on America’s table and live quietly not bothering nobody. To treat them as the enemy is only going to lead the path one direction.

        1. Dan, Last fall I started buying directly from a farmer. For what I want, I am doing a monthly automatic shipment in large quantity to get the lowest price. Not only is the product organic, it is literally trackable from what field it grew in! My product arrives in multiple medium size boxes that are, “two day,” shipped and put on the front porch by the mailman.

          So, yes, one can buy direct from a farmer. There must me lots of farmers that do this. Blessings to you and yours, Krissy

          P.S. Palousebrand.com

        2. Look up “CSA” Community Supported Agriculture. You can narrow it down by area, and then find local farmers who will deliver directly to your area … usually a weekly pickup at a central location of a box or large bag of produce.

          Also look up your local farmer’s market. Some are overpriced froo-froo markets, but most usually have at least one local farmer.

          Here’s a link to LocalHarvest where you can search: https://www.localharvest.org/csa/

    2. Thanks Mr. Rabbit. Well timed and informative. I’ve been of the mind this is where we are headed for the last 20 years now. And the prime reason I chose to retire when I did and move to where I am presently, on the edge of sanity, just barely…..

      Considering this timely video and a few hrs of thinking about the long term globalist/socialist agenda of 2021/2030 or whatever BS namesake they are calling it these days. It’s simple deduction that their goal of turning the world into controlled regions administered by an unelected puppet gummint, and reducing the global population to bare minimums, even that will soon fall apart. And I would suggest sooner than later. I believe they are quite simply forgetting the fact of Human Nature being the driving force behind ALL decisions humans make. Their projected ultimate “utopia” will soon implode into waring states as ultimate control once again rears its ugly head.
      God endowed us with willpower and choice, and the genie of Freedom was released many many years ago. It will WILL NOT be going back in the bottle as long as the human species walks the earth….

      1. How could be the situation be better depicted with other than an analogy? We are like a sleeping giant awakening. Whilst we are wipe the sleep from our eyes and clearing the slumber from our minds, they are attacking in desperation and with all their might, before we can come to our senses and fight back. They must destroy the U.S. and the ideas of freedom immediately and completely, lest their plan for radical depopulation of the planet, and the creation of their idea of utopia fails. They would certainly and utterly destroy everything of value in this country to achieve their goals.

        In their eyes, it would be better if the U.S. became a waste land, than for the ideas of freedom to persist. Through out history, the most prevalent form government has been a tyrannical one. If they are successful, and history resumes it’s natural course, tyranny would once again dominate for centuries to come. Their newly installed puppet government is disposable, and the Chinese are also being used as a tool to destroy the western world, particularly the U.S. The Chinese, however, have their own plans for world domination. Will the U.S. Military step in at the last minute, and before it is purged of all patriots?

        I expect the country to rapidly fall apart this year under their hand and design. The End Times are fast approaching, but we are not there quite yet. We will have to suffer under this for much longer than 3 and one half years.

    3. I -highly- recommend that every SurvivalBlog reader subscribe to Christian’s “Ice Age Farmer” channel.

      Don’t watch him on fascist Guulag-owned YouTube … they reap ad-money every second you watch (even with an ad-blocker) and harvest and sell your data. He mirrors his channel on both BitChute and Odysee.

      STOP ENRICHING PEOPLE WHO HATE YOU and want to take down the country.

      Here are the alt-tech links.

      ICE AGE FARMER on BitChute:https://www.bitchute.com/channel/jIzcTzKPOws2/

      ICE AGE FARMER on Odysee: https://odysee.com/@iceagefarmer:42

  1. What if…

    What if, instead of ol’ china joe sitting in District Of china bought-n-sold by the chinese, what if china joe is secretly playing the long game?

    What if china joe is playing three-dimension chess, manipulating the chinese into a strategy so perfect, nobody at our level — at the level of deplorables — has the intelligence to see it?

    What if china joe is secretly making Americans great again?

    What if the videos of him robotically signing Executive Orders — search “biden I don’t know what I’m signing” — as the papers are chain-fed under his hovering pen are designed to placate the chinese, put the chinese off their game, seduce them into believing they are controlling his every move?

    What if the Walton family developed Wal*Mart to save small mom-n-pop businesses?

    What if everything we know is wrong?

    1. Naw, that ain’t it. What we are watching is exactly what it appears to be – a headlong rush towards socialism, the end of American supremacy and bending our necks to the NWO. The one thing about the radical left is that they have told us all along exactly what their vision of our future is – it just doesn’t include conservatives, Christians or white people.

    2. What if everything we know is wrong?
      Then you most definitely are living in “The Twilight Zone”…

      I seriously doubt ism bejing joe’ jar jar kneepads or any of the rest of the socialist party members are that smart………. Their past performance proves this out.

    3. Large Marge: I guess at this point there are a lot of people who are too on-edge. I got your sarcasm. At this point, Jim Crow Joe will sign anything they put in front of him. They may have already put a voluntary 25th amendment resignation in front of him. Heck, they could put assassination orders to get rid of Commie-la Harris and Nazi Pelosi and he wouldn’t know he even signed it, neither would they. Interesting prospect that. But, then again, what if everything we know is wrong?

      1. [ this is my truth as I live it ]

        Instead of ‘sarcasm’, what if evil/lucifer/satan is scaling my eyes so this ‘little local drama’ is all I can see… or imagine?

        What if these little local dramas are a diversion?
        Any magician diverts my attention from the trick by pulling my focus to ‘the other hand’.

        What if everything I ‘know’ is wrong?

        What if my ego prevents me from considering any alternative to the alleged reality?
        What gets in the way of “…greater works than these…”?

        What if I am scaling my eyes…

  2. Interesting. Not a surprise. We know life has been made difficult for small farmers and that corporate farms are the future of the (new) world (order).

    But the statement about the game camera was misleading and disingenuous. The game camera incident was not to spy on farmers; it was to spy on individuals that were suspected of violating game laws. Whether or not you agree with placing the cameras on private property, it’s reference toward farmers tainted a promising video and creditability was lost right then and there.

  3. Barbara Tuchman wrote one of the best spy novels I ever read. Except it was not a novel. It was “The Zimmerman Telegram” and it was about our entry into WW1. I highly recommend it.

  4. After the “Great Reset” the WEF people claim you will own nothing. I say, if you own nothing, it is because somebody owns you. You have become a slave.

    1. The trick to controlling the slam fire Filipino shotgun is to hang the barrel part from one’s neck with rope at two points on the barrel, and aim the barrel with the left hand, while sliding the larger in diameter metal pipe toward the loaded barrel end to set off the 12ga cartridge. The idea is to use a expedient fire arm to get a real gun.

      BTW, it would also be possible to make a fused 3/4 or 1 inch cannon with Fg black powder, Prodex, Triple 7 and other substitutes. 3/4 inch pipe with these powders can also be ignited with 12 gauge shot shell brass primed with 204 shot shell primers, should we be all out of shot shells. Do not use modern smokeless powders as pressure would likely be dangerously high. 3 Drams of black powder is risky enough!

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