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          1. ThoDan, seems you drank the koolaid. You think that these states and the residents of these states fought the civil war for slavery. My great grand father fought under the battle flag and he was as poor as any slave. He didn’t fight so a few rich men could own other men. So now a few think they can erase American history by attacking a flag of the Confederacy. And now as that has came to pass, and they accomplished that goal, they take a knee at the American flag. So what’s your next goal? Also no guilt trip here! And I perceive that your with the camp, that attacked President DJT for 4 years, and would now say, can’t we all just work in harmony. Trekker Out

          2. @Mountain Trekker

            Then tell me for what your grandfather fought?

            Proof to me that the historians who showed me that slavery was enshrined in the confederate constitution are wrong!
            Show me how the conferderate states didn´t put their dagger infamously in the back of their brothers at fort sumter.

            Surely if calling your Presidente an breaker of his word, breaker of international agreements including those he signed withhin the hour is attacking then yes i did.

            Pacta sunt servanda

            My goal is historical truth

  1. Buchanan wrote that 20 years ago and the new Mississippi flag becomes effective….today. It’s easy to predict the future of events, if only people would look at the best road map: history.

    If you haven’t read the linked book, Death of the West, it’s highly recommended and explains exactly how we got to where we’re at today.

  2. With the destruction of historical statues, and all references to history throughout, remaking/rewriting history to better achieve their socialist agenda what has happened?
    History is a record of what works and what doesn’t work throughout time, it gives the present a reference point from which to plan or orient their lives both in the present and future. Without a reference point we have no idea in which direction we are to aim our lives. Without the reference point we are merely lost souls, no direction, no future, no purpose. We become nothing more than simply a creature. And that folks, is a useless creature with no purpose.
    Which is exactly where the globalists want us.


      1. Hey take a deep breath – all she said was that it *looked* nice! And asked about it.

        I think it *looks* nice too – got a couple of those trees in my own yard – but neither of us are saying that history should be erased or that symbols should be crammed down people’s throats.

    1. Hey Mōsh, it’s definitely a pretty flag but the controversy is over the fact that even though the people voted to keep the original one, they were basically forced to make the change.

      We miss your weekly updates on Saturdays and I still want to taste some of that mouse liver. 🙂

      1. St. Funogas, thank you for your kind and informative response. I figured there was more to the story than what met my eyes. When did this happen? I know nothing about it.

        Mouse liver. Ha ha. I wish moose came with two livers and home-raised pigs with 2 sets of ribs. The best of both beasts, in my opinion.

        I miss checking in weekly. The Saturday updates are a favorite of mine. I typically scan through them (yours can be quite entertaining. 🙂 ), but time to compose a thoughtful update myself has been hard to find these last couple of months as life has been overfull and busy. We continue to plug along, working on our goals and planning for an uncertain future.

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