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  1. i was reminded of Basilone every time i would drive on a road named after him on my waay to one of my favorite surf spots in san clemente back in the day.

  2. Trump overwhelming way ahead of Biden as of 21:00hrs last night. In any analysis, there was no way for him to lose. Today, Fox News is on the same sheet of paper with the rest of the commies, CNN, USA Today, CBS etc…. They now show Biden with 238, and Trump 213 electoral votes. This is a gross and outrageous misrepresentation of what was recorded last night. They are willing to commit voter fraud in broad daylight to justify their insurrection.

    In a last-minute trade deal yesterday, I managed to score yet another AR. Although it is made from a low-quality kit, we can fit it up. I may sell it after prices rise.

    1. Greg Hunter did a fantastic job collecting and analyzing the data last night. I would check his YouTube channel for more of the same today, and onward.

  3. Peoples_Pundit, Richard Baris had some excellent coverage last night. He was analyzing county by county into the wee hours of the night. The numbers don’t lie!

    1. Recommend Greg Hunter’s video that is an independent analysis of the election results. Video begins in the last hour, and at the beginning of his summation: https://youtu.be/YLj49WmCzAs?t=14271

      It is rumored, and would be no surprise that Trumps lawyer’s have also documented the actual election results, and will of course take action. Because of Greg Hunter’s outstanding election coverage, I believe Trump won resoundingly. The numbers widely distributed this morning have little connection with reality, and are designed to help Biden steal the election, or to at a minimum, justify a long and bitter contest, and a likely insurrection attempt that they have publicly telegraphed in recent weeks, would occur. IHMO, riots are likely being staged for tomorrow.

      BTW, by my own methods, I believe ammunition sales are strong this morning in anticipation. And altho I am an poor uneducated hick without any credentials, who can only have an opinion, please do not bother to demand proof until an argument with supporting links is offered first. I’ve got to spend the rest of the day getting ready for winter. Thank you.

      1. Any reason i should sacrifice my time with him?

        If the head of the goverment, whose man runs the post office, speaks of electoral fraud against him i hear a confession that he´s doubting to win even while doing it

  4. MIchigan magically found 128,000 ballots, in the middles of the night, after the vote counting had stopped for the night. Miraculously not one of those votes were for DJT Not even one. Also hear there are videos of boxes of ballots being delivered to one location, also in the middle of the night, after the counting had stopped for the night. I smell a rat, Gretchen the Grotesque.

  5. Democratic cyber attack on 2020 Presidential election:

    Check out Lt General Tom McInerney’s video on “Two Mikes”, episode 31. He describes a CIA software program designed to redirect the results of foreign elections. He claims the Democrats have been using this program called “Hammer” and “Scorecard” to change the electronic voting results at the transfer point at the state elections center. It supposedly changes the voting totals to give Biden a 3% advantage over Trump. This had been supposedly deployed in MI, WI, PA, NV, and who knows where else. This is not my allegation. Look for yourself. There are multiple posts on a google search.

    A second post claimed it was used in the 2012 FL election and against Bernie Sanders in the primary as a trial run.

    Posted for purposes of information and discussion. Is this why Biden has been vacationing in his basement instead of campaigning?

  6. Follow up on Hammer and Scorecard and stealing the Vote

    I went back to find that Lt General McInerney’s video had been removed for “violating acceptable standards”. You can find the audio from 11/02/20 and todays updated audio 11/04/20. In todays audio he reports that, under the cover of night, Michigan TRANSFERRED 50,000 votes to Biden last night.

    Listen to both audio recordings.


    Please let everyone know.

    1. Been seeing this for a couple of days. First on Steve Bannon’s show “War Room: Pandemic” on NewsMax. I think it’s a web show as well.

      We are at WAR folks. No doubt about it. Now it seems CoViD-19 is largely a part of that war. The Dictator Whitmer (heil Whitmer) threatened Michigan with lockdowns into perpetuity if we didn’t vote for Biden. Her words: “If you want to end the lockdown, you need to vote for Joe Biden.” She is already acting in defiance of the Michigan Supreme Court. She has basically given them a giant middle finger.

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