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  1. Some folks remember Dennehy somewhat less than fondly for a different performance that also had a sequel:

    “Dennehy enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1959, actively serving until 1963. Although he said in numerous interviews that he had spent five years fighting in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, even telling harrowing tales of being hit by shrapnel, it was revealed in the 1998 book Stolen Valor by B.G. Burkett that Dennehy had never served overseas at all during his time in the military. Later that year, Dennehy admitted to the tabloid The Globe “I lied about serving in Vietnam and I’m sorry. That was very wrong of me. There is no real excuse for that. I was a peace-time Marine, and I got out in 1963 without ever serving in Vietnam. I started the story that I had been in ‘Nam, and I got stuck with it. Then I didn’t know how to set the record straight.” Nonetheless, in 2007 Dennehy once again told a reporter that he had served in Vietnam, this time Joanne Kaufman of the Wall Street Journal.”


  2. The woods are full of wannbes and guys who are neverweres, and as I get older and older, there seem to be more of them coming to see. They didn’t have the guts to get their behinds into Vietnam then, and if they did, they didn’t see any combat, but crave the credit not due. I volunteered for the Army, and Vietnam, as an Infantryman, and so served. Saw some combat, and the Cambodian invasion in ’70. Big deal. Kind of dangerous, but like most of my fellow grunts, came back with some Dengue Fever and a bad attitude about my government. It ain’t stolen valor. It’s showing your yellow streak when you get found out. The total value of my Army service and combat in VN wouldn’t buy a cup of coffee. As per Napoleon, “A soldiers life, is a life of glory. But a dog would not lead it.”

    1. So everyone except the Infantrymen who saw combat is a coward?

      Those Rough Riders whose Unit couldn´t get a ship to Cuba were cowards, those sailors who transported goods to Britain during WWII ´d been cowards(they´d much higher losses)

      Napoleon the guy who used theatrics to motivate his soldiers

      1. For what it’s worth I was in the military for 20 years and during the entire Vietnam war. I only knew one person who wanted to go to Vietnam, everyone else hoped to not go there. The guy who wanted to go was jilted by his girlfriend and joined up to take the most dangerous job he could get. Not exactly a suicide wish but close.

        Having said that almost everyone I knew that served in Vietnam (that’s the past tense) had a more sober and thoughtful opinion of it. Happy they were out but sad for the people they met there and wished that some good could have been done for the people of South Vietnam.

        1. I know of people who volunteered, like the irish deserters during WWII.

          They deserted from the Irish Military to volunteer for the Military of the British Empire, i know of a guy who deserted from the german military to volunteer in a forces fighting against DAESH

  3. Sean,

    Welcome Home, Brother.

    You saw and felt some things over there. You may still carry pain from that time. Yet, here you are, participating. I’m glad you’re alive.

    Carry on, in grace

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