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  1. In north America, the civil war started around 1650 and lasted until about 1788 or so… approximately five generations.

    * One group of defenders finally prevailed partly because of their immediate access to nearly unlimited resources compared to the extended supply line of one of the other groups in the contest.
    * Another reason was the mediocre performance of invading mercenaries/conscripts compared to the keen interest of defenders.
    * Another reason one group of defenders prevailed was their ability to instantly retreat beyond the reach of any of the other groups.
    * But I think this is the primary reason the defenders prevailed — intimate knowledge ot their turf and opponents..

    Today, none of those conditions exist or none of those conditions favor one group over any of the others.
    And today, the vast majority of north America residents have zero interest in participating in some or other government… or joining a ‘group’.
    An interest in joining a group with the intent of participating in some government or another is a requirement for a civil war.
    For most folks, we just want to be left alone.

    As an aside:
    Each time I read the myth about Paul Revere yelling “The brits are coming!”, I chuckle because the folks in that area of north America were mostly brits (with a few northern Europeans and Italians).

    Today, how many folks identify as ‘American’?
    How many claim they are ‘homosexual-American’ or ‘Afrikan-American’ or ‘Calvinist-American’?
    Or ‘progressive-American’?
    Or, good grief, ‘global-citizen American’?
    How many are prepared for multi-generational constant continuous skirmishes against everybody not in your tribe?
    Losing is easy to quantify; how do you know you ‘won’?

    1. Well heck, thanks for letting us know. I’ve been waiting for word on what was going on. Remus was an inspiration and I will truly miss his weekly perspective and information. It seems like so many voices are going silent these days. I find myself increasingly compelled to speak now after years of silence waiting and watching. Remus was Righteous and I stand with the Righteous. Safe travels and God Bless the journey.

  2. Ol’Remus was the best conservative blogger and will be missed. Thank you JWR for introducing us to him. May the Lord above bless him and his wife. Rest in Peace.

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