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  1. I’m of the belief that the 2nd is the first “written”, and hence legal document, that forces gov to acknowledge and uphold the right to self defense.
    Thinking about it and following it backwards through history, the right of self defense can be traced clear back to when God created man.
    Think of it this way: Any mammal defends his/her tribe/progeny the best way possible. From the advent of figuring out how to use sticks & stones more effectively all the way up to modern times. This is inherent in their actual make up and you might say it’s in their DNA. Humans are no different. Each tribe/family/individual is inherently defensive in their nature when another individual/tribe/group, whatever you want to call it, attempt to take/coerce/overcome you or what you hold dear (food, shelter, fire, offspring). So there is proof (I believe) that the right to self defense comes FROM GOD, is ENSURED, and in our written law, guaranteed by gov as well as individuals. It’s in our inherent makeup, It’s Gods plan, it’s the way He made us.. So when some lame bureaucrat or law says you are not able to defend yourself and must “retreat” to a safe refuge….. Laugh right in their face long and hard.
    Even insects have a defensive nature. Think about that!

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