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  1. Busted Relationships And Foundational Differences

    Today is October 28th, 2020.
    Last evening, I terminated another long-standing acquaintanceship.
    What is the issue beyond my ability to absorb?

    My nature is peaceable.
    And yet, in my short sweet life, I worked as a civilian pilot with the Department Of Defense in America.
    The nations I serviced include Bosnia, Lebanon, northern and southern Afrika, and various parts of south-east Asia.
    As a pilot, I transported cargo in crates and the self-loading cargo known as ‘passengers’.

    And ‘yes’, occasionally, I visited the limits of my wrath upon those attempting to trespass against me.
    My acts were defensive and not intended to prolong their pain during their final moments on this mortal coil.

    I mentioned ‘violence beyond my ability to absorb’.
    Could this foundation of mine be based on my experiences transporting the broken bodies of young idealists?
    Partially, perhaps… but mostly, I believe my foundation is built with the certain knowledge I loathe violence in all its forms.
    I am peaceable… with a tendency to terminate any violence directed toward me or those I care about.

    During my time as a civilian contractor, I often received commendations for my steady hand while under fire by those intent on my demise.
    The phrase “I owe you a beer!” means a lot to people like me, because it means both of us are survivors of the worst humanity can offer.

    So, with my belief in the nobility of my fellow humans — and the fragility of our physical bodies — why do I terminate relationships for minor transgressions falling far short of those terrible acts I am capable of and participated in?
    My answer is simple — my warnings “You need to stop using violence against me” fell on deaf ears.

    The marxists and liberals and progressives and others of their ilk tend toward violence as their first step.
    Violence rarely succeeds as a warning, because what does a second step look like after they shot all their ammunition in their opening?

    I warned my marxist acquaintances ‘do not shove me’.
    ‘Do not hit me nor kick me.’
    ‘Do not grab me.’
    ‘Do not spray saliva in my direction while you vent your spleen about some imagined slight by one politician dujour against another politician dujour.’

    For anybody using violence against me or people like me, your consequences can be slow in building.
    However slow, the final escalating push will initiate a change in me.
    I will end the violence.
    Sometimes, that looks like seceding from the violent… a form of D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
    I believe each relationship has secession as a built-in option.

    Sometimes, that looks like ‘Rwanda meets Mount Saint Helens’.
    And that, while terrible, is only one of the worst options of folks like me.

    My thoughts about those playing with ‘violence as a negotiation tool’:
    * Initiating violence against me cannot end well for you.


    An aside:
    * Your opinion about politicians is none of my business.
    I take this further — your opinion of me is none of my business.

    1. LargeMarge,
      I hardly know what to say without rambling on. You are the coolest woman ever!

      I totally get your warnings falling on deaf ears. I love your self control and giving a quick demise, full well knowing you would have not received likewise. You are a great role model.

      I have much respect for you.

      Blessings to you, Krissy

  2. Large Marge, we all have to do things which are distasteful. I’ve severed many a relationship with commie turncoats upon their discovery, life is too short to waste on collectivists and their fatal rubbish. Good on ya for doing it. My opinion of you is high, I always have admired people of courage. Re: Remington. My life which began 91yrs after he died, has been affected by his in many ways. You grow up sometimes thinking the world is your oyster, then BLAM! you’re lugging 200rds of .223 Remington around in the jungle, carrying a Remington 5.56 rifle. At least they both performed well, and I terminated some communists with it. History.

  3. A robo call went out last weekend terminating all the employees at the illion ny plant roughly 550 workers by the new owners. Sad to see it go and hope that the new owners will do something good with it.

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