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  1. Culvert Cooker, Why did I not think of this before. Especially for us “experienced souls” this is great. Just the other night we were making smores with the family. I am having more trouble leaning down to get to the coals than I used to. I will start gathering my materials today. I will have my own culvert cooker, soon. Thanks

  2. Neat idea. The only change I would probably make is to use the bottom 10 inches of the barrel, including the base. Then add 4 inches of gravel in the barrel. This would allow long life of the barrel, plus easy cleaning. You’d be able to easily shovel out the ashes/gravel, then separate the gravel and put it back in. As long as there is a roof over it there shouldn’t be an issue with it filling up with water.

  3. This brings back memories of the rock-and-concrete outdoor grill my grandfather built on top of an inconvenient chunk of ledge which was too large to move in the backyard. We had many cookouts on that grill … kind of a hybrid between a chimney and a grill. You could get one heck of a fire burning underneath, grill for a crowd on the iron grate he’d salvaged from the dump, and then sit around the stove for warmth. He never built an outdoor kitchen around it, though, which is probably why it fell into disuse in his final years.

    If you watch MySelfReliance on YouTube, the guy built a complete outdoor kitchen, with a grill, and also a traditional mud-brick colonial oven, in the Canadian wilderness. You can find the complete playlist beginning-to-end HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-CfFYGSFT0&list=PL-UbUksm4nPnL91BMGnyJkxRb7yOy63rx

  4. Hey J.P., this is a great idea. I couldn’t quite tell from the photos but how hard would it be to do some TEOTWAWKI canning on this?

    I was hoping to get my rocket stove and oven made off my back deck this year, this grill would be a great addition.

    Since you’re a stone mason, how hard do you think it would be to use rocks instead of the galvanized pipe? I have more flat rocks than money so that would be a cheaper alternative if it would work.

    Thanks for the write up.

    1. I scavenged an old BBQ grill. Easier to carry home than culvert pipe. We work with indigineous materials, right?

      This summer/fall, with the help of friends, I built a summer kitchen around the grill base and a picnic table. Patio pavers that a friend brought over, a wood rack built of repurposed lumber, and filled with firewood I have picked up here and there over the years. With the encouragement of my sweet spouse the site is well-organized and functional.

      Maybe my next step would be to create a dutch oven/pot frame and a roof. I am inspired.

      Carry on

  5. Very good article.

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  6. St. Funogas – You ask two good questions, canning on the culvert cooker, and building the exterior with stone. We do a fair amount of canning and I love building with stone, so I’ll give some thought to both and respond in the comments following tomorrow’s conclusion. Thanks, I like a challenge and it gives the mind a rest from the disaster unfolding out there.. . . . .

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