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  1. Yeast! Yay! Ordered it, although cheaper through another Amazon seller. And just got the word yesterday that my long-awaited freezer will be available later this week so perfect timing!

    1. Ani,

      Wahoo! So glad you’re getting that freezer! I just got a call yesterday that the extra freezer I ordered won’t be in for a couple more weeks but because I have a large one already and this one is just an extra, I’m not upset about it taking longer. In fact, the lady that called was so happy that I didn’t scream and yell at her, she is crediting my account 10% for being so understanding!
      Wahoo, it pays to be nice!!

      Have a Rockin great day!!

  2. I suspect it is 190 degree, not 290 for the peep hole viewer.

    190 is standard for a fisheye – I have two USB webcams on my truck and replaced the stock lenses with fisheyes as parking and driving aids. And they do go 190 as I can see the sun or the moon in both if they are directly to the right or left.
    The only problem is for actual driving and viewing the angle is so wide that even cars that are near are only a small part of the screen.

  3. I used to buy that yeast pre-Coronavirus at Costco for around $5. I am not paying $20 for that yeast now. Instead I have been working on my sourdough bread making skills, made with my own starter not from starter offered from some “artisanal” flour company.
    My feeling is this; if life after Coronavirus is not sustainable in the mode before Coronavirus then change to what is sustainable. Adapt and survive.

    1. I hear you. Sourdough baker here, but… I make all kinds of things and yeast is important. I’m frustrated with the prices, but decided to go ahead and purchase. 2lbs for $14.49 and I think there was a shipping fee, but I couldn’t find it anywhere else for a reasonable price. It can be frozen, so I plan on freezing it. I will see how some of my pastries might be modified without it, but it’s going to be tough.

      1. I know. I do too. I get what you’re saying, I really do. I’m 65 and I’ve been baking and cooking my whole life and I have favorite recipes I go to time and again because they are familiar and comforting. For me and my family.
        I guess what it comes down to is, yes, I prep. I was doing it before it was ever a thing because my husband worked construction and the paychecks are either feast or famine in that profession. But at heart I lean toward survival. Survival means adapting. Preps will eventually run out, but knowledge you can use until you leave the planet. :). I’m even thinking of organizing my recipes with the recipes that do not need any exotic (exotic to North Idaho) ingredients like coconut, bananas, chocolate, etc. so I have them handy if such a time that those aren’t available to me here.
        Peace and Blessings

        1. I hear you. I’m middle of Idaho and I’ve been thinking the same way – plan for eliminating everything that cannot be locally sourced for sustainability. But, what about the chocolate and coffee???? LOL. If you come up with some really good light pastry type recipes (like a brioche) without using yeast, I’d love to hear about it. I don’t even know how dry yeast or baking soda is made or how it actually works as opposed to capturing wild yeast and making a sourdough, which I am experienced in. I guess I should do my research and figure that out, and start experimenting. Thank you for sharing!

          1. I’ve heard roasted dandelion root is a good substitute for coffee but I’m a tea drinker so your mileage may vary on that one. It’ll be sad panda time as far as tea and chocolate go though, lolz. I’d probably go herbal for my tea.‍♀️ I have very nice specimen of true peppermint growing in my garden. In the old times chocolate cake was for a REALLY special occasion and wasn’t seen often and they used as little chocolate as they could. Like red velvet cake really has a small amount of chocolate in the recipe. I cheat, I add more. 🙂
            I’ve enjoyed visiting with you.

    2. Well, I’m 56, male and new to baking so my coronavirus activity has been learning to bake bread. My question is two-fold. First, I have an old (5+ years I estimate) hiding in the back of my fridge. Can it be revived? And second, if not, what is the process for creating a wild sourdough yeast culture to start over?

      1. I’m assuming you have a sourdough starter in your fridge….for five years….well if you haven’t fed it, it is probably dead. Here is a great starter recipe:


        I’ve tried the bread recipe, it was too eggy for our taste and too dark on top. I’m trying the English muffins next week. I used the starter with my regular bread recipe today and with some adjustments it was quite acceptable.

        Get the starter going then we can help you to get to the bread. God bless.

      2. Test for viability by adding a small amount to warm(105F) water(distilled/spring if tap water chlorinated/fluorinated) with a small amount of sugar dissolved. If it becomes foamy the yeast is still good. Yeast can be dormant for a long time. Sourdough yeast is just wild yeast captured and found t produce a different taste. You can capture wild yeast by putting a bowl of sugar/flour/water out in the open it will be colonized in short order but it may or may not be to your liking.

      3. If the yeast is active it may be perpetuated by making a batch then using a part as a starter and “feeding” the rest regularly(add flour/water/sugar). I have kept a batch alive and useful for over a year this way(only stopped because I stopped eating bread)

  4. On Netflix, “What Happened To Monday?” dystopian flick about identical septuplets (7) trying to survive in a one child govt. mandated world. The movie has a subtle pro life message, and I was struck by the similarities between the mandated I.D. bracelets and govt. checkpoints in the movie, and the current temperature screening, required mask wearing, contact tracing, and proposed vaccine bio chips. Stars William Dafoe as the grandfather raising and teaching his granddaughters to survive. Warning; there is a sex scene about 3/4 into the movie.

    1. I cancelled Netflix when they signed a $60 million dollar contract with the Obamas for them to provide “content” for their network. Netflix=evil.

      1. Then don’t watch it then, that is why it’s called a “suggestion.” Netflix does have some good content, like “Fauda” which I will support by watching, and some that are SJW propaganda, which I do not support. Netflix shows run the gamut. Netflix is a business, and only content that is popular is renewed. We cannot hope to win the war of ideas by ceding the entertainment battle space (and that is what it has become) to the enemy. I frequently hear people complain that Hollywood doesn’t produce anything good anymore, yet they will not support, by watching, the few good movies and shows that are made. (Last Man Standing, 1917, Unbroken, Hacksaw Ridge, Extraction, The Revenant, etc.)

  5. Billy Strings! If that was the name he was born with that is awesome.
    I had not seen or heard of him before this recommendation.
    I will listen a lot more.

    Thank You

  6. Side note. After trying unfamiliar bread recipes with the sourdough starter I made my regular bread recipe today with the starter. I’m very happy with the outcome. If commercial yeast becomes available once again at a reasonable price I will probably buy it because of the convenience, but now I KNOW i can turn out a really good loaf of bread without commercial yeast. Praise the Lord!

  7. Thanks Mr. Rawles,
    I believe you are correct. Strings is a stage name. I have been on a search since you provided his video links. Now if I could just move these arthritic fingers like him.

    My brother sent me a video where Billy talks about how his father had sold his Martin to pay bills some time ago. When he turned 17, Billy found his fathers old guitar on line and bought it back for him.
    Good son, great player. Thanks again.

  8. I have flour but no yeast so will try hardtack. On another note checkout COVID 19 and Doxycycline. Doxycycline is another antimalarial drug and seems to have positive results in treating the virus in an invitro study. It behaves somewhat on the lines of hydroxychloroquine but is an antibiotic. Who says you cannot treat a viral infection with an antibiotic. Check it out on google. talk to your doctor about it and see what they say about the drug. I think zinc also may be involved with this drug per the research article. Yippee am able to go back to the gym.

  9. For fans of The Hobbit – look for the audiobook on YouTube by a group called bluefax. My wife and I just finished it last week. Complete story and fantastic dramatization. Even the songs were well done.

  10. Watch your expiration date on the doxycycline. Two years after expiration, it is probably not useable. Becomes toxic. Other antibiotics are pretty safe, you just have to use more to compensate for loss of potency. Tetracycline is also dangerous after expiration. Mayo clinic did an aging study on a wide range of meds for DoD.
    I am not a doctor, pharmacist, just do a lot of research on meds and shelf life.

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