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  1. Regarding bore sighters, I believe their purpose is to get shots on paper, and then the shooter fine tunes from there. If the bore sighter is not perfect, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

    With that being said, I’ve found the laser bore sighting device that actually fits in the firearm chamber to be the most accurate. Sightmark and EZshoot are two brands of that I’m aware, and they’re both available on Amazon.

  2. I never tire of firearm reviews. I believe this is an outstanding review and will give anyone a blueprint for selecting a semi-automatic rifle.

    I’m somewhat familiar with semi-automatic rifles and have picked up several pointers from this review.

    Great review! Thank you for a great effort.

  3. Although the Remington 742, and the latter version, the 7400, are handy and softer recoiling, my two examples were disappointing. The magazine is usually the source of the jamming problems. And because these rifles are not easy to disassembly and clean, used rifles often suffer from a lack of maintenance. If one cannot step up to the Browning, I’d stick with a bolt gun. As someone who once developed a flinch from shooting 12ga too often, I stuck with the 6.5 x 55 in a Swedish Mauser for a while until my flinch disappeared. Of course I’d like to have that Browning! Thanks for the article. I can dream. Even if one was a bit recoil sensitive, this rifle could be reliable enough to be good for dangerous game. A fast follow up shot on a Griz shoulder might be possible with this rifle.

  4. Tunnel Rabbit, thanks for the input. I agree that if you don’t already own a 742, I would not recommend buying one. A bolt gun would be an excellent choice. The BAR was a bit pricey, so I am currently testing a recoil pad. If that doesn’t help, I plan to test a bolt gun next.

  5. Nice mod for that gun. My uncle used to have a nice Remington 742 and it was my favorite. Too bad it was destroyed after the Jeep accident. He prioritized rebuilding the Wrangler and we’re going to install the new set of tires from 4Wheelonline this week. Next is hunt for a new Remington 742.

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