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  1. Kenosha and the Warning It Tells Us: Be Ready in Season and Out [have your rifle with you]
    (YouTube Video, 8:00)
    Premiered Aug 28, 2020

    In this informative video, Patriot Nurse discusses the lessons from Kenosha and what we can learn about the nature of criminals and thugs. Evil preys upon compulsive naivete and simple mindedness. If you are travelling away from home, it’s imperative that you can defend yourselves and your family.

    Self care is the new Health care…

  2. One basic lesson from Kenosha is to use a sling with your rifle if confronted with a large group. … Maybe, a lanyard with a pistol in a similar situation.

    The description of the shooting event in Kenosha revealed, = the two felons killed tried to grab the young man’s rifle. There may be some time of training given to the ‘protesters’ encouraging them to get close to someone with a weapon, and then try to grab the weapon. [Yes, grabbing a weapon is a dumbass thing to try and do]

    The man man with the skateboard tried to grab the rifle, before he was shot. This event is in the videos. … It’s been reported, the other man killed also attempted to grab the rifle just a few minutes earlier.

    The sling on the young man’s AR helped him keep possession and control of the rifle. The young man experience hits, a kick and a tumble too, besides the attempted grabs to his rifle.
    A back-up weapon is a good idea.

    There has to be some type of military~police training or education available, that would explain ~techniques to use, when confronted by a group of hostile people. [I have neither the information nor the training]

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