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    1. I’m happy to share my knowledge with you. I wouldn’t hesitate to build another LR-308. The assembly is even easier than the AR-15 as there are fewer roll pins involved. Due to the size of the lower many of the roll pins are replaced by threaded pins. This is a detail I found very convenient.

  1. AR-10A/SR-25/M-110/LR-308

    AR-10B [Converted M1A mag] GEN 1, new manufacture for GEN II

    Armalite sells complete rifles using LR-308 mags [A series], comes with a PMAG, and still have parts for the B series. I suspect the Armalite A Series are compatible with DPMS standard, but I don’t know for sure???

    Those of us that invested in the Armalite AR-10B series ended up on the wrong side of history. There is no conversion from AR-10B to AR-10A. Mags are not compatible and it is dangerous to mix the deployment of both types within a group.

    The AWB was a terrible evil thing that hindered the development of firearms.

    1. You are correct about magazine interchangeability. Just as with the Betamax versus VHS war, one maker had to lose. (And ironically, Betamax was the better format.) I recommend that any survivalist who owns an Armalite that is not compatible with the now quasi-standard LR-308 AR-10 magazines should sell or trade it off.

      1. We have Armalite AR-10 rifles with sixteen-inch barrels.
        Our glass is 4×14 and fixed 10.
        We acquired these about two decades ago.
        At the 600-yard range near the penitentiary at Ione, California, our rifles consistently produce two-inch groups at the limit of the property… regardless of the person pulling the trigger.
        Using Black Hills Match and hand-loads, we are confident in this platform.

        At a hundred yards, twenty-round boxes of 150-grain hunting go into a single hole.
        Watch your back-stop; that ‘single hole’ punches all the way through the trunk of a two-foot tree.

        We have a foot-locker of Armalite-converted steel M-14 magazines… I’m guessing maybe a couple hundred or so.

        For our little tribe, owning and using firearms is a religious experience.
        Show of hands… how many are attached to their firearms through a ‘spiritual’ bond?
        And would never get rid of them for any reason?

  2. Looking forward to part 2. I built one in 6.5 cm using a matched aero upper/lower.
    Unfortunately, I bought a barrel from a company that got bought out since my build and received zero support on issues I had with chambering rounds.
    It’s now at a smithy to figure out.

    When it does chamber and shoot, I’m very happy with the groups.

    1. If you have an Armalite AR10 B-series rifle and like it, don’t despair. There are proprietary Armalite magazines available, and while somewhat pricey, they are of excellent quality. Also, standard M-14 magazines can be adapted with a bit of light machining. Just make sure to mark your mags so as not to interchange them.

  3. While there is a mil-spec for AR-15s, there is by no means an industry standard on variations of that platform. I would say in today’s market there is almost as much exclusive variation in AR-15 at there is in AR-10/LR-308. But not really a significant issue, as anyone who looks to acquire such a fine machine in any of these platforms needs to exercise due diligence prior to purchase.

    I have both AR-15 based platforms and LR-308. I have heavy barreled version for longer range work (up to 800 m in 556, up to 1,000 m in 308) equipped with sufficient optics. These are not my “Long range” shooters, but will get the job done at reasonable engagement ranges.

    For patrol work, I have what I consider carbine length versions. They are equipped with ACOG sights typically used by DMs in a military unit. They are good to maybe 600 m, but more likely only will be used to 300 m or less. You have to have a pretty stable platform from which to shoot accurately enough beyond that range, and that’s not a practical consideration on patrol. I know of no one that shoots reliably off hand or kneeling much past 400 m, and those few I would call shooting zealots. I’m not that good and old enough to know I won’t get any better now.

    Both my HB models are sub moa shooters if I can do my part. My little M4 variant is about 1 MOA on a good day, and my LR-308 carbine is somewhere between 1 and 2 MOA (closer to 2 I suspect). While both HB models weigh about the same in either caliber, the 308 carbine is noticeably heavier than the M4.

    For a long time I was a proponent of the M14/M1A platform, probably from my time in the Navy during my early adulthood. I had acquired a Mini-14 in my 30s and thought that was fine for toting around coyote country. Basic, garand style action, paper thin barrel, but fairly rugged. Once the industry started spewing out AR-15s in real numbers and sufficient quality, I latched on to one of those and the techno-tweaker side of me came out and I got hooked. Then I got into competition shooting and that Mini-14 ended up in a friend’s gunsafe.

    Nowadays I mostly shoot my Savage Mk II bolt gun or my H&K/Walther built 416, both in 22lr. Keeps me familiar with the platforms, and save me a lot of money and wear and tear on my primaries. Once in a while I will pull out the bigger guns, just to keep the dust off them and my brain. But ammo is getting hard to find, and I don’t have so much I can afford to shoot like I was when I was competing.

    1. Mil-spec and industry standard are two important distinctions. I’ve built every AR-15 I own to Milspec but there are many rifles that have proprietary parts that don’t meet milspec. I have had great luck using AmmoSeek to find affordable ammo even with the high demand.

  4. .308 is the old standard bearer, similar to Garang or 30.06. I also preferred the latter (06 was my most accurate cal). Creedmoor is like the new old faithful, just as the .308 is. Military always swear by it, the problem comes when one can ONLY shoot 1 cal… without the ability to know or adapt encase you need Grendel or Creedmoor.

  5. If you want to watch a video that will make you smile all the way through, watch this:


    It is the original promotional movie from Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corporation for the AR 10. It is historic and incredibly informative. The YouTube video link is for a video produced by TAB – The Armourer’s Bench. The Fairchild promo begins at 9:32. If you watch from the beginning, realize the audio was overdubbed, so audio and video are out of sync. Did you know the AR 10 could also fire grenades?
    Shoot when frozen, full of sand and water? WOW!

  6. great article. my best battle rifle currently is my ar-10. aero precision upper and lower. i enjoyed figuring out the best buffer and spring to use. i will say that mine doesn’t like mil surplus 7.62 nato from the early 80’s as the primer is too hard. i followed the advice of JWR and stocked up on LR-308 AR-10 magazines. i prefer magpul and hex mags for mine. my rifle is ceracoted in the stylist Full Dark Earth (FDE) color and it took a while for it to like metal magazines.

    1. I too prefer Magpul Pmags. They are affordable, reliable and more quiet than metal mags. I coated my rifle with a brownells product called aluma hyde-II. I’ve used this coating on multiple firearms and it has been easy to apply and durable. I also choose FDE. It provided great camouflage in s variety of terrains.

  7. I will keep my mint 1943 Winchester M1 Garand, my 5.56 Colt Sporter Match HBAR, my 16″ M4 5.56 Palmetto PA-15. That way I don’t have to spend a fortune on .308 ammo, which costs WAY TOO MUCH MONEY to purchase! 75+77 grain match 5.56 ammo is my preferred food for these picky and hungry critters!!! Remember, I am just a common American, with limited finances. That means that I don’t ever waste ammo, and I make EVERY SHOT COUNT!

    1. .308 is definitely more speedy than 5.56. In my mind it fills more of s specialized role as a dedicated marksman rifle than it would s patrol rifle. If I’m on shanks mare I’m going to grab a rifle chambered in 5.56. If I’m on an over watch or LP/OP duty I’m taking .308. I’ve found a few websites where I can get .308 for 70 cents a round shipped. I find this affordable enough to justify a .308 as s DMR and hunting rifle.

      The AR-15 and LR-308 platforms are close enough that I can train with cheap 5.56 Ammo and crossover to the LR-308 without skipping a beat. I’ve built my rifles to roughly the same spec even though they are AR-15 and LR-308. Some of that 75 grain 5.56 is just as expensive as .308. Gold medal match is very comparable in price between .223 and .308 st least st my local gun store. However I can’t fault you for choosing a Garand.

  8. All I know is that the sweetest rifle I ever handled was the M14. A long time ago. I still have dreams about that smooth weapon. Of course, my Uncle Sam was buying the ammunition for me.

    Carry on in grace

  9. I’m glad to see my article posted on The birthday of Buck Owens. He is one of my all time favorites. Only You, Think of Me, My Heart Skips a Beat are some of my favorites. It’s refreshing to interact with the like minded people of this forum. Reading Survival Blog is something I look forward to each day.

  10. Regarding the barrel, what is the rate of twist that you’re getting MOA out of it? I’ve been tempted to get the S&W M&P-10, however with a good supply of lighter weight 7.62mm ammo in 147 or 149 grain already on hand I was worried about accuracy with the 1/10 twist rate.

    1. My barrel is a 1:10 twist 18 inch barrel. Loves 150 grain Federal Power Shok. It also shot the Hornady American Gunner well just over 1 moa. I believe the American Gunner line is 155 grain. I shot some 180 grain federal fusion and it really opened up, 2 moa or greater. I haven’t chronographed any loads or worked up a load but I shot 7 or 8 different loads with various bullet weights. My gun seems to like lighter bullets, but I’m hoping to find a velocity node with a 165 or 168 grain bullet. I handload but I’m planning to shoot mostly factory ammo through this rifle.

  11. bought a dpms 308 lr finaly got around to loading up some rounds shoots ok but will not eject the spent round now I know why it was a trade in at cabelas new into the ar platform bought it to compliant and use with my lane suppressor. any thing I should be looking to do

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