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  1. re:
    Butte, Montana movie

    According to the press-release, ‘PLEASE, BABY PLEASE is about a 1950s Manhattan couple pursued by a 1950s ‘greaser gang’ while questioning their sexual orientation.’

    The poorly-worded press-release fails to indicate which of the 1950s characters are ‘questioning their sexual orientation’, the greaser gang or the Manhattan couple.
    Since this is Hollywood…

      1. Brylcream, Dapper Dan, Fop. People who slick back their hair are greasers. Grease, the movie… “I don’t want your Fop! I’m a Dapper Dan Man” O Brother where art thou”

  2. Bullock is a weak little man. None of these politicians are tough with very few exceptions. They don’t have callouses from work. Bullock is so weak he needs to send others to do the work of warriors.

    1. My husband and I ask that repeatedly every time we see the state lean left. We attribute it to the leftist university towns and the natural beauty that attracts all the wealthy leftists that come and buy ranches, places on rivers to fish, go skiing, etc. just because they can afford to have a piece of heaven away from the unclean masses. Just our opinion.

    2. Buck: It was a combination of several factors that elected Steve Bullock.
      #1 The largest number of voters live in Missoula,Bozeman,Helena,
      Great Falls and Billings which are all liberal Democrat strongholds.
      #2 The State Republican Party was lax in developing a platform and
      failed to put forth a viable candidate.

      That’s how it happened. It was easy.

      1. BINGO! Ron nailed it. The state Republican Party is loaded with fake Republicans. They talk the conservative talk, dupe the people to vote for them and then walk the walk of the left when in Helena. The deep state is very much alive and well in Montana. Few research voting records. Con artists rely on that fact.

      2. The five largest cities in any state skew the demographics immensely. The five Ron listed do that for Montana. Throw in university towns as TeresaSue mentioned. Voila, you have Leftists like Bullock.

        While homeschooling thrives in Montana, the vast majority of Montana’s young are run through the same government indoctrination system cranking out 3.3 Million Bolsheviks nationally every year.

        The migration underway from Leftist cities to the Redoubt will adversely affect Liberty.

        Is there hope? Yes, it lies in what rises after the elites’ initiate their ‘global economic reset’, their words not mine.

  3. So 0.74% is already 7.4 times worse than flu. However, the RESOLVED case Fatality Rate is about 1% in Wyoming. Also it’s been a pretty shallow curve until now, due to Wyoming’s population density (aka isolation). Factor in that COVID is far more contagious than the flu, which actually only infects 8-10% of world population per year, and there’s lots more fatalities to come.

    The casual attitude in the prepper community towards this threat, especially with the older and at risk members, is unfortunate. Imagine having a large family gathering this thanksgiving and knowing that one of your relatives is going to die specifically because of this gathering. It’s not TSHTF, but it’s a tragedy you could have avoided.

    Politics has apparently Trumped the prepper lifestyle and common sense.

    1. This is not only a false logic argument, but also the data comparison is flawed. A 0.74% chance does not equal someone has to die from every thanksgiving gathering, not even close to likely odds.

      Everybody gotta die sometime. There is 100% chance of that.

      1. Ballparking is a useful skill. It allows you to estimate when one statistic is comparable to another, even though they are not LITERALLY identical. It helps with incomplete data sets and risk assessment, as we have with COVID.

        While it is not LITERALLY true that one person will die at every family gathering this holiday season, at a large one, with the current data available, it is REASONABLE to be concerned that one person will die at every LARGE family gathering SPECIFICALLY because the gathering was held in the middle of this pandemic. The same logic works for the movie theater, restaurants, etc.

        If preppers thought about COVID in this way rather than as a political football with which to own teh libs, perhaps they would set a better example for their friends, family, and countrymen and take the pandemic seriously.

  4. With such a low death rate from the Wuhan killer Kung Flu, I think it time to sell or trade my ventilator I bought off Craigs list in March.
    But in looking, it has decreased in value by 50%.
    Does anyone know how to part this thing out?

  5. re:
    Butte, Montana movie

    what does running from a gang, 1950s, and a newly wed couple have to do with sexuality or the questioning of such? That doesn’t make much sense.

  6. Is the Montana gov up for reelection this year. And who knows Montana can become more liberal with the influx of people moving in. Hopefully those moving in are the Conservatives escaping the liberal areas of the country and not liberals bringing their views to Montana. Hope it isn’t becoming like what happened to Colorado the past 30 or so years

    1. Governor Bullock is OUT, because of term limits. But now he is running for U.S. Senate, where he would surely become a real snake in the grass. Hopefully, the voters in Montana see through his “pro-gun” charade.

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