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  1. re:

    Please!, explore making your mayonnaise with oils other than soy oil.

    We like showing the neighborhood kids how to make delicious mayonnaise with avocado oil or MCT oil.
    Each is much much healthier compared to the store-bought stuff with [ shudders ] soy oil or [ good grief ] corn oil.

    How simple is mayonnaise to craft in your kitchen?
    Watch it once, make it, teach it and pass it on.

  2. LargeMarge!
    Great tip on the alternative to mayo… You might have fun with this expression: “See one. Do one. Teach one.”

    Also a thought on sandwiches inspired by the idea of the chicken salad… This makes for an excellent topping to a nice thick and warm toasted slice of homemade pumpernickel bread. Enjoy the inspiration, and the taste treat!

  3. …Mmmmmmm with and addition of pumpkin or sunflower seed or pineapple bits! Who knew!?!

    LargeMarge…GREAT suggestions!

    TofA…pumpernickle, YUMMMMM!

    Years, (correction, DECADES,) ago my original blender had a recipe for MAYONNAISE, of all things, in the book that came with it. Wow…that stuff comes in jars, mmmmmmm. I had never considered you could make it yourself. (I am NOW firmly of the mind that if you can buy it, you can MAKE it at home, not only for less, but with much healthier ingredients. Oh, and it usually tastes better too.)

    With this glorious mayo I started to make a carrot salad that is still a favorite…
    2 cups shredded carrot
    1/2 cup of mayonnaise
    1/2 lemon, juiced
    1 tablespoon maple syrup
    Pinch of salt (Himalayan)

    Raisins, pineapple bits, seeds, nuts, etc… may be added as desired.

    Lately I have taken to using my immersion blender to make my mayo in a widemouth jar.

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