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  1. With my constant companion Spyderco M2 knife, to open packages I place the tip of my index finger on the back of the tip of the knife, with about 3/8″ overlapping forward of the tip. Then apply finger and knife tip together to open package; depth of cut determined by finger, not knife.

    Love the reviews!

  2. Only in my dreams do I get to own a knife like this. Heck they don’t even want us to have one-handed openers up here lately. They want to prohib anything with a thumb stud, a hole, or a flipper.

    How many states are these even legal in Pat?

  3. LC-I was curious myself so I checked it out, short answer, way more than I expected allow. This knife would even be legal in California!


    As for lost knives I had a job 3+ years as the facilities manager for our church. In those 3 years I lost 3 good Buck knives, a Vantage Pro, a 55 and a Gent. The Vantage Pro I was really upset about. I spent a lot of time watching the security cameras and was able to narrow down to within an hour time frame of where I could see it was clipped to my pocket and then when it wasn’t but couldn’t find it.

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