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  1. Much is made of the Germans killing Jews but very little is made about the atrocities perpetrated by the British on the Boers in South Africa near the turn of the last century. It was the British who invented the “concentration camp” to starve Boer women and children in order to force the men to stop fighting.

    One is as reprehensible as the other.

    The “Nazis” had no monopoly on evil.

    Just sayin….

    1. Snotty Boy,


      The finely-honed capacity for industrial destruction by Northern European tribes is unmatched by any other heritage on this particular planet!

      In 2020, we allow our enemies the delusion we are tolerant of their trespasses.
      The vast majority of Northern Europeans are patiently taking notes in a ledger… and the ‘accounts due’ column of the goofballs is nearing the tip-point.

      This historical ‘inconvenient truth’ seems to be overlooked by citified — read ‘concentrated’ — demonstrators, protesters, terrorists, and other goofballs in 2020.
      Our enemies might benefit from considering the consequences of their acts.

      * Only whack-jobs want war.
      ** Only whack-jobs ignore the loss of civilizational momentum caused by destroying entire cities.
      *** Only whack-jobs ignore the unending task of dealing with millions of corpses.
      **** Only whack-jobs start battles they have zero chance of winning.

      Oh, and remember the words of Ol’ Remus in his WoodPileReport:
      “Avoid crowds.”

  2. LargeMarge, I share your attitude. Having witnessed only a small part of the carnage wrought by the War in Vietnam, I am very skeptical of any desire to engage is hostilities. That includes our fellow contributors who sometimes seem “eager to engage”.

    I forget who said, “You can more win a war than win an earthquake.”

    Where do you stand on that “eager to engage” approach?

    Carry on in grace

  3. A wise man once said that “the only good thing about war is when it ends”.

    However when western civilization itself is being destroyed before our very eyes defensive war becomes necessary.

    Eager to engage?


    But when forced to I will engage will all of the strength and firepower, tempered by training, I can muster.

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