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  1. Another great interview from Oct 15, 2020:

    All Hell is about to Break Loose-Civil War 2.0 with Matt Bracken


    Taken from Gab:

    Re: Matt Bracken interviews, and low tech night fighting techniques.

    @Matt_Bracken I always come away with precious gold nuggets of insights, and practical tips, and SOP paid for with blood when I listen to Matt Bracken interviews. Night fighting has currently been the focus of my attention in recent weeks as attacks are mostly likely to occur in low light conditions. If one does not have the budget for the best mil-spec gear, this is a challenging problem to solve. Red dot optics and high intensity weapons mounted flashlights are included. The are a variety of ways, but part of the problem can partly solved with affordable tech, such as rifle mounted digital camera type of scopes, and a Gen 2 PVS-4. These are different animals. These rifle mounted scopes can provide over watch, or defend a barricade on the most likely avenue of approach that is located far from the perimeter at night. IR illuminators are necessary even for the PVS-4 at 100 yards on a dark cloudy night, and deep into the woods. The illuminator does not have to be mounted on the rifle, but can be placed near the barricade, or off to the side, or high and behind a position (LPOP), to illuminate the space to be defended.

    An IR flood lamp can light up the field. Pointed toward the attackers, these high intensity IR lamps can blind their devices until they can maneuver away from that part of the battlefield that is prepared with with IR lighting and that form night fighting, and defense. Other parts of the defense will employ different techniques, and may or may not be supported by IR illumination, but low tech devices and conventional defenses that deny, disrupt and channelize. Use 940nm lamps that are very hard for the naked eye to see. High intensity 850nm lamps can be seen as a dull red glow. Building a defense will always, or should always be a work in progress. Innovation can further hone the edge, and provide advantages, and the element of surprise necessary to be successful.

    1. The prepper can survive and improvise.

      This ‘bucket’ was ridden for a lark. But, it could also be an emergency bugout vehicle, when the lights go out.

      YouTube, ~Janitor Turns Heads in Florida With Leaf Blower-Powered Vehicle~ October 16, 2020. [Just a little over 1 minute in length.]

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